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Waifu Cube... Thingy

I’ve seen these around, and never really do crap like this so I thought I would give it a try for fun. 


Before you ask, it’s all about character and each have something in their character that really appeals to me.  Usually it’s a good quality, although for some it’s their personality or something…   Though a good body doesn’t hurt lol.

Except for the Pizza, that’s love at first sight baby!

Edit:  Might help if I say who is from what. 

With Sailor Jupiter in the center and then going clockwise starting from the blue haired character.

Meia from Vandread

Jane from Tarzan

Persephone created by Normal Deviant

Ninjette from Empowered

Eowyn from the Rankin Bass - Return of the King

Rachnera from Monster Musume

Homura from Sekirei

Alfie created by Incase

Gina from Fred Perry’s Gold Digger comic

Claudette from Queen’s Blade

Sia from Hyrule Warriors

And lastly the most beautiful… Combination Pizza.


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Gallant Bridge

August 10th 2627

The bridge had been on constant alert since the attack of the Kappa and Rachel could feel the tense atmosphere heighten as the vessel drew in close.  The approaching craft's hull was scoured a dull non reflective gun metal color with a white trim indicating it was a Union design.  The crew on the Gallant's bridge was hushed and moving quickly and Rachel could see flashing from the ordnance station indicating that the Gallant had acquired firing solutions with her high yield missiles.  She recognized the make of the craft immediately as a Mongol class corvette, a small vessel used as a gunboat against destroyers and cruisers.  She knew that in fact this was a modern vessel unlike the Kappa and while smaller than the older destroyer this was a ship built in the same mindset as the Gallant.  It was a ship meant to kill bigger vessels with a minimum loss of crew and resources. This was a ship that would move fast and hit a ship like the Gallant with overwhelming ordnance before they could respond.  So naturally she wondered why was it slowing down and coming in on a standard approach vector.

“Status?!”  Saskia barked.

The new first officer stood and looked up to the command balcony.  “They are running with fields down.  Weapons are offline.  We’re only detecting three persons on board.  One of them is reading a strange energy signature.  It matches the readings we took from the girl on the Kappa.”

Saskia exchanged a glance with Rachel and Alice.  “Open coms!”  She ordered.

“Open!”  A junior officer said back.

“This is the mercenary destroyer Gallant, operating license 2784-T32A.  Saskia Janssen commanding.  State your intentions or we will fire on you!”

There was a short pause before the junior officer at the coms station looked up.  “The commander of the vessel is requesting private communications with you.”

Saskia nodded and pressed a switch on the command balcony.  A thick panel of transparent material which was in fact a coms screen slid across the opening of the balcony and the doors sealed.  She gestured through the screen and the coms officer nodded.  The transparent screen suddenly flickered and a face appeared, red in the light from the bridge of the Mongol class ship.  He was young, only a few years older than Clara and their resemblance was unmistakable.  Behind him two other crewmen worked, most likely the communications and tactical officers as the captain often piloted such small ships.

Fiona flailed her arms.  “Shit!  He looks just like that little bitch!”

“Fiona!”  Rachel hissed, silencing her.

“How can I help you?”  Saskia said her voice serious in spite of her small age.

The teen seemed to smirk for only an instant before it faded.  “Clearly my sister made it aboard your vessel based on your appearances.”

Rachel spoke up.  “Don’t give her too much credit.   Most of us were like this already before she invited herself aboard.”

He nodded.  “Then my suspicions were correct.  You were already looking for a way to stop the Restoration before it occurred.  His eyes went to Maggi and he regarded her. ”You must be the one the Lady wants…”

Saskia interrupted.  “Hello!  We were speaking here?  What do you want and why shouldn’t I just blast you apart right now?”

The teen smiled.  “Indeed, why shouldn’t you…”  He then turned towards the two officers behind him and raised a small slug thrower from his side.  With two precise shots, two loud “thumps”, he blew both of their brains out before turning back to the face the stunned onlookers in Saskia’s command balcony. 

“What the fuck!”  Saskia and Fiona said almost in unison.

“We don’t have much time so I’ll make this quick.  The Lady will realize my intentions soon.”  He began pressing some buttons on his bridge.  “I’m sending you the coordinates of a world in the OR sector.  OR-98-16.  This is the Lady’s home world, where the Restoration will take place.  You must stop her.”

“What is the Restoration?”  Saskia asked.

“She will revive her race at the cost of our own.  Her species was advanced, but they destroyed themselves with their technology in war after war.  Those who survived went into isolation, searching for a way to use their ruined technology to save their race.  The Lady found a way…”

“How would she do that?”  Maggi asked.

He was still pressing buttons and did not look up.  “She found a way to make a temporal wave that propagated itself through subspace.”

Alice gasped.  “She’s found a way to reverse time on a galactic scale!”  The balcony filled with curses and growls.

He nodded.  ”She will activate the central construct there and Restore the universe to how it was when her species was dying out.  This was billions of years ago of course.  Once restored to reality she can end the fighting with her power.  Then she will control reality and rule over existence.”

“She’d be a God then!”  Olga snarled.

“Yes… an unpleasant thought.”  He added.

“Wait!”  Maggi interrupted.  “Why not travel back in time then?”  Everyone looked to her with surprise on their faces.  “I mean, why go to such trouble?  If you can control time, why not change it?”

The teen shook his head.  “You can’t change the past… at least that’s what she believes.”

“Why?”  Maggi asked, her thoughts dwelling suddenly on her own actions on OR-21-23.

He was still working the consoles.  “She said you can’t change the past, because if you changed it, then you wouldn’t have had a reason to change it in the first place.  No… this is different.”  He glanced to Maggi again.  “She will just be changing the present.  She would be restoring the beings that existed when her race was at its peak.  Surely you realize that was the intention of her central construct?”  He chuckled as if the idea was so simple.  “Why else make a device that can record DNA and brainwaves at the same time?” 

“Who are you?  Why are you telling us this?”  Rachel asked.

He stopped what he was doing and looked up.  “My name is Brandon Logan.  My sister Clara is on board your ship yes?”

Saskia nodded.  “Yes… though she won’t be going on any dates for a while.”

He nodded, a smile finally breaking over his face.  “I must thank you for stopping her…  She was…”

“Psycho.”  Olga said.

“Yes… she was.  Her… Our mother was taken by the Lady and transformed into a child before she took us as weapons or follows of sorts.”  He seemed quiet for a moment before he continued what he was doing on the terminal.  “The lady needs to retrieve DNA samples from humans; she calls them words of light.  She needs them to activate the construct and then she can begin.  Miss Williams has one… the last one she needs.  I’m not sure how they came to be in her body, but I don’t need to tell you how bad it would be if she was to get her hands on her.”

“Central construct?  Is this like a hub?  Is this the same place where the signal to change a person’s age comes from?” Alice asked.

“You are a credit to our species miss Star.”  He said with a nod.  “Yes it is.  Destroy it, you destroy her and stop the Restoration.  I’m sending you all of the scans I managed to collect of the Lady.  I hope it will help you.”

Saskia looked and saw the data being recorded by her systems before looking back.  “You still haven’t explained why you’re helping us.”

He looked up his face suddenly resolute.  “Upload complete.  It’s really simple.  I want you to save our species.”

Just then the panel next to Saskia blinked.  It was the tactical officer on the internal com.  “Ma’am!  We’re being targeted!  He’s locking weapons onto us!”

“What the hell!”  Saskia snapped, looking to him.

His face was calm, almost relieved.  “I can feel her reaching out to find me.  Soon if I don't act she will realize what I have done and will control me like she did Miss Williams.  I cannot allow this.”

“His ordnance weapons are arming!” cried the tactical officer. “H's locking firing solutions on us!”

“Stand by!”  Saskia ordered.  “Stop this or we’ll rip you apart!” She yelled.

“Stop!  We can help you!”  Alice pleaded.  “We can shield you from her!”

He shook his head.  “No.  That would draw her ire against you and bring her whole force down upon your heads.  She thinks I’m baiting you and if I’m destroyed by you, she will believe that I was killed after delivering my message by duplicity on your part.”  He sat back in the command seat, the same content smile on his face.  “Besides… its better this way.  It’s better than having her in my blood… in my head.”

“His weapon ports are opening!  He’s going to fire!”  The tactical officer screamed.

“Don’t do this please!”  Alice yelled as Vivian covered her eyes.

“Destroy that ship!”  Saskia ordered.  The Gallant shuddered as both her forward missile bays fired.  Two streaks of blue light shot towards the small craft.

On the screen Brandon just kept smiling.  “Take care of Clara and my mother for me-SSSSSSSSSSSSSSZT!”

The screen went to static as the missiles impacted and destroyed the small corvette in a bloom of blue light like a brilliant star, which was born and died in less than five seconds.  Then only debris scattered away in the expanding shock wave.  Silence descended on the bridge, save for the tactical officer reporting a successful shot.  Vivian began to sob in Maggi’s arms as everyone but Saskia lowered their heads.

“Why… why did he…?”  Fiona asked.

“He must have been pretty tortured.”  Rachel said.  “He knew we would have to fire.”

“He was stupid…”  Saskia hissed, causing several of those present to glare at her.  “One should never stop fighting… not while they still can fight.”  Alice was looking over the data.  “Anything we can use doctor?”

Alice nodded.  “With what he sent, it confirms we can do what we were planning.”  She looked up.  “However, the hub is bigger than me and Lorraine theorized.  We’re going to need extra ships to do what we are thinking.”

Saskia looked to Maggi and Vivian, who was wiping tears from her eyes.  “I think it’s time to call in that favor my dear.”

Maggi nodded and quickly went with Vivian to the coms station on the balcony.  Alice suddenly made a hissing sound and stood up.  “There may be a problem..,”

“When is that any different?”  Rachel said sarcastically.

Alice was silent so Saskia turned to face her.  “Please don’t keep us waiting doctor!”

Alice looked at them all.  “From this data, the hub is surrounded with plating and planetary crust.  There is no way our emitter can get through it, even with the entire fleet.”  She showed them a scan of the system, revealing the hub beneath the surface.  It was like an orb, with strange orange like slices along its surface but was buried beneath twelve miles of rock and debris.

Rachel stared at it a moment.  “It looks like it opens up… as if it can shake the crust off by itself.”

“Yes…”  Alice said, thinking.  “Most likely to deploy itself… but I doubt it could open up without being activated from within and even if it did, it would take at least a few hours to attain the power needed to generate the kind of temporal and quantum surge it would need.”

“Hmm…”  Rachel said quietly.  “I think we might be able to use heavy ordnance to blast a hole in the crust… maybe something like a Q.I.B.  One or two could do it!”

Saskia laughed.  “Oh yes?  We’ll just pull a quantum implosion bomb out of our asses then?  Those are the most powerful weapons humankind has ever created!  How do you propose we get one?”

Rachel smiled.  “Actually, we have four left on the Stalker in a hidden compartment.

Saskia looked surprised as she had actually had the Stalker searched when she acquired Rachel and her team.  “But… how?”

Rachel shrugged.  “Cataphract Marines have access to heavy ordnance and permission to use it.”

Alice nodded.  “She’s telling the truth.  We used one to take out the Dark Moon and stop Rossi’s mutation from activating the creatures on OR-21-23”

Saskia allowed herself a big laugh and nodded happily.  “I'm impressed.  Truly impressed.  So once we get the Union to cooperate we have a genuine plan!”

Rachel grimaced.  “Yeah, that may not be so easy.”

Saskia crossed her arms.  “No worries Commander!  I have an offer that they will be happy to accept!”  Rachel gave her a strange expression and Saskia laughed again, putting a tiny foot up on the balcony edge for effect.   “Thanks to our special guest you brought aboard, I am certain that we can make them listen…”


Delagos System

Union Fleet Assembly Zone

August 11th 2627 C.E.

“Chief Lieu!  You have a private communicate coming in.” came the report from the communications officer.  Chen’s room was dark as the clock showed it was 2 a.m. and the natural lighting system had faded almost to pitch black.

Chen sat up in bed and growled.  “Patch it through!”  He was shaking the sleep from his head and cursing.  “Who the hell is calling at this time of night?!”  He spit.  The monitor flicked on and he almost gasped when he saw who it was.  “Williams!  Anders!? Holy shit, you’re alive!”

They smiled back at him.  “Sorry for disappearing!  We were… occupied by what was happening in the hanger.”  Maggi said.  “Chief… Chen.  We need your help!”

He suddenly looked concerned.  “Wait a minute!  You two were awol after Aropos!  H-how do I know you two weren’t grabbed by the traitors?”

Maggi shook her head.  “You’re just going to have to trust us!”

“What do you want? Where are you?!”  He asked.

“We found out where the Lady is going and what she is planning!”  Maggi said.

“Chen please!  We need the Union’s help to stop her from destroying the entire galaxy!”  Vivian suddenly pleaded.

“Destroy… what?  What are you talking about?!”  Chen asked, still shocked.

“We know how to stop her!”  Maggi continued.  “We found a way to destroy her and shield our ships from her power!”

“That’s incredible.  How?”  Chen asked.

“We don’t have time to explain.  We need you to get in charge with whoever is in command of the fleet now and relay a message for us!”

Chen shook his head.  “I’m just an enlisted Chief!  I can’t-”

“Chen, listen we don’t have time!”  Vivian started when a new face appeared in the screen.  It was a little girl with big bushy blonde pigtails and a frown on her face.

“Chief... Chen was it?”  The girl said.

“Chief Chen Lieu…”  He replied, surprised to be addressed by this kid. “Who are…”

The girl nodded.  “My name is Saskia Janssen, mercenary commander of the Gallant and my operating license is 2784-T32A.  I need you to get off your ass and bring this data package we are transmitting to your commanding officer right the-fuck-now!”

Chen was still trying to absorb this strange sight when a data package suddenly began downloading into his computer.  He looked at it and then back to the screen.  “R-right now?”

“I believe I said right the-fuck-now.”  The girl repeated.


Twenty minutes later Chen had brought the data and explained what Saskia and Maggi had told him to Admiral Neimon.  She had listened and reviewed the data with an emotionless face.

“Are you sure we can trust them?”  Neimon asked.

“Miss Janssen’s clearance checks out and the data they sent seemed accurate.”  Alex Harrison, the Captain of the Monitor said.

Neimon was silent a moment more.  “Seems like an awful risk…”  She almost whispered.  “…especially coming from the word of a mercenary.”  Chen was silent, waiting for her to make her decision.  Finally she set down the information pad and shook her head.  “I’m sorry Chief, but this is too great a risk for us to follow a mercenary's plan.  If the situation were different I…”  Chen raised his hand and Neimon stopped.  She nodded for him to speak and he handed her a second data pad.  “What’s this?”

“It’s a data slate containing a recording of Marshall Steiner confessing to his crimes, without having been tortured.”  Chen said slowly.

"What!"  Neimon and Harrison sat forward at this and looked to the pad.  True enough it contained a video file of a captured Marshal Steiner confessing his involvement with the Sedition, naming his conspirators and even had a signed written confession attached to the file as well.  However the names were obscured and the voice would distort electronically when the names were spoken.

“Holy shit!”  Alex hissed, realizing the importance of this.

“H-how…”  Neimon started.  While Marshal Steiner only had a bounty of 15,000 credits, the dirty secret was that there was already a separate bounty of nearly a million credits for information that lead to the capture or exposure of any members of the Sedition… each!  If the size of this list was accurate, then Saskia would be entitled to the greatest sum of money ever collected by a mercenary, save the reward for the lady which had just gone up to a billion credits.

Chen could see the gravity of this and realized he had to make this moment count.  “Saskia Janssen has acquired Marshall Steiner and extracted a confession from him.”  He pointed to the code panel on the data pad.  “She is therefore entitled to his and the other Sedition members impressive bounty sum, but she has offered to waive the collection of this sum if the Union agrees to aid in this operation against the lady.  She has described it as proof of her good intentions and the dire nature of the situation.”  He finally raised a finger.  “However this data pad is encoded and will delete itself without receiving her access code in 24 hours.  She says she needs our help and if we refuse to help that none of his testimony will matter.”

Neimon was silent and exchanged a glance with Harrison who nodded broadly.  “She really offered to waive her bounty for Marshall and the Sedition?”  Neimon asked.

“Yes! As she put it “money won’t matter if we all die” Admiral.”  Chen said plainly.

Neimon looked back to Harrison who looked like he wanted to explode with excitement.  He nodded again and Neimon tilted her head sideways.  “I’ll have to clear it with command, but Saskia does come with a highly respected record…I think they’ll listen.”

Both Harrison and Chen sighed in relief and Harrison slapped Chen on the shoulder.  “Thank you ma’am.”  Chen said.

She nodded “In the meantime, Captain, prepare the fleet to move out!”

“Yes Ma’am!”  Harrison barked, before rushing to issue orders.

Neimon turned to Chen.  “Cheif, take the coms station, let your friends know we are in!”

“Yes ma’am!”  He said, feeling hope for the first time since Aropos fell.

“Oh and Chen…”  Neimon called.  He stopped and looked at her.   “Please accept and express the Union’s personal gratitude to you and your colleagues.”

He smiled.  “Yes ma’am!”


Gallant Medical Bay

August 12th 2627 C.E.

Rachel was smiling in the mirror as she was once again restored to her normal age.  This time Alice had assured her that the procedure would remain stable.  Rachel appreciated this, but given what was about to happen she wondered if any of them would be safe.  The fleet had agreed and they were en route to what may be their final battle.  However while she was happy to be back, Fiona and Saskia were even happier.  Both of them were on either side of either side of her checking out their restored bodies and grinning widely.  However Rachel was grimacing as both of them were completely nude…  Saskia was squeezing her breasts with her open palms and chuckling to herself while Fiona had her ass facing the mirror and was slapping her cheeks to make them bounce.

“I must say it is a very invigorating feeling to grow up in a matter of seconds!”  Saskia said, crossing her arms confidently in front of the mirror. 

Fiona was laughing with a husky tone as she stared at Saskia’s rear, her cheeks red with excitement.  “I like your body being back to normal too!”

Saskia smiled, but waved a finger to bring Fiona’s face back up to her own.  “Tsk, tsk!  My face is up here and unfortunately for you, I am married.”

Fiona sighed with a defeated huff.  “All the buffets are closed…”

Rachel leaned down and gave her a patronizing kiss on her forehead before tossing a towel into her face.  “Get dressed Fiona!  That’s an order.”  Rachel laughed as she said the words.

Fiona frowned at first, but the smiled.  “You used my name…”

Rachel furrowed her brow.  “I've used it a few times already.  You didn’t notice?”

“Yeah, it just seemed natural this time.”  Fiona said, before she hugged Rachel.  “Thanks.”

Rachel laughed nervously as her junior officer hugged her nude.  “O-Okay!  Get dressed now alright?”

Fiona stood and saluted, her small but attractive body bouncing with the gesture.  “Yes sir!”  She then ran naked out of the med-lab.

Saskia was now wearing a pair of boxers and pulling a tank top on over her head.  “I like that one.”  She said with a grin.  “She goes for what she wants.” 

“I guess so…”  Rachel said, before looking back to Saskia.  “So… You’re married?”  Rachel asked, smiling a bit.

“Yes… to several people on different worlds.”  Saskia said, frowning at her blonde hair in the mirror.  “Hmm… Needs to be pink!”  She hissed, before shrugging.

“How does that work?”  Rachel asked with a grin.

“Well you just dye it pink with a pigment imprinter.”  Saskia said.

“No… no I meant how does…”  Rachel started.

“I know what you meant.”  Saskia said, grinning.  “Let’s go see if the doctors have restored Miss Bhatti yet.”  Rachel grunted a laugh and followed her enigmatic mercenary back into the lab.

Alice and Tara were standing at the terminal for the device as Alice calibrated the machine.  She was still working out the bugs and was learning how to properly alter time.  Earlier she had turned Rachel into a teen and then couldn’t make the device work for an hour, while Saskia had spent about twenty minutes as a sixty year old woman.  However she seemed to have gotten the hang of it and while she finished restoring the crew that she could, Lorraine was working with a group of technicians to configure the ships emitter to use the same frequency.  When they entered Tara’s face paled and she stepped behind Alice.  Rachel glanced at her but then looked to Alice.

“Well, how is it going?”  She asked.

“Good.  We’re just about to restore Miss Bhatti.”  Alice said, her eyes moving from Rachel to Tara. “Ah!  Here she is!”  Alice chimed as Radha entered the room.  Radha was wearing her transparent gown, allowing the outline of her tiny body to appear underneath it as she hopped up onto the emitter table.

Radha was frowning.  “I ate that terrible paste, so can we please get this over with before my stomach sends me to the bathroom!?”  Radha said, holding her belly.

“We’ll start right now.”  Alice said as she was working the controls.

Radha gave Rachel a quick glance before sticking her tongue out at her.  Rachel sighed.  “I don’t think she’ll ever get along with me.”  She muttered so Saskia could hear.

Saskia smirked.  “She is a stubborn woman, but actually quite noble when she is forced to be.”

Rachel shook her head.  “I guess…”

Saskia frowned.  “What she did to you was wrong.”

Rachel snorted.  “I got her back… but I do feel a bit guilty about it.”

Saskia laughed “Don’t.  I know she doesn’t feel guilty about what she did.”  Saskia gave an exasperated sigh.  “My love never feels regret unless it hits her in the face.”

Rachel grinned as the emitter began to power up.  “Your “love” you said?”

Saskia nodded.  “I said I was married didn’t I?”  With that Saskia walked up to the console as the device was about to start.  She leaned down and pointed to the controls.  “Doctor, could you humor me?”

Alice looked at what Saskia was pointing too and a look of confusion came over her face.  “You want to…?”

Saskia nodded.  “Yes I do!  If you would please indulge me?”

Alice was about to protest when Radha suddenly spoke up in her petulant voice.  “Could we stop wasting time please doctor?  I am tired of waiting on you “so-called” geniuses you to fix me!”


Alice frowned at Saskia who shrugged.  “By all means, go right ahead.”  She gestured to the controls. 

Saskia adjusted them and began to grin.  Radha noticed this and suddenly looked concerned.  “Saskia… what are you doing?”  She squeaked before she suddenly began to vibrate and gasp with the emitter turning on.

Saskia chuckled.  “I’m just punishing my love for her misbehavior earlier.”

Radha looked down at her body as the vibrations became less intense and she could feel the fabric shifting around her.  She was not actually getting older, but was in fact now growing younger.  Her body was sinking inward as her limbs grew shorter and shorter.  She began to fuss and kick as the garment was now swallowing her like an amoeba did its food.  She wailed as her hair started to get shorter and her belly started to stick out.  Her four year old face darted up and she gasped. 

“Saskia, pwees don’t!”  She wailed.

Saskia shook her head.  “I explicitly asked you not to be a competitive ass before we took our guests on board and you promised me you would behave!”

Radha was now barely able to peek out the top of her garment.  “Saskeeuh!  This es embarusseeing!”  She whined as she continued slipping backwards.

“You broke your promise, so you get to be embarrassed.”  Saskia scolded.  “I think this will keep you in line next time!”

With an angry huff the little Indian girl crossed her arms and pouted.  “No fawr!”

Rachel was amazed to see that the Indian goddess was now becoming quite possibly one of the sweetest baby girls she had ever seen.  Her little arms and legs grew shorter but not fatter, while her little legs shifted inward towards her groin.  Her face became small and round, but still maintained her skinny shape.  Her big green eyes were perfect and her hair was still a shimmering black tone.  Finally as Saskia shut off the device, the transparent garment fell away revealing that Radha had become an adorable baby, no more than a year old.  She had an indignant expression on her face as she sat naked on her garments.

Rachel tried to suppress a snicker while Saskia smiled and walked to the baby.  She bent down and kissed baby Radha on the forehead before taking a few pictures with a small device.  Baby Radha looked like she wanted to throw a tantrum, but when Saskia smiled at her the tiny baby girl could not help but smile back at her lover.  They were in fact so much closer than Rachel could ever have known and loved each other enough that either would give their life in an instant if the other was in danger.  Seeing them up close, Alice looked to Tara and squeezed her hand.  Tara smiled back returning he squeeze.

“I do so love you.”  Saskia whispered in Radha’s ear.  Baby Radha made a cute noise like a happy squeal, before Saskia turned back to Alice.  “She’s learned her lesson!  Now please if you would doctor, bring my sexy Hindu goddess back to me.”  Saskia stepped aside.

“My pleasure.”  Alice said. 

She activated the machine and Radha began to bloom back towards maturity.  In seconds she went from a tiny baby, back to the skinny girl she had been seconds before.  Now she was shooting towards maturity and she threw herself back on the table.  Her legs grew downward, ripples of muscle and fat causing them to grow thicker as she grew upwards.  Her round stomach began to flatten like it was dough under a roller, until it began to sink back into the shape of toned abdominal muscles like the same dough rising in a hot oven.  Her arms stretched out above her head as she moved them as if dancing, each one lengthening and becoming graceful and smooth like the necks of swans before their muscles regrew as well.  Her breasts bloomed outward in heavy suddenly rushes as her natural growth spurts were repeated once again until they were huge and heavy once more. 

Saskia actually turned red and looked overwhelmed to see her lover grow back.

“Saskia!”  Radha said with a gasp of exhilaration.  “My arm!  It’s staying!  It’s staying with me!”  She said as tears flowed down her olive colored skin.

“I can see.”  Saskia said happily.  “It’s prettier than the other one even.”

Feeling her mature arm Radha could only laugh.  “They look exactly the same!”

Her hair spilled down like a silk draping covering her shoulders, then rolling down over her exposed breasts which were still bouncing with her heaving breasts. She gasped and wrapped herself in her hair, blushing as it suddenly bloomed between her legs right in front of Rachel.  She covered it up and chuckled, to which Rachel waved her hand to imply it was okay.  Finally Radha’s large round hips reappeared above what Rachel had to conclude was probably a perfect ass, each cheek bouncing slight as it came back.  Finally the device powered down, just as Radha’s hair reached down to her calves.  She laughed and dove naked from the table into Saskia’s arms.  Even though Saskia was shorter than her, Saskia still dipped Radha back and kissed her on the lips.

“I missed you.”  Saskia whispered.

“I know.”  Radha said with a big grin.

Suddenly Saskia gave her a glance, to which Radha nodded as if given an order.  Radha stood and looked to Rachel.  “Commander… please forgive me for my actions I…”

Rachel raised a hand.  “Forgiven.”  She smiled and Radha suddenly smiled back, appreciating Rachel not drawing this out.  Rachel just grinned.  “Besides, I got a picture of the merciless bounty hunter Radha Bhatti as a baby so I feel pretty satisfied.

Radha frowned, her hair still covering her breasts and threw her fists downwards.  “Why you…”

Saskia hissed through her teeth.  “Radha!  We are all friends now!”

Radha suddenly withered, nodding with a frown.  “Yes, love.” 

Alice stepped in and cleared her throat.  “EHEM… we actually need the machine for some tests.  We are going to try restoring one of the babies now.  So could everyone please clear out?”

“Ah yes of course doctor!”  Saskia smiled.  “If you will excuse me, I need to get dressed…”  She then looked at Radha and smirked.  “Why don’t you not get dressed?”  Radha blushed, looking surprised.  “I believe your current attire would improve morale on the ship yes?”

Radha gasped and slapped Saskia on the ass, as the captain jogged from the room laughing.  As she passed Rachel she grinned.  “Who do you think is painted in a naked state on the hull of my ship?”

Before Rachel could laugh at this, Radha growled loudly.  “Saskia!  Get dressed!”

Saskia left the room smiling.  Rachel offered Radha her transparent garment to which Radha smiled and nodded.  “Thanks.  I guess we're even?”

"Yeah."  Rachel smiled and extended a hand.  "Lets get ready!  We have a big day tomorrow!"  Radha nodded at that and shook Rachel's outstretched hand. 'Besides... we can hate each other again later when we save the universe."

They both nodded at this thought.


Later that evening several figures stole into the Dervish quietly, careful to avoid security. Maggi and Vivian were sitting on the bridge as Lorraine, who was still a cute tiny little doctor entered the bridge.  She muttered as she saw them sitting there, and she looked more tired than she had in her late forties.

“So what’s up?” She asked. 

Vivian and Maggi shrugged.  “Not sure.  Olga just said not to be followed.”

Lorraine sighed.  “Why the hell would Olga want to see us in private like this?”

“Because we need to talk about ending this…”  Olga entered and the room fell silent.  Instead of a small teen with blonde hair in a military cut, a tall woman in her mid-twenties now stood before them.  Olga Hurwitz was back to normal and she was stunning.  Wearing only a long t-shirt and shorts, her body was able to show its natural strength.  She was toned and fit like a person who spent most of their life in a gym.  Her face was strong and pointed, her bones giving her a chiseled visage.  Her hips were wide and her breasts modest, allowing her to look amazingly beautiful without sacrificing her strength.

“Wow!  I forgot how beautiful you were!”  Lorraine whistled.

“Never mind.  We have to talk!”  She looked around from person to person.  “They are making a mistake!  I looked at the data and they would never be able to punch through the crust of that world with all four Q.I.B.s from the Stalker.  They are too low a yield.”  Maggi and Vivian exchanged a glance, unsure of that, but Lorraine’s face darkened.  “You already knew that didn’t you?”  Olga asked.

“Yeah… I figured the same thing…”  Lorraine said.  “But we gotta try something!  It’s the only way!”

“Not quite!  Remember how Alice said it would shake off the crust when activated?”  Lorraine nodded.  “Then she said that it would still take time to charge even if activated?”  Olga asked.

Lorraine nodded again clearly frustrated.  “Yeah, at least an hour and thirty six minutes.  Why?”

Olga looked to Lorraine.  “So… if we could activate it, it would have to expose itself to the fleet?”

Lorraine gave her a quizzical look.  “Yes… I suppose but how do you propose we do that?”

“Let me go to her.”  Maggi suddenly said.

“WHAT?”  Vivian jumped up in shock, standing by her side.

Maggi waved her back.  “If she has me, she’ll activate the hub and expose it!”

Lorraine was surprised and turned to face her while.  “That boy on the ship said that would be very bad thing!  That sounds terribly stupid!”   

“Actually I think she’s right and that’s what I was thinking.”  Olga added.  Now everyone was looking at her.  “Maggi and I were talking about this last night, although we were hoping to use Maggi as a distraction.  However now we need to get through the crust to the hub.  The only way is if they open it on their own.  That doesn’t leave us lots of options.”

Lorraine shook her head.  “No!  This is dumb as hell!”

Vivian nodded.  “Lorraine is right!  This would mean giving her what she wants.”  She looked to Maggi with tears in her eyes.  “You can’t give yourself to her!  I won’t let you!”

Maggi embraced her and looked into her eyes.  “It might be the only way…”

“No!  This is idiotic!”  Lorraine growled.  “We’d be giving her the power to unravel time!  There are too many variables!”

Olga shrugged.  “Unless you have a plan to both get through the crust of OR-98-16 and keep the lady busy from zapping us into fetuses, then I think it’s our best bet.”

“I agree!  We need to keep her busy while the fleet gets into position!”  Maggi said sternly.

Olga growled.  “Not to mention we have an entire fleet of warships that have converted to follow the lady.  We have to get through them first!”

Everyone was silent for what felt like an eternity as the reality of the situation sank in.  Olga looked to everyone.  “We started this… back when we boarded the Black Moon we set this in motion.  Now we have to end it and that means we have to make sure their plan works.”  She held them all in her gaze.

Vivian finally spoke.  “Alright… I think she’s right…”  Lorraine looked to her disapprovingly but said nothing.  “I don’t want to lose you Maggi!  So I’m going too!”

Olga turned to her.  “We’ll go together!  We’ll use the Dervish to sneak past the fleet.  Then we land and make the entire thing look like we were coming to kill the lady on our own.  She gets her hands on Maggi, activates the system and we keep her busy while the fleet gets into position.”  She looked to Lorraine.  “Alice will still be here to get the machine ready.  Saskia can guide the fleet into position and fire the emitter once the hub is exposed.”  Lorraine still said nothing.  “It’s the only way.”  Olga finally added.

“What happens to us then?”  Vivian asked.

“Doesn’t matter.”  Olga said coldly.  “This is an end-game and we have to try.  If we die, we die.  As long as the Restoration is stopped, nothing else matters.”  The room was silent a long moment more.

Lorraine stared at her for a long moment before looking to Maggi.  “Are you willing?”  Maggi nodded without hesitation.  “Very well…  We go with Olga’s plan if the vote is unanimous!”  Everyone looked to her.  “All in favor say Aye!”

Maggi nodded.  “Aye!”

Vivian smiled weakly at her lover.  “Aye…”

Olga crossed her arms.  “Aye.”  Lorraine let her shoulders sink and sighed.  “We’re just waiting on you Lorraine.”  Olga added.

Lorraine was about to speak when a new voice suddenly burst into the darkened bridge.  “Aye!”

All eyes darted to the figure that now stood in the doorway.  Gasps and shocked expressions came from everyone.  Only Lorraine seemed to suddenly smile, a grin creeping over her face.  She began to sob slightly and cover her mouth as the others smiled.  The figure crossed her arms, her leather jacket making a mild stretching sound.  “We’re just waiting on you Doc… are you in or out?”

Lorraine stiffened and saluted, wiping tears from her face as she did.  “Aye… Captain Holt.”

To Be Continued…
Restoration Chapter 10
Part 10! 

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By Klatuk4u

Story idea by: Anonymous

The moon was starting to creep up over the hills and tall tree tops as the wind whipped through the warm forest night.  A hot June storm had blown in, replacing the wet storms and rain that had dominated the forest earlier in May.  Now the forest was dry and the tall pine trees creaked in the hot night air.  Near the edge of the forest rose a high domed hill of jutting rock with a smooth cliff face, worn by years of rain and wind.  As the darkness was still heavy in the forest and fields around it, a light came from a cave that was set deep into the jutting rock, nearly half a mile from the passing dirt road.  The cave flickered with orange firelight, but the sound of the crackling bonfire within was drowned out by snarling, growling and gruff angry voices.  A pack was inside the cave… a werewolf pack, deep in a meeting and loud in their discussion.

The pack of werewolves was snarling and arguing in the fire light of the cave they called their den.  It was a place outside of town, which most locals would not dare to enter for fear of rapists and perverts.  At least that was the reputation Melody had crafted for the location.  One of her pack members Allie was the editor of the only newspaper in the town by day, serving the pack well in her position. She made sure to report as many stories of sexual assault and robbery as she could, which were conveniently witnessed by victims who were in fact other members of the pack by day.  So the den was theirs and theirs alone.

Melody was the pack’s leader and stood at the center, her body beautiful and sensual but covered in thick black fur.  Her eyes were intense gold and her teeth shone like polished metal in the firelight.  It had been a month since she and all but one of her pack had been transformed into helpless infants by a powerful vampire Countess.  However they had been restored thanks to a clever member of the team that Melody’s best hunter Jade had instructed to stay hidden.  Thanks to this hidden agent, the pack was restored and had spent the last month hunting down the Countess and her minions.  Only the Countess remained now and Melody hungered for revenge.

Melody was listening to the arguments and various plans, carefully taking in what each pack member had to say.  The Countess had remained elusive, even as all of her vampires had been hunted down by the pack.  However earlier that day Clover, one of the younger team mates had heard a human hunter talking in the forest about a strange find deep in the woods.  He claimed he had stumbled on a beautiful woman sleeping in a shaded tent by an odd pond he had not remembered.  The woman was friendly but asked him to leave her alone.  Being from the country he had respected that, but had noticed that the woman’s tent was surrounded by boxes of bullets that looked like they were made of silver.  He had inquired what this meant, but a strange hiss from the woman had frightened him into retreating.

This had to be her…  Melody could feel it. 

“So when are we going to stop arguing about this and go!?” snarled Clover.  She was still infuriated about her humiliation last month and was eager to pay back the Countess.  “Every second that we stand here yapping about this gives the Countess a chance to escape!  I say we run her down and rip her heart out!”  A chorus of snarls and howls rose in agreement from the others in the pack who waved their arms in support.

Jade stepped forward, her body smaller than many here, but also more human in its proportions.  Her deep blue eyes shimmered in the firelight and her gray fur made her look spectral in the flames.  “Hang on!  All of you listen!”  She held her hands up and the raucous conversations died down. She spoke loudly and forcefully, knowing she would need to in order to be taken seriously.  She was not as big or feral as many of the pack and despite her skill as a fighter she was often ignored for being too cool headed. “This feels wrong!  Something about this feels… foolish on the Countess’ part!  Why would she camp out where people hunt?”

The crowd seemed to listen but already some heads were shaking as if doing so was a waste of time.  Pushing past this, she continued.  “For her to be as powerful as she is, she would have to be centuries old!  She has survived hundreds of battles and remained hidden among human society for what?  So she could camp out in a forest clearing?  So she could hide in a tent?  Doesn’t this bother any of you?”  She looked to Melody as she said this, hoping to see she was reaching her, but the pack Alpha was unreadable.

Clover jumped forward and interrupted.  “Come on Jade!  It’s obvious that she’s desperate!”  She turned her strong body towards the pack and threw her arms out wide.  She had brown fur on her back and soft white fur on her belly.  Her hands and feet were larger than many there, ferocious and bestial.  However her body was lean and muscular with a youthful feminine shape.  She bared her teeth at the others, hoping to excite them.  “We spent the last month hunting every single vampire in the area and now they are shredded meat!  She has nowhere else to turn and has to hide out!”  Several cheers and roars rose up in agreement.

Jade was annoyed by Clover’s disrespectful interruption and made no attempt to hide it.  “This is exactly why you were turned into a cub Clover and you obviously didn’t learn anything!” 

Clover growled and hunched low.  “What did you say!?  Did you say I deserved it?”

“Yes you deserved it!”  Jade snapped, baring her own fangs.  “You ran blindly into a trap and were turned into a whimpering infant because you disregarded your elders, Young pup!”

Cover growled loudly and several others joined her.  “I’ll rip you apart old dog if you say that again!”

“Oh grow up for the third time!”  Jade yelled.  “That Countess is setting you up, again!  All this garbage about silver bullets in boxes!  She could turn three werewolves into cubs with a flick of her magic.  Why would she need silver bullets?  This feels like a trap!  I can’t be the only one who sees this!”

Clover laughed.  “You’re just scared because she diapered you too!”  Clover spit at the ground.  “Why don’t you just hide here and let the real wolves do the hunting!?”

Clover hissed through her teeth.  “Insolent cub!”

“Old mutt!”  Clover barked.

“ENOUGH!” roared Melody, instantly causing the room to fall silent.   “We got a chance to get revenge and we’re taking it!  This Countess dies tonight and that’s the end of it!”  Jade gasped as the rest of the room cheered and began to howl with excitement.  

Jade reached out for Melody.  “Melody please!”  She entreated.

Melody shook her head.  “Enough Jade!  We’re doing this!”

“Melody I…”  Jade started.

A cold glare from Melody’s golden eyes and a deep growl caused Jade to stop mid-sentence.  Melody held Jade in her gaze for a long painful moment as the rest of the pack fell silent, stunned by Melody’s anger.

Melody’s voice was low and deep like a distant thunder “Jade… I am the Alpha.  What I say goes and I say we are killing this vampire filth now.  You WILL obey me, understood!?”

Jade wanted to protest.  She wanted to warn her pack leader and old friend that her anger was getting the better of her.  That revenge was clouding her judgment.  However in that instant she knew that the wrong answer would result in a painful reminder of Melody’s leadership.  Or perhaps even a punishment that would leave her dead…”

Jade sunk back, retreating from Melody’s imposing form and nodding.  “Understood.”

Melody nodded.  “Then let’s go hunting!”  She announced before stomping out the cave.  The rest of the pack followed her out as Jade just stood there trembling in range and frustration.  As she walked past, Clover stopped and gave her a glance.

“You need to get with the pack, or get out Jade!  We don’t have room for weakness.”  Clover gave a low grunting chuckle and stomped out, leaving Jade trembling where she stood.

Jade clenched her fists and bared her teeth.  “Ok, vampire filth…”  She growled.  “You might fool them, but you won’t trick me this time.”  She turned to face the cave entrance and stared out at the rising moon.  “This time, you won’t get away…”


It took little less than an hour for Haze, the pack’s young tracker to follow the trail of the hunter who had stumbled on the Countess.  Haze was a beautiful woman and her beauty was still present as a werewolf.  Her body was muscled and she was covered with a thin soft brown fur.  She had a sharper face than Melody and Clover and looked almost foxlike, save her large canine fangs.  She followed the scent of beer, gunpowder and sweat that had coated the hunter to tack his path. 

Now the pack of twenty werewolves had found the campsite and were slowly surrounding it.  Melody gestured for two of the werewolves who were good climbers to move up into the trees and keep an eye out from above.  Most likely the Countess was out and the plan was to wait for her return just before sunrise.  That way the pack could ambush her and leave when the sun came up.  Unlike a vampire, who would die in the sunlight, the pack would simply revert to their human forms, able to walk home without drawing any attention.  All were silent as they drew in close.

The camp was situated in a clearing within a small copse of trees, with a deep pool nearby and a single orange and gray tent near the water.  Several boxes were stacked up nearby and every werewolf there could smell the silver, a powerful stinging odor to their kind in the cool night air.  Melody leaned to Clover and gestured for her to follow her in.   She then gestured with her chin for Haze to stay back and wait for any attempt by the vampire to flee.  She glanced over to have Jade take up her position from the other side, but did not see her.  Melody shook her head at this as Jade was such a good hunter, she often eluded the pack.  Wherever Jade was hiding, Melody hoped she would be following the usual hunting plan, or she was going to remind Jade who was in charge when they were finished here.

Melody craned her head and her ears twitched as she listened to the campsite for any sign of motion or life.  For a moment she heard nothing.  Then suddenly she heard a grunting hiss of anger from inside the tent.  She could see a shape moving and her sensitive ears picked out a voice grumbling inside.

“Those cursed dogs!  Reducing me to this!”  The Countess’ familiar voice cursed in the tent.  “When those fool hunters arrive tomorrow, I’ll show them all!  They’ll pay for killing my coven!”

Melody smiled, realizing she had the vampire bitch right where she wanted her.  She gave a nod to Clover and started to approach on all fours towards the camp.  Clover stayed close behind her, neither of them making any sound as they moved.  Werewolves could move very quietly when they wanted to, naturally knowing to move with the swaying of grass, or staying downwind from their prey.  So it was that Melody was able to get nearly six feet from the tent without even rustling the grass.  She hunkered down low to the ground, pressed her ears flat to her head and bared her teeth. 

The sound of the Countess suddenly stopped.  “What was that?” The haughty elegant voice asked aloud and the shadow in the tent ceased moving.

With a barely audible exhale of air, Melody dove atop the tent, her long claws sinking into it and her powerful body smashing it down.  She crushed whatever was inside and began to rake it with her claws and tear at it loudly with her teeth.  As she snarled and shook the object within the tent she felt Clover grab the other side and start to shred it as well.  Soon pieces of the tent were flying into the air and scattering about the clearing.  Pieces of a sleeping bag, a few books shredded to confetti and a pillow exploded and flew out.  However neither Clover nor Melody could feel any flesh in their claws or teeth.  There was nothing alive or undead in the tent and both werewolves slowly stopped shredding it as confusion took over.

Clover spit a fragment of a torn pillow from her mouth and growled.  “What the hell!  Where is she?”

Melody started glancing around quickly, her voice becoming a guttural roar.  “She’s here still… I can smell her… this was a trap after all.”  She bared her teeth and snapped her jaws in frustration.

A familiar explosion of rich laughter peeled out over the clearing and all the werewolves ducked low, growling and baring their teeth.  The laughter seemed everywhere and nowhere at once.  Melody held her arms out and barked loudly to get her packs attention. 

“Stay calm!  She’s still here and she’s outnumbered.  We can still kill her!”  Melody commanded.

The laughter grew more intense.  “What an adorable pack of puppies!  All of you lost in the woods?  Did you come here to kill me baby wolf cubs?”

“Laugh all you want!”  Clover barked, her lips curled up to show her fangs.  “There are twenty of us and one of you!”

Melody began to pace back and forth, sniffing the air.  As the others saw her they began to follow her as a pack would, coordinating their movements to surround whatever their Alpha was hunting.  “You can’t escape this time… and you’re going to suffer for humiliating us last time.”  Melody drew closer to the laughing voice and her pack began to move ahead, surrounding the voice.

The laughter seemed to fade into an amused moan.  “Oh, little wolfies…  What if I just make you all babies again?  Wouldn’t that be fun?”

Now Melody was sure the Countess was either in the water or hovering over it, clouded by her power to create shadows.  The pack surrounded the pond and the two werewolves in the trees climbed closer. 

“Not this time.  We have you trapped like the filth you are!”  Melody growled.

“Do you like my pond?  I made it just for your pack!”  The Countess said, as Melody was almost sure she could see the shadow of the Countess floating over it.   “I enchanted the entire pond with my magic.  Do you know what that did to it?”  Melody and all the werewolves crouched ready to pounce, ready to take revenge.  The Countess laughed again.  “It transformed it into a VERY potent fountain of youth!”  Melody and the others froze, considering suddenly what they were about to dive into.  The woman exploded with deep laughter again.  “Here!  Have a drink!”

The water suddenly rippled, before a thick strand rose up like a snake, lifted by dark shadows and shot towards Melody.  She gasped in surprise, which was a mistake as it left her mouth wide open.  The water snaked shot into her mouth and began to force its way down her throat.  Before Melody could react she was chugging huge mouthfuls of the water into her throat and she began to shrink swiftly as her belly filled with the cool liquid.

The pack watched in shock as Melody’s eyes darted back and forth in desperation to stop what was happening to her.  She began to grow smaller and smaller, her muscles fading and smoothing out.  Soon her body was like her human form, sensual and thin with round bouncing breasts and a large butt.  Her tail began to shorten as did her long snout, her ears shrinking and slipping back down the side of her head as she returned to being human.  Her large breasts were bouncing but with each bounce they became smaller and less round.  Her hair began to thin as she became a thin teenager with a skinny butt and lanky limbs.  She wanted desperately to stop drinking, but she couldn’t and her little stomach began to bulge slightly as she shrank.  Soon she was a tiny girl, sobbing as her hair was gone and her body was becoming a toddler’s with each passing second.  In seconds she collapsed onto her belly as a small white diaper began to form around her naked bottom and the water ceased.  She began to wail, her human body now so small and helpless she couldn’t even crawl.

The laughter from the Countess erupted like thunder as the pack stared in horror at their Alpha, wailing and sobbing as a pink baby on the ground.  “You’re all up next!”  The Countess roared and suddenly the water exploded into motion.  A tendril of water shot out towards each werewolf, even the ones in the trees like an octopus of living water.  Each tendril struck like lightening and began to slip forcefully into the lips of a werewolf.  Some tried to retreat and others tried to slap the water away, but the tendrils were too quick.  In seconds each werewolf was being force fed the enchanted water.  The clearing had been filled with growls and snarls of shock, but now was filled with the loud chugging of water and moaning of shrinking werewolves.

Clover was standing her head craned out and her throat swallowing bulge after bulge with a loud “glorping” sound.  Something about the magic in the water was like being nursed again as a baby and she could not stop herself from swallowing it, even knowing it would condemn her to infancy.  She was the youngest of the pack and the world seemed to grow quickly around her.  Her hips narrowed inward as her pert breasts deflated like water balloons.  Her butt swayed back and forth as her tail sucked up into them and her shapely ass flattened upwards as well.  She looked at her huge paws as the hair and claws vanished, replaced with soft skin and skinny fingers.  She moaned in humiliation and dropped down as her age slipped away like lightening.  Soon she was a toddler in her baggy tattered clothes, which were already shifting to form a small baby swimsuit with a big grinning wolf on her butt.  She began to whine loudly as she finally lost her hair and was returned to being a tiny human baby girl.  Once the water stopped her little tummy gurgled and she began to cry even louder than Melody was, her pack following her regression all around her.

“How sad!  You all walked right into this!”  The Countess crowed.  “You must all secretly want to be babies!”

That was not so far off for one of the pack…  Nearby Haze was actually leaning into the water, her face almost showing excitement.  She had been Jade’s secret weapon against the vampire’s and had rescued the pack from their infancy.  However she had become curious about what it had felt like to be regressed, almost to the point of obsession.  She could not control what was happening and decided to enjoy this feeling.  If she had to go, she was almost aroused to go this way and greedily drank.  She had a strong but slim body which began to lose height and hair immediately.  She felt her long bushy tail bristles with goosebumps as it shrank back up into her rear, exposing her now dwindling and skinny butt.  She grabbed her breasts and could feel them getting softer, losing their firmness, before slipping back inside her chest.  Her werewolf features, her snout, teeth, paws and claws were stripped from her, leaving her a tiny but attractive teenager.  She relished every moment of this even as she began to drop lower and lower, becoming first a child, then a toddler.  The world spun around her, rising higher up above her head, until she fell back onto her tiny human butt.  The water ceased as she began to spit and burble in baby talk.  She had a cute tiny body, her hair was curly and brown and her eyes were a soft hazel color.  The water was wrapping around her body and soon she was being clothed in a pink onesie, with little paw prints all over it.  She laughed and began to roll onto her back, sucking her thumb.

“I think she liked that!”  The Countess boomed as she descended from the shadows above the trees.  “Drink up my sweet little puppies!  Drink up!”  She encouraged.

Around the clearing each werewolf in turn was being transformed by the water, leaving them younger and younger.  Hair began to vanish as sharp teeth were replaced with small human teeth, before even those began disappearing into the gums as even baby teeth began to vanish.  Muscles lost their tone, skin tightened and squeezed soft flesh into skinny and scrawny limbs as claws became human nails.  Round breasts shrank into flat chests.  Wide hips became straight, while curvy thighs and heart shaped asses became flat and chubby.  One by one each werewolf collapsed into infancy, wailing, crying or sometimes just burbling in baby talk.  The water wrapped around each of them and swiftly transformed into diapers, onesies and cute baby bonnets.  In a matter of a minute the entire pack were now helpless infants and the clearing erupted into infantile sobbing.

The Countess floated down smiling at her defeated enemies.  She was amazing in her beauty, frozen and pale by her vampire power.  She had wide hips that flowed down into long supple legs wrapped in dark leggings.  Her breasts pressed out from her leotard like garments, which was deliberately cut to reveal her naval, her back and her the middle of her large cleavage.  She wore long form fitting gloves that made her hands look like they were perfectly carved onyx.  Her hair was a long silver braid that nearly reached her round ass, which was barely concealed behind the thin wrappings of her leotard.  She had full lips and her face was youthful, frozen in the state she had been when she had become a vampire.

She began to chuckle and with a wave of her hand all of the crying and babbling infants floated towards her and were set down into the grass. 

“Well let’s see… you killed all nine of my coven.”  She said sternly.  “So now I’ll just have to turn all twenty of you into little vampires!”  She began to laugh again, but something suddenly was bothering her.  She began to count and realized she only had nineteen babies in front of her.  She wrinkled her nose and counted again.

“Did I miss one of you in the grass?”  She laughed.  She began to look, but saw no baby crawling away or lying obscured by brush.  “I was sure there were…”

She heard a strange hissing sound and something suddenly slapped her neck hard, wrapping tightly around it with a snap!  It was a bola snare and the impact of the weights struck her so hard she fell down onto the ground coughing loudly as she ripped the bola from her neck and tossed it aside.

“By the lake of fire!  Who-!?”  She cursed.

Jade shot from the shadows to her right and bit the shocked Countess directly on the neck, letting her teeth sink in and the werewolf curse that afflicted her flow into the Countess’ body.  The Countess screamed and stumbled back as Jade released her.  She had not even heard Jade approaching, not even sensed her.  She was stunned, her eyes wide with disbelief as new sensations flooded her body. It was the sensations of pain, heat and for the first time in centuries, fear.

“YOU!”  She hissed as she stumbled backwards.  “You from before!”

Jade stood erect glaring at the retreating vampire.  “Yes, I’m glad you remembered me.  The pretty little one you wanted to keep!”

“You bit me!”  The Countess cried, horrified.  “You bit me with your mangy curse!”

“That’s right; I took away your immortality!  With the full moon out, you’re becoming a werewolf!”  Jade announced, but she began to stomp towards the Countess.  “But that’s not all I’m going to do to you!”

The Countess could feel the curse beginning to overwhelm her.  “Stay… stay back!”  Jade suddenly grabbed her wrists and began to drag her towards the pond.  ‘Wha-what are you doing!”  She screamed in horror.

“Now that you’re becoming a werewolf, your little magic spell will work on you too!”  She grabbed a fistful of the vampire’s hair and aimed her head towards the water.

The Countess gasped and tried to struggle free, but with her body in a state of transformation she could not break Jade’s grip.  “NO!  Stop, please I-“

“Don’t worry!  You’ll make a great edition to the pack…”  She thrust the vampire’s head down into the cool water with an angry shove.  “…when you get out of diapers again bitch!”

The Countess gagged and kicked, flailing her arms and legs with a frantic energy.  She was holding her breath, trying not to drink any of the water in, pinching her mouth shut tightly.  As she kicked and squirmed her body bounced her chest and rear barely covered by her garments began to become exposed as her struggle made them slide loose.  She tried as hard as she could to keep her mouth closed and she almost believed she could hold out.

“Oh no you don’t!”  Jade barked. 

With a huge open paw she slapped the Countess on both of her ass cheeks so hard the slap startled several of the baby werewolves.  The Countess felt a warm wash of pleasure run up through her as she actually enjoyed being spanked.  In one moment of pleasure and horror the countess let a moan escaped her mouth and the water flowed in.  She gasped and tried to spit it out, but the same curse that compelled the werewolves to gulp greedily now took control of her.  She began to gorge herself on the cool water, even as she knew what would follow.  She realized in that instant that this would be the last time she felt her body aroused like this for decades as soon she would become a helpless infant.

Jade threw her on the bank and then sat back to watch as the Countess began to transform.  At first she just sat there, spitting and coughing as the water ran down her sensual body.  Suddenly she began to shiver and cover her body with her arms.

“I-I feel cold!  Why am I so cold?”  She asked, still spitting water from her face.

Jade sneered at her as she inspected the rest of the pack, making sure they were all ok.  “Yeah your time magic is real cold.  It felt like ice water when you bit me last time, so I hope you enjoy it!”  She smiled at baby Haze who playfully grabbed her snout and gave her a hug.

The Countess continued to shiver sharply until she noticed that the shivering was slowly causing her tight fitting leggings, gloves and leotard to slip.  Her clothes were actually shaking loose form her as she trembled. She adjusted them frantically and at first they held where she placed them.  However soon they were slipping down no matter how high she adjusted them and she realized that her body was growing thinner.  She looked down and her fanged mouth gaped in horror as she saw her chest.  Her breasts were slowly pulling in, alternating left and right, and losing centimeters of size with each inward pulse.  Her thighs and hips were also pulsing as they withdrew and the grass beneath her butt was tickling her as if doing the same.  Her arms and legs were also losing their natural firm tone and she felt a wail escape her lips as her fingers were getting smaller before her.

“AH!  No!  NO! You can’t do this to me!”  She cried out as her leotard slipped down revealing her shrinking teenage breasts.  She covered them up and squealed in a positively high tone, very different from her sultry adult voice.

Jade winced, her sensitive werewolf ears folding back as she chuckled.  “Woah!  I’ve heard anime school girls who would be shocked at how high that scream was.”  She mocked.

The Countess was now sinking into her loose garments, which she wrapped around herself like small towels to cover her body.  She was frantically looking about her body, whimpering and sniffling as tears slid down her face for the first time since the industrial revolution.  She was growing positively skinny now.  Her arms and legs looking like she was some kind of track runner at first, but soon her muscle tone was gone leaving her looking like a pale beanpole.  Her breasts sank backwards now steadily and in unison, leaving her as flat as a fence and her face warped in horror at the sight of their disappearance.  Her stomach grew flat and her shoulders began to stick out as her boney fourteen year old body lost its curvy shape.  Even her large rump which had been her best attribute as a teen was now vanishing, sucking in like a balloon when someone breathed the helium out.

She stood and pointed a skinny finger at the werewolf before her, who was starting to grow taller and taller as she shrank.  “You won’t get away with this you…”  She actually struggled for the word.  She knew hundreds of insults and curse words in sixteen languages from all over the world.  However now the best she could come up with was positively juvenile and panic shot through her even as she said it. “…You stupid… dumb… stupid dummy!”  She actually mouthed the words in disbelief, even as she was shrinking down towards being twelve.

Jade laughed.  “What “foul” language!  Better teach you a lesson for being a brat!”  That insult seemed to hurt and the little vampire wailed in shock.  “Bat brat!”  Jade teased.

The vampire began to screech and cry with each insult and began to stomp her feet angrily.  “Stop insulting me!”  Each taunt seemed to almost knock years off of her.

“From a blood sucker to bottle sucker!”  Jade said, poking the girls nose.

Now the Countess was eight, her body thin and puny.  She had a boyish face at this age and her legs were long and scrawny.  She lacked any mature feminine features and could only cry out in vain.

“STOPPIT!!! STOPPIT!!! STOPPIT!!!”  She screeched in a bratty voice.

“You screech like a bat!  Well… maybe a baby bat!”  Jade chuckled, letting her tail brush past the vampire’s nose, causing her to sneeze.

Now she was barely five, her leggings and gloves bunching up around her feet and hands.  Her long hair was now turning back to the strawberry blonde she had as a human and her skin began to turn a pale pink.  Her hair began to curl and shorten, barely reaching her shoulders now.

“I mean it!  Stop Pweees!”  She cried her cheeks now red with tears.

“Stop what?  Treating you like the little snot nosed brat you are?”  Jade said, smirking.

Now she was a tiny three year old girl, her little belly starting to poke forward awkwardly.  Her little legs wobbled and she began to stumble as she tried to keep her tiny body up.  Her face was small and round and her lips were pursed forward truculently.

“Pwees!  I’m ahmost a baby!  Pwees no mo!”  She pleaded, looking with wide eyes up to Jade.

Jade simply smiled back.  “Why my dear Countess… stop being such a baby!”

“Nuooooooooo!”  The Countess whined flailing her arms.

“Best part is that you aren’t just a baby, but also a werewolf!”  Jade finally allowed herself a haughty laugh and the vampire could take no more mocking as she reached infancy.

The transformation finally stopped as the Countess fell down onto her tiny butt and became a nine month old baby.  Her limbs were cute and pudgy, her belly was pink and soft and the cheeks on her face were fuller and pinker than the ones on her bottom.  Her hair was curly but so thin her scalp showed through and she began to mumble baby talk as she sniffed loudly.  As a final indignity her clothing wrapped around her bottom and formed into a small purple diaper with a big brown fruit bat on it, smiling amidst several spots of cartoony looking fruit.  Her mind finally fading, the Countess was gone, replaced with a screaming infant who quickly filled her new diaper.

Jade just laughed and set the crying and smelly baby nearby the others.  Baby Melody was looking at her, a smile on her face.  She almost looked proud as if Jade had won a battle for the pack.  However Jade did not smile back.  She leaned down and spoke softly into Melody’s ear. 

“I warned you… and you ignored me.”  She whispered.  Melody’s face twisted as if surprised.  “So I think since you were tricked and turned into a baby twice now, perhaps we need a new Alpha?”

Baby Melody frowned and almost made a barking sound as she began to throw a small tantrum.  She began to kick her little feet and swat at the other babies nearby.  Jade growled a low growl which shocked Melody a bit as Jade asserted herself.  Baby Melody gasped in shock and her infantile mind got the better of her.  She began to cry loudly in a long loud howl as she realized she was little more than a baby, unable to resist Jade.  She was no longer the Alpha and she exploded into sobs.  Jade just set her down next to the crying vampire as both babies began to suck their thumbs angrily and sob.

“Yeah, you both should get used to crying… because from now on, I’m running this show.  I’m the Alpha.”

Melody and the Countess started to whimper before they exploded into a tantrum.

“But don’t worry girls.  You’ll have plenty of time to grow into the new order of things!”

The End

To Trap a Pack
New Commission!  Sequel to To De-Fang The Pack

Commissioned by anonymous

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to draw attention to one of my favorite artists JitenshaSW  :iconjitenshasw:  Who has been struggling a bit lately.  However it looks like things are starting to look up for her so I do hope she will have better luck!

She has created a really cute comic featuring a couple, wherein one is a human of normal size and the other is a small six inch lady.  A year or two back she actually even had a few statues created of her character Vero and they are really impressive and cute!  I recently purchased one to help her out, and it comes with an adorable (but naughty) comic.  She has a whole store full of comics and goodies, and I would totally recommend checking it out if you are into size TFs.  Any purchases you make help her out considerably as she is only now starting to come out of some rough times.  So take a look if you want, her work is A++++++++++++++++++ (Can I add some more A’s too?)

You can check out her statue too (I had to share because it was really cool, and I don’t even buy these normally).

Vero Statue by klatuk4u

Its really good quality, and the whole story is really cute!  I totally recommend you check out her DA page and her Patreon page!

Ok, back to my own things now!  So I have updated the Restoration story as to what was written already.  I am planning to do parts 10-12 to wrap it up with 12 perhaps being in two parts, then a few small epilogues for some of the characters.  However with school reaching crunch time, some previous projects and a new commission it will be a bit before I can update again.  However I will finish this story (unless I am hit by a bus or a meteor) so hang in there!



United States

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to draw attention to one of my favorite artists JitenshaSW  :iconjitenshasw:  Who has been struggling a bit lately.  However it looks like things are starting to look up for her so I do hope she will have better luck!

She has created a really cute comic featuring a couple, wherein one is a human of normal size and the other is a small six inch lady.  A year or two back she actually even had a few statues created of her character Vero and they are really impressive and cute!  I recently purchased one to help her out, and it comes with an adorable (but naughty) comic.  She has a whole store full of comics and goodies, and I would totally recommend checking it out if you are into size TFs.  Any purchases you make help her out considerably as she is only now starting to come out of some rough times.  So take a look if you want, her work is A++++++++++++++++++ (Can I add some more A’s too?)

You can check out her statue too (I had to share because it was really cool, and I don’t even buy these normally).

Vero Statue by klatuk4u

Its really good quality, and the whole story is really cute!  I totally recommend you check out her DA page and her Patreon page!

Ok, back to my own things now!  So I have updated the Restoration story as to what was written already.  I am planning to do parts 10-12 to wrap it up with 12 perhaps being in two parts, then a few small epilogues for some of the characters.  However with school reaching crunch time, some previous projects and a new commission it will be a bit before I can update again.  However I will finish this story (unless I am hit by a bus or a meteor) so hang in there!

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