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  Part 3

By Klatuk4u

    “So?  We awmost der?”  Alexis asked.

    Juliana nodded.  “Yup!  Almost… cat! Stop! Cat!  CAT!”  Juliana yelled, swerving to avoid hitting the animal, as Alexis pulled her hands off of the gas, and slammed on the breaks.  The cab stopped, but the airbag suddenly exploded out, and knocked Juliana back into the chair.  Alexis cursed, and climbed up, putting the cab into park, and pushing the airbag aside. She looked and could see Juliana lying back in the seat looking dazed.

    “Come on!”  She pleaded “Dis is no time to west!”  Looking over her shoulder she suddenly saw Juliana’s car, parked before the old mansion up ahead.  “Wook!”  She yelled.

    Juliana just grunted, sounding drunk. “… I don’t want to go to school…”  She whimpered.

    Alexis growled and cursed as she started pulling Juliana from the car.


    As the three criminals neared the room at the end of the hall, soft music could be heard coming from the radio.  Mira reached the door and after a glance and a nod to her partners, went in.  Giorgio followed her in in swiftly and looked around the room, hoping for a glance at the beautiful woman.

    The room was Spartan, with two bookshelves built into the wall, a small iron barred bed, and a single rocking chair.  Next to the chair was a small table with a book, and an intercom for the front door. At its side was a small brief case chained to the chair.  In the rocking chair sat a figure, thin and fine as the chair rocked softly.  She wore the same green dress as the woman in the painting, making Giorgio’s heart leap for an instant before he saw the rest of the woman.

    Giorgio was surprised as he realized that she was indeed beautiful, but very old.  Her skin was wrinkled, her hair grey but still in an oriental style bun, and her body was thin and straight.  Her bosom was modest with age and her face though still attractive, was that of a grand mother’s.  Giorgio felt his heart sink, but smiled in spite of himself at her still pretty face.  He could tell that this was the woman, but that she was far older than the twenty something bombshell of the painting.

    Her amber eyes were still as sharp as the paintings, and when she saw the eager expression weaken on Giorgio’s face, her lips twisted into a maternal smile.

    “Oh, poor boy.”  She said tilting her head to the side, and closing her eyes.  Her grey locks fell in front of her face, and Giorgio had to admit she still had a cute feel to her.  “I am sorry to disappoint you, but this is me now.”  She laughed and stood slowly.  “However I am very happy to know you found the young me to be so pretty.”  She stepped up and gave a swift curtsey.  “My name is Elizabeth Von Pettis, and I guess I am your employer.”

    Giorgio was still blushing and Mira poked him in the arm to get him to move, but he stepped forward swiftly.  “Forgive me lady.  I did not mean to be rude.  I was overcome.  It is a pleasure to meet you.  Would you forgive me for asking, but… how old were you when that picture was painted?”

    She laughed as she approached.  “Twenty.”  She said with a smile.

    That answer did not sit right with Mira, though she controlled her expression to conceal it.  If the woman was ninety, then the year of the painting would have been 1944.  Then why would the woman have been wearing a dress that was popular in the 1880s?

    “Ah…”  Giorgio sighed “Well if I may you still have the looks of a beautiful woman on you.”

    Mira stepped in front of Giorgio.  “Sorry to interrupt, but… we got it boss!”  She held up the box for the old woman to see.

    Elizabeth’s face suddenly lifted, and she clapped her hands together.  “Oh Miss Tetrarch, you know how to make an old woman happy.  Wonderful!”  She cheered.  “Let me get the rest of your payment, and you can be on your way!”  She turned back to the chair and reached to grab the briefcase.

    “Not just yet!”  Mira snapped.

    Elizabeth stopped, and looked back to Mira her face suddenly darker.  “Yes?”  She asked softly.

    “How old are you really?”  Mira asked, handing the box to Yuri.

    “What a silly thing to ask.”  Elizabeth said, standing back to full height.  “Ninety years old.  Why”

    Mira removed the clock and held it in one hand.  “I am betting you are a least… fifty, sixty years older than that?  I mean with an item like this, you could be… any age.  Am I right?”  Mira asked with a grin.

    Elizabeth was stiff, as stern as a statue.  “So… you figured it out huh?”

    Mira nodded, flipping the clock in her hands, and Elizabeth seemed to twitch when she did.  “Yes we did.  Now the important question is…?”

    “How much more do you want?”  Elizabeth said with a frown.

    Mira snapped and looked to Yuri “That’s right!”  She looked to Giorgio, and asked.  “I think that is the question. How much do you think we should get Giorgio?”

    Elizabeth reached down and grabbed the brief case, tossing it to Mira’s feet before they could give a number.

    “I had a feeling you would figure it out.”  Elizabeth said with a new smile.  “So I planned ahead.  There is one million for each of you in there.”  She stepped forward.  “If you accept it, and give me the clock right now I would be willing to keep you on for future projects that I might need your services for.”  Her face suddenly soured.  “But only if you accept right now.”

    M-m-million?” Mira gasped.

    She bent and opened the case, and gasped.  The old woman had told the truth.  Three million dollars, in thousand dollars bills filled the brief case.  The other two gasped, and all three looked at each other.

    Mira cleared her throat.  “Giorgio, give the lady, err… I mean our boss, her clock.”  Giorgio smiled, and hopped over to the old lady, presenting her with the clock.  Taking it in trembling hands, Elizabeth’s face had a glow of joy to it, and she laughed very gently as she took the clock.

    “Finally…”  She whispered


    Alexis pulled Juliana from the cab, as her friend continued to look dazed.  Finally as Juliana seemed to recover, they both ran to the car and looked in the broken driver side window.  It was empty save for McDonald’s wrappers, peanut shells and cigarette butts.

    “Those asses!”  Julian snarled.  “I am going to make them clean this up when we finally catch them!”

    Alexis pointed.  “Wook!  The front door is open!”

    Juliana and Alexis entered into the front yard of the mansion, and slowed as the creepy setting seemed to take on a life all of its own.

    “Wow… this is… like a monster movie.”  Juliana mumbled.

    Alexis held her close for a moment, before shaking her head.  “Come on!  We need to huwwy!” 

    They rushed inside, and immediately saw the light coming from the upstairs room.  They could hear muffled conversation, and realized the crooks were still there.

    “What now?” asked Alexis.

    Juliana thought for a moment.  “Let’s go get the cuffs, and night sticks form my trunk.”

    “What? Why?” hissed Alexis.  “Aw we supposed to fight them?”

    “No stupid! I got a plan okay!”  Juliana turned and rushed back out the door with Alexis in hot pursuit.


    Elizabeth held the clock in her hands, and smiled broadly.  “Oh it has been so long since that fool thief stole you from me but now…”  She spoke to the clock.

    “So?”  Mira asked, causing Elizabeth to look up.  “How old are you really, boss?” 

    Elizabeth smirked. “Two hundred and seven.”  The others looked at each other, before looking back to Elizabeth.  “I found this while my father was excavating a Greek town in 1820, when I was only thirteen.  I discovered what it could do when a large bull charged me that day, and it transformed him into a calf before my eyes.  I kept it a secret for a hundred and twenty years, using it to stay young and beautiful until it was stolen from me.”

    “Stolen?” Giorgio asked”

    Elizabeth nodded.  “Yes, by my idiot husband.”  She then laughed, “The same man who later, accidentally turned himself and three whores into newborn babies with it while at a brothel in Germany.”  She started turning the clock face and pressed a button on the bottom.  “I have spent ninety years tracking it down, and finally its mine again.”

    The clock started to shine, and a bright light filled the room.  The three criminals covered their eyes, and stepped back.

    “Mine again! Finally I can be young again!”


    Juliana and Alexis reached the door, and peered inside, just as a flash of light filled the hallway.  Both covered their eyes until the light had passed, and they looked in.  The three criminals were standing in front of Elizabeth Pettis, as she held the clock in shaking hands.  All of the assembled watched as Elizabeth started to tremble and twitch, pulsing just as the two detectives had done before.

    Elizabeth started to bend forward, and clutched her hands and the clock to her bosom, making a soft hissing sound through her teeth.  Her arms and legs seemed to expand and flex as her muscles returned to the state they had been when she was a young woman.  The wrinkles on her chest and hands started to plump, and then stretch backwards, like soft dough being spread across a smooth surface.  As her hands tightened, the fingernails gained a new healthy sheen, and her hands gained the softness of youth.

    Her lips began to shift, losing their faded tone in exchange for a deep natural red as they plumped out smooth and puffy.  A long sensual smile spread across her face, as her nose, chin and jaw stretched, the skin becoming sharp and regaining their full flesh tone.  Her eyes, already sharp and amber colored, rounded and became deep rich pools of color that shimmered in the light.  From her forehead thins shafts of shiny brown began to creep through her hair. Soon they were followed by a cascade of color that shot to the tips as the volume and sheen returned, causing little locks to come spilling out of the bun in a disorderly but distinctly youthful look.   

    Lifting her skirt, Elizabeth looked at her legs which appeared through the slip she wore under the skirt.  At first they were thin, bony with age.  However as the assembled watched, they fattened up near the top, and then a wave of fresh muscle and flesh seemed to spread down, until they was curved, fleshy and strong like a swimmer’s.  Her butt seemed to bounce under the length of her skirt, until it plumped upwards, and with a satisfied moan Elizabeth thrust it backwards as it rounded out. 

    She grabbed it with her left hand “Ohhh, Yes that’s better!”  She proclaimed in a sexual tone as she felt her firm butt restored to its previous glory.  With a shout of pleasure she bent backwards sharply and thrust her chest forward violently.  As she did her chest exploded forward into her dress, filling the fabric to the point of near bursting.  Her chest now round and full, was actually as big or bigger than Mira’s, the line of the dress resting just above her nipples.

    She took a step forward, and with runway flair thrust her hips to her side, brushed the fresh locks of hair from her face, and smiled in triumph to her new employees.

    “Wow…”  Muttered Yuri.

    “Yeah… Wow.”  Agreed Mira.  “That is pretty impressive Boss.”  She added.  Mira stood and glanced at her employer.  “You know, I actually think the picture doesn’t do you justice.”

    Elizabeth grinned and felt her own face before closing her eyes and shuddering with excitement.  Finally she looked to Giorgio.

    “Well…” her voice, now deep and sensual “…What do you think now, young man?”

    Giorgio was drooling, and leaning forward, a dopey drugged look on his face.  “Lady Elizabeth…” he groaned.  “You ARE better than your portrait.” 

    She laughed, ecstatic over her rejuvenation, and tickled by his lust. “Then I guess you can keep my painting… if you want to.”  She said, reaching out and running a finger under his chin.

    He swooned backwards, and was caught by Yuri, “I think I have seen the face of an angel Yuri.”  He said dreamily.  After a second Yuri frowned and dropped him onto his back on the floor with a shrug.


    Juliana was now worried.  With Elizabeth young again, she might be able to stop them from getting the clock.  “W-we have to think of something.” she whispered.

    Alexis leaned over to Juliana and whispered.  “Hey Juwes!  Wook over dere!”  She pointed to the wall, and Julian suddenly noticed a dumbwaiter near the bed.  “If we could cwimb up dere…”

    Juliana considered it, and nodded.  “Hurry!”

    Both girls quietly rushed downstairs opening the Kitchen and found the dumbwaiter.   Alexis climbed up the table near it, and with a little force, managed to pull the gate open.  Juliana looked in, and saw that while the chains were rusty, the shaft was clear.

    “Okay!  I will go back to the door.  When I get their attention, go for it!”  Juliana smiled to Alexis, and Alexis nodded back.

    “Good Wuck!”


    As Giorgio drooled, Mira handed the briefcase to Yuri.  “So boss.  You said you had another job for us?” She pushed Giorgio out of the way.  “I admit I am curious what someone like you could possibly want.”

    Elizabeth grinned and held the clock up suddenly, aiming it at the trio, just as Juliana returned to the door and looked in.  “Wait.  You haven’t been given your real reward yet.” She said in a sultry and evil sounding tone.  Both Mira and Yuri jumped back, as Yuri reached for his gun.

    Elizabeth held the clock in front of her face and smiled.  “It’s time for your youth to be rewarded…”

    The light flashed again and Juliana ducked behind the door to avoid getting a dose.  Halfway up the Dumbwaiter, Alexis saw the light, and suddenly worried about Juliana.  With new determination she struggled up the chains with all her might, while desperately trying not to make any noise.

    When the light cleared, all three of the criminals were now pulsing and jerking as the light dissipated.  Giorgio was the youngest and so he shrank the fastest.  While still grinning and muttering “Lady Elizabeth” he began to slowly lose height.  His legs and arms seemed to shrink and stop, then shrink again.  His pants and boxers slowly plopped to the floor, causing him to blush and cover teenage groin and bottom.  However his bottom and groin were soon covered by his oversized shirt and coat, as he hit ten years of age again.  He just stood there, blushing and staring at Elizabeth’s chest with a stupid grin.

    Yuri having observed what happened to the two detectives and Giorgio, dropped his gun, and gripped his pants so that they would not fall.  Holding onto his cigarette, he just stood there, slowly getting smaller, but seeming to weather the affect, better than Giorgio.  Finally he stood, seething as a thirteen year old by, a cigarette still on his lips, though he started to cough mildly.

    Mira screamed as she felt her body pulsing and shifting.  Just as Juliana had felt, an electrical feeling rushed into her legs and arms, and they began to stretch and pulse like warm rubber bands.  She felt them pulling inward, and could feel creases forming against her skin in the fabric of her leather suit.  She felt the electrical tingle down the front of her groin, and clenched her knees together in response. 

    When the tingling reached her face she gasped and put her hands across her cheeks.  Her cheeks were fattening, and her lips were smoothing out.  She felt her hair shortening, and saw it gaining the slight reddish tone, she had possessed as a child, but grown out of as an adult.

    “No!”  She wailed as she felt her shirt loosening.  Looking down, she saw her large round breasts bulging and pulsing as the electrical feeling found them.  As they started to flatten backwards, smoothing out against her chest, the shoulders of her shirt began to slip off, and she bunched her elbows to her sides to keep it from falling off.  Finally her breasts had smoothed down to two small mounds of reddened flesh, which felt much colder than the rest of her, as they were now back in the sensitive, “developing” state.

    “Y-you bith!”  Mira screamed through a fresh lisp at Elizabeth, who just laughed and started working on the clock.

    “You double crossing whore!”  Yuri yelled, holding his pants up over his belly.   “Yuri will kill you for this!”  He declared.

Juliana looked at the trio now that the transformation was complete.  All three had become tweens, and were now awkwardly attempting to cover themselves as Elizabeth approached them.  As she did so, she kicked Yuri’s gun aside, and then fished out Giorgio’s own firearm from within his jacket before patting him on his head.  The sight of his own weapon in her hands seemed to have broken his stupor, and he stepped back from her, hiding behind Yuri.

She held the clock up again, and grinned.  “Now this clock has been set to very powerful amount of energy.”  She let her words hang in the air, before setting it high up on the book shelf near the bed.  She tucked Giorgio’s knife into her belt, and pointed to the clock.  “The next person who feels its power will go so far back that they will become a new born.”  She said, barely resisting the urge to laugh.  “From now own, you are either my slaves… or my babies.”  The trio gasped, and stumbled backwards, too intimidated by Elizabeth to run.  “Are we clear on that?”  She asked, letting her sultry smile become a dark frown.

Juliana was shocked by her aggression.  Elizabeth was far more dangerous than Juliana had ever imagined, and she had to be stopped.  Juliana could see it in her eyes.  This woman could kill if she wanted, and if she and Alexis failed now, they would end up in diapers.  However, Elizabeth had put the clock down, and it was either now or never....

Juliana roared like a beast and charged into the room straight towards Yuri.  She brought the night stick up and smacked him right in his shoulder.  Yuri yelled and stumbled back into Giorgio.  They both crashed back into Mira, and the trio collapsed into a heap.  Elizabeth was shocked by this and jumped back, gripping the pistol.  Juliana leapt upon them and continued her assault, hitting Mira in her butt, and aiming for Yuri’s hand.  Her attack was so unexpected that the trio could only whimper and crawl, trying to escape her.  “NYPD!”  Juliana screamed, as pinned Mira down under her legs.  The whole time Elizabeth just watched in muted horror at the bizarre spectacle before her.

Juliana knew she had to keep her distracted.  This had to look good.  She continued to smack Yuri and Giorgio with the nightstick as both boys screamed, attempting to crawl away from her.   “You guys are under arrest, for breaking and entering, theft, assaulting an officer with timey magic!”  Elizabeth seemed to breathe in sharply at this, so Juliana continued.  “Thought you got rid of me at the museum huh!?”  She added, hitting Yuri in his butt, and causing him to fall forward onto Mira.  “Well NYPD always gets their man!”  She yelled, as she snapped the handcuff around Yuri’s leg, before attaching it to Mira’s.

Elizabeth suddenly seemed to understand who, and how Juliana had come to be here, putting together the identity thanks to her ranting.  So Juliana continued, “You are all going to jail!”  She yelled, snapping another pair of handcuffs onto Giorgio’s legs, and then yet another from him to Mira.

Elizabeth suddenly stepped forward, and yelled “Enough!”

Juliana looked up at her, noticing that Alexis was out of the Dumbwaiter, and reaching for the clock.  She had to keep going.  “Stand back please, Ma’am!”  Juliana ordered.  “This is official police business.”

Elizabeth was getting frustrated “Now look here you little…”

“Stand back lady! These are dangerous criminals.”  She yelled, pretending not to care about Elizabeth and snapping a final pair around Yuri’s leg before fastening it to Giorgio’s legs.  Stepping back with a satisfied look, Juliana stared down at the trio.  Thanks to her speed and aggression, the trios were now all bound together, leg to leg.  However each of them had been twisted up with the others and they were now stuck in a tangle of legs and arms, as the three of them squirmed and groaned.

Elizabeth pointed the gun at Juliana and she froze.  “I said enough.  I don’t know what you were hoping to…”


All eyes turned around suddenly to the sound of the dumbwaiter door crashing shut.  Alexis had the clock, but the door had come down, and seemed to have locked itself from this time, preventing her from escaping.

“You brats!”  Elizabeth cursed, and then she stepped forward, aiming the gun at Alexis.  “That was a pretty good plan!  You almost tricked me!  I’m impressed.”  Alexis gripped the clock against her chest.  Suddenly confronted with failure, and either death or rejuvenation.  Alexis grit her teeth, and backed against the dumbwaiter door. 

“Too bad you’re trapped now…”  Elizabeth aimed the gun right at Alexis’ head.  Alexis held the clock up and Elizabeth froze, obviously unwilling to damage her prize.  Elizabeth nodded, and smirked.  “Well played…”  She lowered the gun.  “How about we strike a deal?”  Alexis seemed to listen, and Elizabeth stepped towards the bed.  “How about I fix you back to normal, and you give me the clock.”  She gestured to the criminals.  “I could even make them normal so you could turn them in and be heroes!”

Alexis looked at the criminals and then Juliana who shook her head fervently, little tears forming on her adorable face.

“I mean let’s face it…”  Elizabeth continued.  “You cannot get past me, I have the gun, and you cannot go back down the dumbwaiter.  There is no way out!  You are locked in here…”  She pointed the gun towards Juliana, “So what will it be?”  Alexis looked at Juliana, who covered her face, anticipating a gun shot.  At the sight of her adorable partner and best friend cowering as an enemy pointed a gun at her, Alexis snapped.

“NO!”  Alexis shouted defiantly, causing Elizabeth to jump slightly.  “You aw the one who does not get it!  Alexis pointed to Elizabeth and hopped down onto the bed, advancing to Elizabeth.  Elizabeth was shocked and actually stepped back, her aim faltering.  “I am not wocked in hew with you…”  Alexis growled, aiming the clock at Elizabeth as the ancient item started to glow.  “You aw wocked in hewe with me BITCH!!!” 

Elizabeth’s eyes opened wide, and she reached out, attempting to block what was coming with her hand, but nothing would stop this now.

Light blasted out from the clock, slamming into Elizabeth, sending the gun and her sprawling to the floor.  Once the light cleared, Julian ran forward, and kicked the gun under the bed before leaping back from Elizabeth.  Elizabeth rose, her body trembling, her muscles and veins throbbing.

“N-noooo n-no!”  Elizabeth stammered, as she bent forward grabbing her belly.  With a strange stuttering sound, Elizabeth seemed to implode, her sleeves suddenly stretching out over her hands.  The collar of her dress pressed up, against the bottom of her chin, and the white slip beneath Elizabeth’s skirt plopped to the floor beneath her feet.  Elizabeth’s round butt began to stretch out for a second, before flattening out.  Elizabeth’s chest bubbled, her breasts bouncing back and forth before collapsing into nothing but flat skin.  She screamed as her dress drooped in the front, only to have her scream seem to vibrate as her head bubbled and collapsed inward, replacing her deep mature voice with that of a little girl. 

As Elizabeth looked at her long sleeves that draped over her hands, and felt her face with her hands through the sleeves she started to whimper and squeal.  “No!” she wailed, her body still trembling.  “No!  This is too much!  It’s too young!”  She looked to Juliana, now the same age as her, and shook her head at her.  Tears ran down her cheeks, and she looked like a frightened child wearing her mother’s dress.  As she stumbled towards Juliana she started to flex and twist more, her body withdrawing into the green dress.

“It’s too much!”  She cried, now only a tiny girl of now more than five. Her body was collapsing faster now, and the dress was bunching up onto the floor.  “Too much!”  She squealed at four, her little arms flailing around within her sleeves.  Her hair was becoming short and boyish.  “T-too muth…” she whined at two, only her tiny face squeezing out of her dress.  “T-t- ta ba?”  She muttered.  For an instant the face of a baby only a few months old stared at Juliana over the collar, before the face sucked inward and the dress completely deflated.

As an infantile wail filled the room Juliana and Alexis came over and looked to the pile that the green dress had left behind.  Now there was only a baby, naked and barely a few hours old with stark amber eyes lying on her back atop the dress.  Elizabeth was a newborn now and would not be threatening anyone, talking, walking, or even cleaning her own bottom for a very long time.

Juliana looked to Alexis, and then gave her a tight hug.  “You saved me!”  She gasped with tears in her eyes.

Alexis was sobbing too.  “Not wifout your hewp, I wouwd have nevew made it.”

The two friends held each other close embraced for a long moment. 

“Thanks partner!”

“Thanks Pawtnew!”

The End…

Little Detective Work Part 3
Part 1 of a 3 part Age Regression story written for ARmatic, based on a concept he created with original characters created by us both.

I DO NOT take requests so please do not ask.  The answer will be a polite but firm no.  Trades I am cool with, but that's on a case by case basis.

(For those of you who were watching, I was forced to make this a three part story by DAs stash writer limitations... sigh...)

Mature Content

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Part 2

By Klatuk4u

     “Okay, so here is the plan!”  Juliana said fishing her car keys from her oversized pants, as Alexis wrapped her feet in her oversized socks. “You work the pedals, and I drive.  If we hurry, we can get there pretty quick and get the clock back, after they sell it to the old lady.”

    As they started running back to the car Alexis looked surprised.  “Afta?  Why afta they seww it?”

    “Because there is no way we can take it from them.  Yuri and Giorgio are too big.”  Juliana pushed the doors open towards the parking lot.  “But the old lady does not know we are coming, so that will give us an edge in stealing the clock back.”

    “Makes sense.”  Alexis agreed. “Just one probwem…”  She pointed to where the car had been parked.  Now the space was empty, only a small amount of glass and peanut shells were left were the driver’s side had been.

    “They stole my car!”  Screeched Juliana.

    Alexis scratched her head.  “So… uh… pwan B?”

    They both looked at each other.  “Subway!” they said simultaneously.  As fast as they could, both girls ran out towards the subway station.  As they neared the station, Alexis and Juliana suddenly skidded to a halt.  Standing before them was a small Dachshund, with a black collar and a leash dragging behind it.  It immediately stood to face them, and stared with two beady little eyes.

    Alexis swallowed hard, and stepped back.  Juliana looked at her and laughed.  “Oh Alexis.  It’s just a little wiener dog. They are nothing to be scared of.”

    Alexis shook her head.  “No!  Do’s things aw eviw!  EVIW!”  She whispered in an intense voice. 

    Juliana laughed.  “No they are not.  They are so cute!”  Juliana started to approach the little dog, and smiled.  “Hey little guy.  What’re you doing out by yourself?”

    “Don’t do it Juwes!”  Alexis warned.  “They AW eviw.  Dey aw sewpents wif wegs I am tewwing you!”

    Juliana just laughed harder.  “No they are not.  They are sweet little Angels…”  Without warning the little brown dog seemed to rumble with an unearthly growl, and a row of sharp teeth suddenly appeared from behind its lips.  Juliana immediately froze and started to slowly back up.  “Oh…” she whispered.

    Alexis screamed, and ran the opposite direction.  “Oh God!  It is possessed by da Deviw!!!”

    Seeing Alexis run, the dog seemed to crouch as though ready to pounce.  Julian started stepping back slowly, and with a high pitch girlish scream turned and started after Alexis.  “You coward!  Wait for me!”

    To her horror, the little beast snarled and started after them, its little claws skittering on the pavement behind them.

    “How can you run from dog?” Juliana screamed after Alexis “You once punched the Mayor for touching your butt, but a dog scares you!?”

    Alexis cursed and jumped over a fallen garbage can as she ran.  “The mayow I can handew, but the Deviw is past my abiwities!”  She pulled Julian around the corner as they headed towards a different subway station.  “Besides…” she added “You aw wunning too!”

    The skittering sound collided with the fallen can in a terrific crash, as the monster plowed after them.  “Shut up and run, its right behind us!”  Both girls continued to run past all bystanders, with the evil Dachshund in hot pursuit. 

    Alexis continued to yell and curse as she ran.  “Tuwned into a wittle giwl!  Eaten by a Deviw Dog!!!  Dere, is no Gawd Juwes!!!”  She yelled in panic.

    As they rounded the block corner, up ahead of them Julian suddenly saw a large Church donation bin, filled with clothes for the less fortunate.  As they neared it, she grabbed Alexis by the shirt and leapt up into the bin, pulling her panicked friend up just as the Dachshund rounded the corner behind them.  They listened as the horrible skittering of its claws started to fade into the distance, and finally disappeared.  Juliana looked up at the church steeple, and smiled.

    “See Alexis!”  Juliana said with smile.  “There is a god!”  She said, as she sat back into the clothes.

    Alexis growled and flipped her off.  “Screw you!”  She plopped on her belly “What-what do we do know?”  Alexis asked, huffing as she tried to catch her breath.

    Looking around at the clothes they were laying on, Juliana smiled.  “Well how about we get something to wear out of here huh?”  They both looked and realized that there were clothes in here for all different sizes and genders.  She then spotted a little pair of black shoes that looked like they would fit, then even a dress that looked right.  It was not perfect, and she doubted that there was any underwear, but at least it was a start.

    “Start digging; see if you can find anything that fits!”  Juliana said, as she pulled a little yellow dress over the top of her head.

    For a moment Alexis looked, doubtful that anything would catch her eye, until she saw a small boy’s baseball jacket, and a pair of kid’s bike shorts.  “Hmm…” she hummed with a grin.  With that, both girls started digging.


    Looking into the mirror on the side of a parked car, both detectives could not believe their fortunes.  Inside the bin there had been just enough clothing to put together a full outfit for both of them.

    Alexis smiled at her jacket, very much like the Yankees jacket her father had purchased for her when she really was a little girl.  She glanced over and saw Juliana smiling as she examined her tiny yellow church dress.  It was actually an adorable sight and Alexis blushed at her best friend’s cute appearance.

    Juliana noticed Alexis blushing.  ‘What are you blushing at?”

    Alexis smiled.  “You just make a cute kid. Aw you suwe you don’t want to stay wike dis?  Because I can adopt you.”

    Juliana sneered at her friend, and pointed.  ‘You’re the one who is cute.”  She gestured to Alexis’ clothes. “You look just like a little tom-boy in that jacket and those little sports shorts!”  She playfully messed up Alexis’ hair.  “Are you sure you don’t want to come back and be my kid?” 

    Alexis gave her a shove, and then a small shoving match began as each girl tried to knock the other one over.  After a few moments, the match turned into laughter followed by serious expressions.


    “Me too, I’m sorry, I mean.”

    Both turned back and studied their reflections in the car mirror for a long moment in silence.

    “Well…”  Juliana smiled.  “It could be worse I guess.”

    “How?  How could it be worse?”  Alexis snipped.

    “We could have been turned into babies?”  Juliana shrugged.

    Alexis digested that for a moment.  “Yeah… that would have been worse.”  She shuddered slightly.  “So what now!?  How do we catch up with them now?”  Alexis moaned.

    Juliana thought for a moment, until a yellow taxi cab pulled up in front of a small store across the street.  “I got an idea.”


    Jamal Hasir had been working for six hours, and was already getting tired of sitting on his butt.  He had a terrible night as there were less fares this evening than usual, and he just wanted to go home and see his beautiful young wife Shari.  Deciding that he wanted to get something to drink, he had pulled up in front of a small street market hoping to get some orange juice.  However now two young men were standing in the door of the store arguing about something, and Jamal really didn’t feel like trying to squeeze past them.

    A loud bump shook the taxi, and Jamal looked up to see a little girl, no more than seven or eight in a yellow dress falling away into the street, looking as if she had just run into the front of his cab.  Jamal being the genuinely nice guy that he was, popped open the door, and ran to see what had happened.

    “Little girl!  Are you alright!?” He asked as he approached.  The little girl sat up and sniffled softly, before nodding.  Jamal breathed a sigh of relief.  “Thank Allah!” he smiled.  “You need to be more careful, little one.  Here sit up on here on the curb and I will go get you a drink okay?”  She nodded, wiping a tear from her eye.  Jamal went back and closed the door of his cab, before heading inside past the arguing duo to get the little girl a drink. 

    As soon as he was done, Alexis popped her head up inside the cab, and pulled the door open.  “Wets go!”  She yelled. 

    Juliana smiled, slid off of the hood, and hopped up onto the driver’s seat.  Alexis crouched over the pedals on all fours.  “Ready?” Juliana asked. Alexis nodded, and Juliana shifted out of park.  The cab lurched forward, and Juliana struggled to turn the wheel to avoid hitting the car parked in front.  “GENTLY!”  She yelled.

    Pursing her lips, Alexis nodded and took some pressure off of the gas.  “Better?”

    Juliana nodded and yelled “Yeah just keep it like that!”  The car seemed to bounce and jump as the two slowly began to try and work out sharing control of a vehicle meant for one, and this was not easy.

    “Slower!”  Juliana yelped as they almost hit a bicyclist.

    “Dis isn’t easy to do with your hands!”  Growled Alexis

    “No, slower!”  Julian said as she accidentally cut of a van to avoid hitting a truck.  “Alexis, you have to listen to me!”

    Alexis pushed hard on the break causing the car to screech. “You want to do my job!”  Alexis yelled.

    “Just shut up and focus!”  Juliana barked as Alexis started cursing.

    Jamal exited the store with two orange juices, and reached the street just in time to see his cab lurching and screeching away around the block towards the bridge.

    One of the two you men looked at him “Yo man, I think that little girl just stole your car…” he stated obviously.

    Jamal unscrewed the lid on one of the orange juices and took a long drink, ultimately emptying the bottle.  “American kids…” he muttered.


    After a few painful minutes of learning how to work together, and three near misses, Juliana and Alexis seemed to have the hang of driving.

    “I think we got this!”  Juliana cheered.

    “Gweat!”  Alexis grunted as she hit the gas.  “Now Wet’s hope some cop doesn’t see you and puw us ovew huh?”

    Juliana grimaced.  “Yeah that would be hard to explain…”

    Up ahead she could see the ramp down to the Lincoln tunnel.

    “There is the tunnel!  We are almost there!”

    “Gweat…”   Alexis grunted again, “Cus next time you get to push the pedaws and I can dwive!”

    “Just focus okay!”

    “I am focusing you dowt!”

    The yellow taxi screeched and lurched, but moved forward steadily, and entered the Lincoln tunnel.  Juliana smiled.  With any luck they could get the clock back, and figure a way out of this mess.  As long as they could avoid getting pulled over or hitting someone, sneak into an old mansion in New Jersey, and defeat a cunning old woman who might just shoot them if she found them there, then they would be fine…

    Juliana sighed.


    The “wire cutters” approached the old manor, and gazed up at its huge gothic style construction.  The window were shuddered, an old weather vane made a rusty whining sound as it moved in the wind, and the iron gate at the front banged in the night wind.  Passing through the gate, the trip approached the front door, passing by a large crooked tree, which scratched and twisted in the soft breeze.  Giorgio kept pace and stayed close to his friends, his eyes darting back and forth.  

    The old mansion was completely dark, as Mira pressed the intercom button.  “Lady Elizabeth?  It’s us.”

    For a long moment there was no answer, until the intercom suddenly buzzed and the door opened.  Pushing the door ajar Mira could see a tall foyer, unlit with a long curving staircase to the upper floor.  At the top of that stairway, a single shaft of light was cast across the hallway from an open door at the end of the hall.  Inside a small amount of motion could be heard, and it was obvious that this was the only room in the house that had anyone in it.

    Giorgio looked into the dark foyer, and shivered.  “It is like a scene from Dracula movie.  You know the one about the vampire?” 

    Yuri smiled.  “Oh… Giorgio, will you have bad dream if you go in here? Maybe you can wait here, and we will keep money if you want?”

    Giorgio frowned, and walked ahead of the rest of the group.  “I once punched a shark!  I am scared of nothing…”

    “It was a Dolphin.”  Mira said, trying not to laugh at the memory of that moment.

    “Is the same thing, yes?”  Giorgio shrugged.

    “No.  One is mammal like Mira…”  Yuri said, casting a glance at Mira’s chest.  Mira gave him a quick glare, and he chuckled.  “…the other is fish like your brain.”

    Giorgio was about to snap at him when a sound moved through the hall.  “Come in…” an old voice, wheezed through the intercom like a wind through a graveyard.  Giorgio jumped, and stumbled away from the intercom.

    Mira and Yuri laughed as they passed him.  “Yeah… scared of nothing.”  Mira mocked.

    Giorgio composed himself and rushed in after the others, eager to prove his courage.  “Dolphins and sharks are the same thing!  Of this I am sure” Giorgio informed them, to more laughter.

    “NooOOoo Giorgio…”  Mira chimed, accenting the “no” to rhyme with his name.

    “Eh?”  What is the difference?  They both look like fish to me.”  Giorgio asked catching up.

     “God Giorgio!”  Mira cursed.  “You are the best lock picker in the world, and you don’t know stuff they teach you in grade school?”

    “Hey!  If dolphins or sharks had locks, then the odds are I would know about it!”  Giorgio defended.

    “True.”  Added Yuri.  “If dolphins and sharks had locks, Giorgio would know.”

    Mira slapped the back of his head. “To make this simple for you two, mammals have mammary glands, don’t lay eggs, and are warm blooded.  Fish don’t have boobs, lay eggs, and are cold blooded.”

    “Mamar… mama what?”  Giorgio stammered.

    “Mammary glands.”  Mir said rubbing her temple.

    “This means boobs.”  Yuri explained with a grin.

    Giorgio seemed suddenly shocked.  “Wait!  Dolphins don’t have boobs!  I would have noticed!” 

    That is true.”  Laughed Yuri.  “If dolphins had big boobs, Giorgio would have noticed them.”

    Mira hissed, choosing not to dignify that and they went on.  As they neared the stairs, a large painting above them came into focus.  It was of a very proper looking woman, tall straight and very dignified, standing with her hands together below her waist.  She wore a green Victorian dress, her hair was up into a tall oriental style bun, and she wore a collar around her neck.  All three stopped and looked at her in admiration. She had porcelain skin, amber eyes, red lips, brown hair that hung in little locks around her head, an absolutely perfect size six figure, and most noticeably a chest that rivaled Mira’s own double Ds.  She was the picture of the Victorian era.

    Giorgio suddenly swooned and smiled a big dopey grin.  “Wow!”  He exclaimed.  “What a beautiful woman!”  He announced loudly.  He pointed to the painting and looked to Mira “See Mira!  I noticed her boobs immediately.”

    Yuri shrugged.  “Yeah she is pretty, but she has arms so…”

    Mira frowned at the painting looking a little jealous, but nodded in agreement.  “Yeah, she is pretty.”

    Giorgio gasped and grabbed his heart.  “Pretty!?”  He twirled away as if hurt.  He then pointed to the portrait, and grabbed his chest again.  ‘That woman is beautiful!  A great example of what it means to be a woman!”  He looked back to the painting and kneeled. “God bless us that we even saw such a thing!  Women everywhere must want to be her, and men want to be with her!”  He pronounced like a preacher in a church.

    Mira was growing a little more jealous, as Giorgio usually said that sort of thing about her.  “It is just a painting Giorgio.”  She grunted.

    Giorgio smiled and stared up at the visage again.  “Yes, but for art to have captured such a vision…”  He closed his eyes and looked down to the floor.  “..I must believe that she was once real, and maybe… still is.”

    Mira was about to kick him for being dramatic, when an odd chuckle, like a creaking door hinge came from the hallway upstairs causing all three to look up sharply.

    “So…” the voice previously from the intercom now came softly from above. “You think she is beautiful, eh young man?”

    Giorgio stood, and all three approached the stairs.

    “Well, if you would like to see the woman in that picture, then please… come upstairs to my study.

    Giorgio blushed in hopes that what the voice said was true, and Mira shoved him. “Come on you two!”  She ordered.  “Remember to follow my lead.”  With that the three all ascended the stairs.
To be continued...

Little Detective Work Part 2
Part 2 of a 3 part Age Regression story written for ARmatic, based on a concept he created with original characters created by us both.

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So I am trying to upload Little Detective Work part 2, but DA's AMAZINGLY AWESOME AND SUPER EFFECIENT* writing system continues to refuse to let me.

Tell me this makes sense.  It continues to tell me that my 39KB is too large and must be below 64KB... which knowing DA, makes a lot more sense than it should.  So I am at a loss...

Any ideas or suggestions?

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    The night air was warm despite the rain that had fallen earlier, as the humidity seemed to trap the heat over the city.  People passed back and forth, going about their business as normal.  In a city as big and as dense as New York City people tended to move pretty fast, keep their eyes focused, and pretty much ignore whatever distraction might make them late to their destination.  Horns honked, dogs barked, and the bustle of conversation made a constant drone, even this late at night.

    However, a solitary figure sat on a bench at the bus stop on the corner of Empire Boulevard, seemingly oblivious to the noise and motion.  As people passed they found themselves drawn in by her beauty, and even people as determined as New Yorkers tended to be turned their head as they passed.  She was gorgeous, with shimmering blonde hair, long legs wrapped in black leather pants, and striking natural red lips.  Also she had a distractingly large chest, which was barely concealed by a silk blouse with an incredibly revealing V cut down to its navel.  Needless to say, she got people’s attention.

    At one point a young man wearing a tank top, backwards cap, with sleeves of tattoos running up his arms, swaggered up to the woman and sat down next to her.  “Sup baby?”  He asked obviously thinking he had a shot of getting her attention.  “What are you doing out here in a top like that?  You a working girl because I…”

    He was cut short as a tall man approached from behind, retrieved a desert eagle from his coat and with lightning speed thrust it into the man’s tentacles.  The guy squealed and started cussing.  Looking up at the gun holder, the young man could see that there were two men standing over him, one wearing a 40s fedora, and the other cleaning his teeth with a tiny knife.  The one with the fedora held the gun and a small plume of smoke rose up from under the tip of the hat, which obscured his eyes.

    “THE FUCK MAN?” yelped the young man.

    “Lady is not interested in speaking to Ganger Banger like you.” The tall man spoke in a thick Russian accent.

    “Yuri…” the other man chided in a fluid Cuban accent.  “It is not ganger banger as you would say.  It’s Gang Banger.  Just banger, no ganger. Right Mira?”

    The woman nodded, “That’s right.  Now take a hike before Yuri blows your balls off, loser.”  Her voice was low, in a calm New York accent. Yuri lifted the gun and with desperate and panicked breathing, the young man scrambled through the crowds of people to escape.  As soon as he was gone, the woman laughed and looked up at Yuri.  Mon Dieu, Yuri!” Her accent suddenly perfect French.  “Way to keep a low profile.  Why don’t you just call the cops while we are here huh?”

    Yuri said nothing, but nodded his head towards a large black car that was slowing as it approached.  The woman smiled and approached the rear window on the passenger side. As she drew close the window rolled down, and a shaking withered old hand extended from within holding a wrapped bundle.

    “Thank you ma’am.” Mira said, as she accepted the paper.  The old hand retreated into the window and it rolled back up, as the car drove on uninterrupted.  Opening the wrapping, Mira smirked at the sight of fifty thousand dollar bills wrapped together within, centered over an article.  Placing the money down the front of her shirt, she looked at the article which read “Ancient clock, found in the Sinai Peninsula, loaned to Metropolitan Museum.”

“Let’s go boys”


Little Detective Work

Part 1

By Klatuk4u

    Detective Juliana Grant smacked her partner softly on the head with the rolled up newspaper, hoping it would jar her from her loud snoring.  This only resulted in a grunt and a middle finger aimed at her before the snoring resumed.  Juliana just shook her head, pulling a lock of her light brown hair from her face and she continued filing her report.  This was the third time she had filed a report concerning a failed stakeout in less than a month.  Last night had been yet another stakeout and another big mess-up.  The Chief was so mad; Juliana had thought she was going to have a heart attack.  To be honest, she really couldn’t blame her for being angry.

    Ever since the “Wire-Cutters” had come back into town her work had been nothing but a constant pain.  She and her partner Alexis Parker were two of the best detectives on the force, and had immediately been given the task of catching the infamous group of thieves.  This particular band was nearly legendary for having stolen priceless antiques from over twenty five museums and selling the stolen goods to private collectors across the world.  The Wire-Cutter had earned their nickname for somehow disabling the most impressive museum in Germany, and stealing an incredibly rare Green Diamond, simply by slicing a single wire.

Juliana looked down at the mug shot of the trio, and shook her head in astonishment.  They did not look like a dynamic jet setting group of Robin Hoods.  In fact they didn’t look like they belonged to their reputation at all.  Yuri Spanovich, Russian born immigrant to the U.S. at age 13, had already been arrested ten times by the time he was fifteen.  Yuri had already acquired so many nicknames like “the knife” and the “the shank” that his current nickname was actually Yuri “the Alias” Spanovich.  His partner was a half-Cuban, half-Italian locksmith and mechanic named Giorgio Armando Del Pazzio.  Giorgio had two passions in life, lock picking and beautiful woman.  According to the rumors Juliana had heard, Giorgio was forced to flee from Cuba after he had an affair with an elderly Cuban leader’s super-young and super-hot mistress.

    This obsession with super attractive woman probably explained how the leader of the trio was able to get Giorgio to join up.  Her name was Mira Tetrarch, born in Paris to French and English parents, she had spent her life flying around the world.  As a result she was fluent in sixteen languages, and could match any of those language’s accents perfectly.  She had studied electronics and security equipment, earning herself a Master’s Degree in computer tech from Syracuse University.  It was there according to police records, that she had met Giorgio.  She was the brains of the outfit.  In her early thirties, Mira was a bombshell.  Tall, blonde hair, red lips, and a set of double D cleavage that always made Juliana blush when she compared them to her own modest Bs.

    However famous the trio was, they also had some weird habits, and quirks that made them more eccentric.  Yuri liked peanuts and Marlboro cigarettes, and whenever he committed a crime there were always peanut shells and cigarette butts left behind.  He also liked topless statues, and often paused to take pictures next to them, but only if they were armless. 

    Giorgio had an almost slavish devotion to Mira, and on many occasions had cost the trio a heist, after attempting to impress his sexy commander.  On one occasion he got into a fist fight with six security guards because one of them made a comment that Mira looked like she had gained weight, not knowing that the trio were sneaking past them in the dark.  He had punched a dolphin at an aquarium when it splashed Mira’s dress, and had attempted to climb across the roof of the New York Museum of Natural History during a blizzard, while butt naked to impress her. 

    As for nudity, Mira was infamous for it.  She used any opportunity to flash her chest, or drop her pants and slap her butt when she could.  Traffic light cameras, security systems, passing busses full of children, tourists, nuns, cops, any excuse, and Mira would start losing her clothes.  Security footage showed she had even gone on several heists wearing nothing but jeans or her panties because it was hot.  This was not just to show off her body, but also because it obnoxious and showed how confident she was.

    Last night had been a frustrating reminder of the trio’s strange ability to confound the police, while simultaneously seeming like a pack of retarded seagulls.  Rumors had come in that the trio was planning to hit a jewelry store, which was in possession of a rare pink diamond embedded in a gold medallion from India. This would have been the third of such robberies they had committed locally since that month had begun.  Alexis and Juliana had been stationed in the Jewelry store, along with three beat cops to make sure it didn’t happen before the medallion was shipped out.  Around four thirty that morning, they had all been alerted by a strange sliding sound, and loud cursing from the bathroom in the back of the store.  Upon investigating they had discovered both Giorgio and Yuri wearing white painter’s jumpsuits, covered in axel grease.  The two thugs had managed to slide through an air duct that should have been too tight for a human, up from the Metro subway below, and had been punching each other for some stupid reason.  When the beat cops aimed their guns they had both froze in place.

    “Yuri?” Giorgio had asked. “Did we… how you say… get caught?”

    Yuri stared at the cops silently for a moment, before pulling rolling his cigarette into his mouth with his tongue, extinguishing its light and nodding to Giorgio.

    “Damn.  Well… what you say… run?”

    Yuri nodded

    “Oh!  No you don’t asshole!” Alexis had screamed, but both of the goons had jumped back down into the duct, slipping away like a greased fat guy on a water slide.

    “GO!”  Juliana had yelled “Go out to the station quick!”

    The beat cops had charged outside, and down to the nearby subway station, with Alexis hot behind them.  Juliana had been left alone, standing watch over the medallion when she heard another noise coming from the bathroom.  Cursing, she had gone back and stepped inside expecting to find Mira.  Instead, she found only a small remote control car knocking about, apparently dropped by the two thugs during their entry.  Without warning the bathroom door closed behind her and locked.  Though she had kicked and cursed, by the time Alexis had returned and unlocked the door it was too late.  The diamond was gone.

    The beat cops had not been able to catch the two greased criminals, even when one cop had tackled Yuri around the waist.  Later examination of the security feed would show Mira had locked Juliana in, picked the lock to the medallion’s case and placed the medallion around her neck.  With a big grin she flashed her breasts to the camera and simply walked out the back door.  The Chief had yelled at Alexis and Juliana for almost ten minutes before going out and cursing at the beat cops for another twenty minutes.  The two other stakeouts had been about the same.  Some incredibly ridiculous stunt pulled by the trio seemed to work beautifully, leaving Alexis and Juliana looking like fools.  So here Juliana was again, filing a report on her failure and cursing those idiot thieves.

    Alexis Parker, Juliana’s partner of five years had been sleeping all morning, with her head on her desk, snoring loud enough to bother some of the other detectives in the room.  However no one but Juliana would dare say something to her for fear that Alexis would straight up punch them.  Juliana and Alexis had been friends at the academy, and had been very fortunate to be paired together.  Juliana was a bright and friendly person, who was excellent at reading and dealing with people.  Alexis was fearless and tough, perfect at playing the mean bad cop.  However that was because she really could be a mean cop sometimes.  Once handcuffing a perp at the top of the Empire State Building for six hours so she could go see a movie and eat dinner.  However she and Juliana were friends, and despite an occasional attitude problem, Juliana was very fond of her partner.

    Like a zombie rising from the grave, Alex slowly lifter her head, and groaned loudly.  Drool stretched from her mouth to the table, and a small tuft of her hair stuck straight up right over her forehead.  Her eyes half open, she snorted and wiped her mouth.  “Wha-what time is it Jules?”  She mumbled.  Juliana looked up and saw Alexis had her hand into her shirt, pulling it down while scratching under her bra as if she were in a locker room.  Juliana shook her head, and just stared at the mess her partner and friend was at this moment.

    “What?”  Alexis grunted.

    “What are you nine?”  Juliana snorted.  “You want to just take the rest of your clothes off?  I don’t think Smith over there can see your nipple well enough.”  She laughed as she pointed to Detective Dereck Smith, whom she knew had a thing for Alexis

    Alexis stopped scratching and glared at Smith, who almost spilled coffee on his report to look busy upon meeting her gaze.  Alexis smacked her lips, and looked at her reflection in her darkened computer monitor.  “Oh God...” she spat as she started fixing her hair.  “How long was I out, and why didn’t you wake me when I started drooling?”

    Juliana finished typing up the report, and gave Alexis a grin “Ohhh… but you look so cute when you sleep.  Like a little girl who fell asleep at her desk.”

    Alexis frowned.  “A little girl?”

    “Yup!”  Juliana laughed again “With your adorable short hair, and toned build you could almost be mistaken for a very buff little boy.”  Alexis stood walking to the coffee pot, and tossed a handful of sugar packets at Juliana’s head.  As they smacked her, Juliana jumped and cast Alexis a dour look.

    “I look like a little kid?” Alexis growled “At least I can drink coffee without a gallon of cream and a bowl of sugar.”  Juliana looked back at her paperwork, trying not to acknowledge that truth.  “Or perhaps the way you get giddy when you see a cute dog?”  Juliana kept typing.  “Or maybe the white with pink polka dot underwear you like to wear on Mondays?”

    “Yeah?”  Juliana snapped, turning to face Alexis “At least I wear underwear without having to be told that wearing panties is in the official dress code.”

    Both looked at each other in silence for a moment, before laughing softly.  Alexis shook her head.  “Sorry Jules… long night.”

    “Fuck… long month.”  Juliana added, and both women sighed loudly.

    “I tell you what Jules, when I finally get my hands on these idiots, I am gonna put my boot up their asses and throw ‘em in the Hudson.”

    Juliana nodded.  “I was just thinking about that.”  She looked down at the mug shot again.  “How can three idiots be so… so…”

    “Clever?”  Guessed Alexis.

    “Yeah.  They really are clever.  Weirdly clever… and lucky.”  Juliana rambled, once again getting distracted by the trio’s picture.

    “Hey!”  Alexis got Juliana to look up.  “We’re going to catch these three, alright?”  Alexis had a serious smile on her face, and it made Juliana smile too.

    “Yeah.  They’re going to get it!”  She raised her hand, and Alexis high fived it.

    “GRANT! PARKER! IN HERE NOW!!!” Roared Chief Mills voice from across the hall.

    “Poop…”  Juliana spat.


    Chief Linda Mills had been angry all morning, ever since the heist, and now she sat with her back to Juliana and Alexis.  She was African-American, and despite the fact that she had been driving a desk instead of a squad car for two decades, she was still fit and attractive for a forty year old.  However she could be fairly mean and seemed delighted to harass her employees when they were doing their jobs, and tormenting them when they screwed up.

    “I’m going to make this quick you two…” her voice hissed through grit teeth.   “We just got word that these clowns, that you two cannot seem to catch, are going to hit the Metropolitan Museum tomorrow night.”

    Alexis and Juliana looked at each other with a mild sense of excitement.

    “According to what we found when we raided their hotel earlier, they are going after an old clock made in 14th century Byzantine Greece.”  She showed them a picture of a small object, shaped like a pyramid, with a round clock like object in the middle.  “We think they are snagging it for a third party.  Witnesses near the bus stop at Imperial Blvd. said they saw them snatch the article with the clock and some serious cash from a passenger in a black business limo.”

    Juliana smiled. “That not going to be an easy grab…”  She looked at Chief Mills “How many cops do we get this time?”  She asked.

    “Hmph!  None…” Chief Mills barked, before lowering her voice and turning to face both of them.  “I am going to let you two failures handle this, but I am warning you two…”  She continued leveling a finger at the pair.  “You ruin this; I won’t just bust you down to beat cops.”  She clenched her fist for emphasis “I will have the DA file charges against you for negligence and dereliction of duty.  Do I make myself clear?”

    Both nodded, as Mills left her clenched fist in the air to make sure they knew she meant business.

    “Boss?”  Alexis asked.

    “What is it Detective Parker?”

    “Do you fist your husband with that hand?” Alexis quipped, as Juliana’s mouth fell open.


    Next evening the pair sat together in a large vaulted room at the Metropolitan Museum, sitting behind a stack of pamphlets about the Greek exhibit.  They had been there since six PM, and had not heard anything for 6 hours.  Checking her watch which read twelve AM, Juliana leaned back onto her jacket and sighed as the time ticked by.  Juliana had decided that the best bet to catch these strange criminals was to act strange too.  To that end, the had simply gone in and lay right down behind the pamphlet display, guns ready, and planned to just jump up and call in backup after subduing them.

    Sure they were outnumbered, but with Alexis that hardly mattered.  Once while on a drug bust, fifteen mob thugs had locked Alexis into a garage, and were planning to beat her to death.  Alexis had only laughed, removed her jacket and yelled “You idiots don’t get it do you?  You think I am locked in her with you?!”  With that she charged in and broke one of the thug’s noses, while kicking another in the family jewels.  “HELL NO!  You’re locked in her with ME assholes!!!”  She had then proceeded to beat them all, until one of them had the sense to call the police for help.

    Alexis was still rubbing the back of her right shoulder.  “Damn, that still hurts.”

    Juliana shook her head, and swatted Alexis on the back of the head with her palm.  “You asked for it.  You’re lucky the chief didn’t try to shoot you.”

    Alexis groaned, and smiled, leaning back.  “Who would have thought she could throw a computer mouse that hard…”

    Juliana just smiled, and checked her watch again.

    “Quit checking it.  You’re making me sea-sick.” Alexis said looking at her own watch.  “How much longer is this gonna take?”

    “Well, when they get here we will have to see.”  Juliana looked out at the display.  The clock sat against the back wall, in a glass case, surrounded by several other random items from Greece.  The small clock was interesting, as it was jet black, and the numbers on the face of it were strange and twisted, obviously not Greek numbers.

    Alexis was snoring suddenly, and Juliana hit her in the ribs with her elbow.  Alexis snorted awake, and looked at Juliana with a sheepish grin.  “Sorry Jules.”

    Juliana smirked again “Just like a big kid.”

    Alexis frowned.  “Hey!  You are the one who buys kids meals for dinner at McDonald’s.”

    Juliana stiffened “O-Only when they have Spider-Man stuff!”  She pointed right into Alexis face “Besides, you still watch Sponge Bob every morning while eating a bowl of Fruit Loops!  Who is the child now?”

    Alexis grit her teeth “Shut up stupid!”

    Juliana stuck her tongue out, so Alexis bit her still extended finger.  After a brief scuffle, both returned to waiting with an exasperated sigh.  Alexis picked up and started reading a pamphlet about the Exhibit, and suddenly gasped “Wow!”


    Alexis showed her the back of the pamphlet, and a picture of a very old woman.  “Who is that OLD bird?”

    Juliana tried to take the pamphlet, but with a childish grunt Alexis wouldn’t let go, so she took another pamphlet and read the back.  A picture of an elegant elderly woman, dressed in a fine old-fashioned Victorian dress was placed next to a paragraph about the exhibit.  “It says here that her name is Elizabeth Von Pettis the donor of most of these Greek artifacts.”  She read on “She is a ninety year old philanthropist who donated most of these artifacts to the museum and was responsible for getting ten others to loan their artifacts to the exhibit, including the clock.”

    Alexis flicked the pamphlet away “What is so important about the clock anyway?”

    “It is the earliest form of mechanical clock to come out of the Near-East.”  Juliana continued.  “Apparently it sold to a Welsh collector for almost sixteen million at auction in 1995.”

    “Woo…”  Alexis whistled.  “Wish we had that kinda cash…”

    Juliana suddenly covered Alexis’ mouth, and pointed towards the exhibit. Alexis looked across the hall, and saw all of the lights flickering for a moment, before turning back to normal.  Removing her hand, Alexis whispered “That’s gotta be them, messing with the security system.”

    Alexis nodded, and both detectives drew their guns.  In silence they waited, listening for any sound.  Juliana had planned this out in her mind.  The pamphlets were so obvious a hiding place that she was sure after all the careful planning she had put into the last three stakeouts, that Mira would overlook it.  A sudden flash of light from a camera phone came from up the hallway, followed by a voice hissing at someone.  Alexis and Juliana nodded to each other and lowered themselves.  Two voices were arguing, both seeming to rise and fall with intensity.  Just then two men came around the corner into the exhibit.  It was Yuri and Giorgio carrying several bags, and as they approached they were grumbling and pushing each other.  Yuri was looking at his phone while smoking a cigarette, while Giorgio was carrying a wooden box which looked like it was for the clock.

    “No, Yuri…”  Giorgio was saying “I understand why you want to be in pictures with sexy ladies, but I do not understand why they always have no arms?”

    “It is artistic style.”  Yuri spoke, shifting the cigarette in his mouth.  “I am not expecting for you to understand this Giorgio.”  Yuri pointed with his phone towards the clock.  “There it is.” Both of the men approached the display, then smiled at each other and set off towards a neighboring display containing samples of ivory carvings, boar tooth helmets, and arrowheads.

    “This should make some money.”  Giorgio chirped.  “Eh… Hm… no lock Yuiri…”  He muttered as he looked for a place to pick open the case.  “I think it is locked by the control room, maybe I could...”  With a hiss of exertion, Yuri brought the butt of his gun down through the glass of the display.  Giorgio shrugged, smiled and began plucking things out of the display. “How many do you want us to take Mira?”  He asked as he carefully avoided the broken glass.

    Just then the clopping of high heeled boots could be heard, and Mira swaggered into the room.  Juliana was shocked, as she was much prettier in person than she thought she looked in her photo.  She stopped in front of the display with the clock, and smiled.

    “Just enough to make it look like it was someone else.” Her beautiful French accent rang through the hall, making her seem even more elegant than her attire suggested.  “Remember, we don’t steal junk like that.  It is too much trouble to sell to a fence.”  She slid the opening of the glass display, and looked at the clock with a hungry expression.  “Besides… no one knows we are supposed to be here, so it will look like someone else.”  She slowly picked up the clock, and smiled with a shudder.  “This boys…” She said, as both men approached and looked over her shoulder at the item.  “…this is worth real money. Another fifty thousand dollars when we get it back to the old lady.”

    “Old lady?”  Whispered Juliana and Alexis shrugged.

    “That is looking very small to me boss.  Sure it is right one?”   Yuri commented.  Mira nodded, and licked her lips as she studied the intricate carvings on the clock.

    “Ah yes, but diamonds are small are they not friend?”  Giorgio said patting Yuri on the shoulder, which made Yuri smile and nod.

    “Small things are always worth more boys.”  Mira grinned looking the item over.  “See what I told you before?  Steal small things, get paid big, rather than steal big things that are worth less.”

    “You are a genius Mira.”  Giorgio chirped as he leaned over to gaze down at Mira’s chest, his eyes getting a little glassy.

    “Yes…”  Mira smiled “Je suis un génie.”

    Alexis leaned in.  “This is it… get ready!” she whispered.

    “FREEZE! NYPD!”  Cried Juliana as both detectives jumped out from behind the pamphlets.  Before Yuri or Giorgio could pull their guns, both Julia and Alexis were within three feet of the pair, their own guns right in their faces.

    “Drop it!  Drop that crap now!”  Alexis cried, and both men dropped the weapons, Yuri losing his hat as he jumped back, before anything could get out of hand.

    “Ok!  The uh… shit is dropped beautiful.”  Gasped Giorgio.

    “Is all good police lady.  Is cool.”  Muttered Yuri.

    Mira stepped back, with a look of shock on her face.  “How?”

    “Good old police work bitch!”  Alexis barked, “Now put the clock down, before I chop you in the neck.”

    Mira looked at Juliana, and then Alexis, tears beginning to appear in her eyes. She was literally shocked by the detective’s presence and had never experienced this kind of failure before.  She had been caught sure, but that was part of a plan.  This was for real and she didn’t like it.  She started to shake, and stumble back.

    “Put it back Ms Tetrarch now!  You’re under arrest, so let’s get moving!”  Juliana ordered, picking up her radio to call for backup.


    “What?”  Both Yuri and Giorgio looked to Mira, who was trembling.

    “No!” she said more forcefully.

    Juliana and Alexis kept their weapons aimed, but stiffened at this new resistance.

    “Enough!  Drop it now!” Alexis ordered again.

    Mira gripped the clock hard, and a soft ticking sound came from within.  “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” She screamed. With a loud bang a white hot blast of light shot out from the face of the clock, past Yuri and Giorgio, slamming into both Alexis and Juliana.  Both were blasted back by the bolt, crashing into the pile of pamphlets, and landing hard on their sides.  A silence fell on the room, as the light faded, and Yuri and Giorgio looked to their leader.

    “Mira… what was light just now?”  Asked Yuri.

    Mira just stood there white faced, and shook her head.

    Giorgio pointed towards the detectives.  “Mira, Yuri, look at that!”

    Both detectives were standing up, shaking their heads and looking stunned.  Slowly as the two detectives were rising, their bodies began to glow a soft white light.  As Juliana stepped forward she suddenly felt a weird electrical feeling starting in her head, and moving down into her chest.  There it seemed to focus on her breasts, and then moved down to her groin.  It was not pleasant and felt like being shocked from within as it soon radiated out to her bones.  She looked to Alexis, who also stood in place, holding her chest and trembling slightly.

    “Jules?  What… what’s happening to… to my body?”  She stammered.

    “I don’t… know. OH! I-it feels heavy!  My body feels heavy!”  Juliana suddenly began to tremble.

    Mon Dieu!” Mira gasped.  “They are both changing!

    As the three criminals watched, both detectives began to pull inward, as if growing smaller.  They seemed to be getting thinner and losing their shapes.  As Juliana looked down she felt goose bumps across her skin, and then her breasts softened as they slowly began to flatten back against her chest.  Panic rising in her mind she looked to Alexis, who was staring at her own body.  Alexis’ chest seemed to bulge forward as if a size bigger and then with a slow motion of reduction, flattened back into a pair of small little mounds.  Alexis gripped at her chest desperately feeling the two soft mounds; before those two were gone, replaced with a smooth flat surface.  Her shirt drooped forward, and her Jacket slid off of one shoulder.  Alexis’ body seemed to pulse, expanding ever so slightly before retracting sharply, growing backwards with each pulse.

    “Jules!  My boobs are gone!”  Alexis said, her voice which was often tough and deep, sounding more high and soft.

    Juliana ran her own hands across her chest, which now too was gone, only two little flat nipples where her modest Bs once rode.  She watched as her own shirt hung loose, and felt the electrical sensation inside limbs now.  She too was pulsing, her hands growing larger before getting smaller and her limbs seeming to stretch uncomfortably before getting shorter.  The electrical tickle suddenly seemed to be in her groin, and she felt an incredible urge to pee, which she fought intensely.  Fearing the worst, she groped down and grabbed her privates, gasping with what she felt.  She swallowed a cry that almost escaped her throat, and looked up to Alexis.  “M-m-my pubic hair is gone!”

    Alexis was looking very different now, and Juliana felt the urge to cry at what she saw.  Alexis was at least two feet shorter than she had been, as tall as a ten year old now, and her body was still changing.  Her jacket slid off, plopping to the floor behind her, and her shirt now hung down over her groin.  Alexis was feeling her own groin, and cursing under her breath.  Without warning Alexis’s pants and panties slid down to her feet, piling up atop her shoes.  Her butt seemed to bounce and bump as if it were a balloon with someone letting the air out in little spurts.  She pulled her shirt up in the back and looked at her naked bottom, as it lost any roundness it had and looked even more like a little boys.  With a hiss, she ducked low, sitting down onto her pants to hide her rear.

    “Juwes…” her voice had a sudden and uncomfortable lisp “I think I am getting smawwer.”

    Juliana gasped as her own pants slid down, catching her panties before they hit the floor.  A sudden tremor in her legs made her fall forward onto her knees.  Her panties fell to her ankles during her fall, and she inhaled sharply as she looked at her body.  Now wearing only her shirt, which seemed to get bigger and baggier, she saw her toes and hands continued to get smaller.  Her legs shortened, her hands became fatter while her fingers stubby.  Her little feet kicked as she saw them become those of a little girl.

    “No.  No this can’t be real!”  She wailed, looking up just in time to see Alexis stumbled down onto all fours, and look up at her.  Alexis was six, maybe seven years old, her short hair had gained curls and her big brown eyes were adorably round.   She looked at herself and saw the same.  She was seven, maybe eight, and as she looked at her body under her shirt completely devoid of any mature development.  She trembled with anger, fear and frustration and looked back at Alexis.

    “Alexis!  Are you okay?  She asked.

    Alexis scratched her butt and looked around “Yeah… I fink I am.”  She stood and looked to Juliana “What happened to us Juwes?”

    A soft laughter came from the display case, and both little detectives looked over to see Mira smiling, with both of her henchmen picking up the detectives fallen guns.

    “Looks like we may have to get paid extra boys.”  Mira almost sang as she locked the clock into the box and laughed.  “What a strange twist of fate for you two… ending up in a state like this.”

    “I don’t get it?”  Giorgio looked at Mira, a confused expression on his face.

    Mira cocked her hips to one side, and put her hands upon them, as her big chest bounced back and forth.  “We just found out why the old crone wants the clock so bad.”  She pointed to the kids.  Yuri looked at Giorgio, who just shrugged.  Mira sighed, and continued.

    “Apparently Miss Pettis arranged this whole gathering to get the clock here in New York so she could have us steal it.”

    “Why steal a clock that turns lady police officers into little girls?”  Yuri asked aloud.

    Mira shook her head.  “Yuri, I love you, but sometimes you can be slow for a people who can be so resourceful.”

    He grunted “Slow my ass.  You think a bear like me would be slow?”

    “NO, no!” hissed Mira.  Both men looked to face her. “The clock doesn’t make cops into kids.  It controls time itself!”

    Giorgio snapped his hands “Oh!  That is… how you say… very clever!”  He looked to Yuri.  Old lady send us to steal time altering clock, so when we give it back to her, she can become young lady again.”  He slapped Yuri on the back.  “Very clever yes?”

    Yuri just shrugged, understanding the idea, but simply not caring.

    Mira smiled.  “Except she didn’t think we would figure it out and we wouldn’t have if it weren’t for these two cute little cops here.”  She said gesturing to Alexis and Juliana.  Alexis flipped her off, but Mira just smiled.  “I think... we deserve a bonus, don’t you two?  In fact we should probably ask for maybe…    another hundred thousand… each?”

    Yuri shrugged again, while Giorgio nodded happily and both simultaneously said “Whatever you say boss.”

    “Let’s go!”  Mira said with a new spring in her step

    “HOWD IT WIGHT DERE!!!  Alexis roared.  “You fwee aw under awest stiww, so you cannot go any wewe!”

    Alexis stomped over and tackled Giorgio around the waist.  With an awkward grin, he plucked the little girl up and held her out at arm’s length, while Alexis kicked and spit at him.  “This little one is… how you say… feisty!”  He leaned forward and gave her a tiny peck on her forehead.  “Sorry little police girl, but Giorgio only loves beautiful, full grown women with big guanabanas.

    “What?”  Yuri asked distracted, as he dangled Juliana’s gun over her head just out of reach.  Each time Juliana tried to reach it, Yuri just laughed dryly as he pulled it out of reach, sounding like a groaning floor board.

    “Stop it!”  She whimpered, but Yuri ignored her pleas.

    “What is this guangabanga?”  Yuri asked again, pushing Juliana down onto her bottom.

    Giorgio smiled, and held Alexis up by her palms, as she kicked at him wildly.  Guan-ab-anas my Russian friend.”  Giorgio pronounced the word phonetically.   “In Spanish, it means… well actually… well I mean it to mean really big breasts.”  He suddenly smiled at what Yuri was doing. “Hey I want to try too!”  He whined.  Yuri handed him the gun, and now he dangled it over little Juliana, as she tried to grab it “So cuute!” Giorgio mumbled with blushing cheeks.

    Yuri nodded “Ohhhhh… Big breast, I get it.”  He droned, as he pulled the back of Alexis’ shirt over her head and laughed at her before she could rescue her partner.  “Big breasts are pretty nice, and nobody has bigger ones than pretty blonde girls from ...”

    “Enough you two dummies!”  Mira yelled.  “Put those two in the broom closet, and let’s get going.”

    The men obeyed, and scooped up each young detective who were now wearing only their shirts, and dropping them in a janitor’s closet near the entrance. Giorgio gave them both a cute wave before slamming the door shut, and locking it with the stolen keys.

    “Do not worry little ladies…”  Giorgio spoke through the door, “Someone will let you out in the morning.”  After a pause Giorgio spoke again “Also, little dark haired police girl?”  Alexis looked up at the door. “Eh… when you get to be… how say… “legal” age… give Giorgio a call eh?”

    Alexis roared and kicked the door.

    Mira smiled to her two comrades “Let us go boys.  It’s time to get what we have earned.”


    Alexis was tugging on the doorknob with her hands, growling and grunting as she pushed against the door with both tiny legs.  She had been doing this for almost twenty minutes, and was starting to become enraged.  Juliana had been scoping out the room, but could not see any way they could pick open the lock.  With a jerk, Alexis lost her grip on the knob and fell back into Juliana who caught her.  Both girls collapsed to the floor in a heap, Alexis cursing loudly.

    “Fuk this!”  She jumped up, and pulled Juliana to her feet.  “What aw we supposed to do Juwes?  We gotta get dat cwock back!”

    Juliana sniffled, and held her arms across her chest uncomfortably.  “Maybe we should go call the chief.”  She softly whimpered.

    Alexis stomped her foot, and thrust her arms to her side.  “Stewpid!  Deres no way that she would bewieve us!  Awso we would nevew wiv it down if we towd hew!”  Alexis looked back to the door “No, we gotta go now!  We got to get the cwock.  It’s the onwy way.”

    Juliana wiped her eyes, and nodded.  “You’re right Alexis.  Also we know where they are going anyway.”  Juliana suddenly produced one of the pamphlets, and flipped to a picture.  “See!”  She pointed to a very old but wealthy looking manor overlooking the Hudson.  “That is Elizabeth Pettis’ old place on River Rd. across the Hudson.  We could get there pretty quick if we could just get out of here.”

    Alexis frowned.  “How aw we supposed to fight dem though?  Dey are too big?”

    Julian suddenly smiled, and thrust her fist forward.  “Between your strength and my brains, I know we can do this Alexis!  We have to try, or else we stay like this, and that is not an option!  So let’s get outta here alright!?”

    Alexis was blushing at Juliana.  “Cute…” she whispered.

    “Huh?”  Juliana asked.

    Alexis shook her head “Nothing.  You aw just weawwy cute as a wittle girl.”

    Juliana blushed for a second; having to admit to herself that Alexis was the most adorable tom-boy she had ever seen.  She then smacked her own face.  “W-we don’t have time for this!  We need to find a way out of this.”

    Alexis looked up and pointed.  “What about da vent window ovew the doow?”  They both looked up, and could clearly see the window was open ever so slightly.

    “If one of us could get through, they could climb over and unlock the door from the outside.”  Julian smiled. “Let’s get to it!  There is no telling how far those goons have gotten.”

To Be Continued…

Little Detective Work Part 1
Part 1 of a 3 part Age Regression story written for ARmatic, based on a concept he created with original characters created by us both.

I DO NOT take requests so please do not ask.  The answer will be a polite but firm no.  Trades I am cool with, but that's on a case by case basis.



United States
So I am trying to upload Little Detective Work part 2, but DA's AMAZINGLY AWESOME AND SUPER EFFECIENT* writing system continues to refuse to let me.

Tell me this makes sense.  It continues to tell me that my 39KB is too large and must be below 64KB... which knowing DA, makes a lot more sense than it should.  So I am at a loss...

Any ideas or suggestions?

*extreme sarcasm

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