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Samus spit water from her mouth, and attempted to shield her eyes from the warm water Elizabeth was pouring over her hair.  After entering her quarters, Elizabeth had run a warm bath for Samus.  When Samus had realized what she had intended to do she had struggled valiantly, but ultimately could not resist.  She had simply turned Samus’ Zero suit upside down, and bounced it like a person trying to get a pillow out of a pillowcase, until Samus plopped into the bath.  She had struggled at first protesting loudly that she did not want to “take a stewpid baff!”  Now that she was in it, the warm water seemed to revive her. It felt good, and washed off much of the Chronotroid slime. 

“I can wawsh mysewf…”  Samus grumbled angrily through bubbles as her mouth was half submerged under the water.

“No, just…let me do it for you sweetie.”  Elizabeth’s voice seemed maternal and slightly protective.  Samus wondered what it was about this woman.  She seemed so protective of her now, and almost as if she was saddened when Samus resisted.

“Ima big girl.”   Samus informed Elizabeth, before she blew more bubbles under the water in frustration.

Elizabeth laughed, and continued to wash the little bounty Hunter.  “I know you were.  However, for now you’re not and I want to make sure you are nice and clean.”  She poured more water over Samus’ head and the little blonde bounty hunter grit her teeth.  Then Samus suddenly yelped, and began rubbing her eyes.

“OH!  Are you alright Samus?”  Elisabeth asked, grabbing a towel and washing the water from Samus’ face.  “I didn’t mean to get any in your eyes! Please don’t be upset.  I’m so sorry!”  Her concern bordered on panic and it surprised Samus more than getting soap in her eye.  Elizabeth looked at her frowning.  “Are you o.k.?”

Samus nodded with the enthusiasm that only a child could muster and blinked her big blue eyes to clear them.  “Ima fine.”  She grumbled.  When she stopped blinking, she saw that Elizabeth once again had the look on her face that showed she was in awe of how cute Samus was.

“Can I get owt now pwease?”  Samus muttered, trying not to look any cuter to her confusing captor.

“Just a little more, o.k.?”  Came Elizabeth’s soft reply.

Samus could not tell what it was, but even before she had been swallowed, something about Elizabeth seemed odd, perhaps innocent, despite her having killed those federation officers.  It was like something in her head was crossed, or wired intentionally.  Perhaps if she played along, she could figure out what was going on with her.  Frowning, Samus nodded again, and continued getting washed.


“NUH UH!  I’m not gunna do it!”  Samus proclaimed.  She stood in Elizabeth’s room, wrapped in the towel, which on her was like a ball gown.  Her arms were crossed and she wore an angry expression.  Before her, Elizabeth had pulled some clothes out for the pint sized little hunter to wear and they were anything but acceptable to Samus.  They consisted of a tiny pair of pink ruffled panties, a short blue dress with a little chibi Metroids pattern on the skirt and little shiny blue shoes shaped to look like her power armor’s boots.  Also Elizabeth had in her preparations prepared a little “S” logo on a band to put Samus’ hair up into her trade mark ponytail.  Samus shook her head, and turned her back to Elizabeth.

“Why not?”  Elizabeth asked playfully.  “They would look cute on you.”

Samus whirled back around.  “Ima not kewt!!!  Ima bownty hunta!”  She turned back away from Elizabeth.  “Im not gunna weaw em!”

Elizabeth scooted closer and Samus turned back to face her.  “Please Samus.  Your blue suit is washing over there, see?” she said pointing to a device which was now sterilizing Samus’ suit of the toxin and slime.  “You cannot walk around naked, or in a towel.  It’s not proper, so come here and I will dress you.”

“No.” Samus proclaimed, but Elizabeth reached out and grabbed her by the leg.  “NO! No!”  Samus yelled in an almost bratty tone.  However Elizabeth remained calm and pulled her up by her feet, the towel falling to the floor.  Before Samus could react to how fast she had been grabbed she had been squeezed into the frilly panties and the dress came down over her head.  She muttered and growled as Elizabeth wove her arms through the sleeves and her tiny head popped out the top of the adorable dress.  She stared down in muted mortification at the outfit she was wearing.  She wished she could activate her power suit and tear this little dress apart.  She tried, but just as before nothing happened.  However she still could not sense her suit and she resisted showing any sign that she had just tried to activate it.  The toxin had to wear off eventually, so she would just play for time.  Next came the little boots, and the hair piece, completing Samus’ transport to childhood hell. 

Elizabeth gasped, and cooed at her.  “Ooooh you are just too precious.  Here look at how cute you are.”   She turned Samus to look in the mirror and Samus scowled at herself.  She looked for the entire world like a 4 year old little “Disney princess” mockup of her former self, and she wanted to throw up.   “Oh, don’t look so upset.  You are adorable!”

Just then Samus heard a slight rumble come up from her stomach, and her little face went white with embarrassment.  She was hungry and she had not even realized it until now.  She hoped that Elizabeth had not heard it, but she had heard and was now smiling.

“Is my little hunter hungry!?”  She exclaimed with a broad smile.

“Die you bith!” Samus squeaked. 

“Bad girl!  We don’t talk that way!”  Elizabeth scolded her for her attempt at using foul language, but quickly scooped her up and placed her at the table.  “I have just the thing for you!”  She announced. 

She reached into the food storage vault and retrieved a plate which she warmed in a small cooking engine.  Samus could smell the food and was not sure what it was, but her little stomach rumbled just the same.  She flushed with embarrassment at her body acting like it was that of a hungry little child, but after all that’s what she was.  She gripped a spoon angrily and glared at her little booted feet, her cheeks reddening at her humiliation.  The plate was then placed before her and her mouth dropped open.  This was too much!  She was about to explode from childish frustration at what she saw. 

On the plate was a warm sandwich of peanut butter and jelly, shaped like a Metroid, hovering over a space pirate made of applesauce and carrots with a pea for its eye.  Next to it Elizabeth placed a glass of milk, before stepping back and smiling like a proud mother. 

“I do hope you like it!  I made it special just for you!”

Samus stared at the plate, then at her captor, back to the plate, and then back to Elizabeth.  A cold expression crept over her face.  “Ima gonna kiww yew wen I get bak to noma.  Yew no dat wight?” she said with all of the menace her four year old body could muster.

Elizabeth smiled, and nodded.  “Yes sweetie.  I know you are.  Now eat up before it gets cold!” 

Samus wanted to leap across the table and stick the spoon up Elizabeth’s butt… Still the food smelled too good to ignore.  With a sigh of incredible exasperation Samus began to eat the food, slowly at first, but them with all the vigor of a hungry child.  She began to scarf down the sandwich, and gulp the milk as quickly as she could.

Elizabeth squealed again.  “Honey?  Do you like it?”

“Fug yoo?” Samus said with a mouth full of peanut butter and Jelly.


An hour later, Samus lay in bed, wearing a blue pair of pajamas that resembled her Zero suit.  She was thinking of ways to kill a woman with blue pajamas, but that was getting harder.  She was full, tired and humiliated.  However she had been watching her captor for any info she could use against her.  So far nothing and now she was trapped.  Elizabeth lay next to her, cradling her like she was really her own little girl. If she attempted to get up, she would surely rouse the attentive mother which she had now acquired.  So she lay in the bed, wondering if this was what life would be like from now on and she grimaced. 


“What now.”  She muttered.  This stupid thing was probably just reading another Chronotroid, feeding on something.  “Damn.” She thought.  Am I going to have to lay here and listen to my suit chirp all night?” 

The thought had barely passed, when she realized and what had just happened.

“My suit!”  She realized.  “It’s back online!”

A quick glance at Elizabeth, and Samus immediately had a plan.  If she activated her suit here it would wake her, so Samus needed to be clever.  Samus started to get up, when Elizabeth stopped her.

“What’s wrong sweetie?”

Samus placed her hands behind her bottom and whimpered “I gotta go!”

After a second, Elizabeth smiled and walked her to the bathroom.  Once inside Samus closed the door.

“Make it quick sweetie, It’s sleepy time.” Came Elizabeth’s voice through the door.

“Ok.” Samus muttered in a sleepy and grumpy tone.

Activating the eye piece she used with her Zero suit, the device appeared and clung to the side of her face.  “System Access online.” she thought to the computer.

“System Standing By” looking nearby Samus could see an access computer that would tie into the ships main system.

“Scan access port.”

“Scanning…”  She waited for the computer to uplink to the system.  “System accessed.” 

“Access this vessel’s mainframe.”

“Accessing… Access achieved.”

“Download personnel file on Elizabeth Gilmore.”

The computer downloaded the file from Alpha’s personal system and displayed it.  After only a few moments glancing through the personnel file, Samus began to understand Elizabeth’s strange behavior.  She had been one of the scientists who were working on the Metroid program for the Galactic Federation, when the Zebesian pirates attacked the station to steal the Metroids.  She was almost killed and her daughter age 5 named Hannah had been killed in the attack.  What she read next froze her.  When she brought up Hannah Gilmore’s profile her photo revealed her as a cute little blonde girl with a tiny ponytail, and a spackling of light freckles upon her face.  Her cause of death was flashing under her photograph, and it made Samus shudder.

“Subject was in civilian bunker 23-B, when breach was made by Zebesian Pirate Entity designated “Ridley”.  Death caused by severe blunt force trauma, and three large lacerations across the subject’s face and upper torso.”

Samus wanted to vomit.  How many lives had that monster ruined?  In so many ways she had stood in little Hannah’s place so many years before.  Fate however had smiled on Samus, allowing her to live.  If only she could have let Hannah know that Samus had avenged herself upon Ridley and little Hannah’s death as well without ever knowing. 

“Shadow file detected in this profile.”  Her suit suddenly chimed.  As the name implied, Shadow files were hidden documents, often used by an administrator to keep private details from employee access.  Normally these were hard to find, but the Chozo who had constructed her suit were masters of programming and artificial intelligence, as the bio-computer Mother Brain had been living proof.  The suit was able to identify and decrypt it in a matter of seconds.  Samus was not surprised that Alpha had shadow files on each of her employees, as the woman was notoriously untrustworthy; known for killing her own allies and employees.  As Samus opened the file, it was a letter sent from an unidentified official at Delta addressed to Alpha from several months ago.  It read:


    I have dispatched my secretary Elizabeth Gilmore for the infiltration component of this mission.  She is against the mission, forcing me to abduct her and send her in secret to you. Though she refused to participate in the mission, the cerebral conditioning I have subjected her to will make her obey every order you give.  Her credentials will have been forged and official documents will arrive one week before she is scheduled to be on the station, ensuring that the Federation officials will accept her for the position.  Be sure you command her to follow the plan and not divulge in anyway details of her mission, until you have arrived.  Her conditioning was very in depth and will prevent her from finding any way of working around the conditioned orders.   You should find her useful.  Kill her when you have completed the mission.


    Command words to issue orders to subject

    Panacea:  Causes her to enter a standby state in which orders can be given.

    Miasma:  Cause her to exit standby state, and execute orders.

    Apothecary:  Cause her to lose previous commands, and become unconscious.

    Samus realized what was happening now and Elizabeth was not a murderer at all.  Rather she was just a pawn, to be disposed of when this was all over.  She wanted punch someone, but just then Elizabeth tapped on the door.

    “Sweetie?  Are you done yet?”  Her voice seemed tired.

    Samus flushed the toilet and deactivated her eyepiece.  Stepping out she looked up at Elizabeth and stared for a moment.  She had a plan, and now she needed to put it into motion.

    “Little Samus?”  Elizabeth asked.

    Samus looked for a moment further, making sure this was how she wanted to handle this.  Then she committed in her mind and spoke a single word.



    As the two mercenaries guarding the cargo deck were engaged in a rousing game of “who would you rather do”, they were surprised when just as they said her name, Elizabeth entered in her sleep wear and smiled to them both.  This was a shock and a pleasant surprise as both men had been considering her attractiveness and stood up to greet her.

    “Ma’am?   Can I help you?” asked the first Mercenary.

    “Sure.” She said in a playful tone.  “I can’t sleep, and wanted some company.  Any takers?” 

    Both men felt a rush of excitement, but the harsh and brutal training Alpha had subjected every member of her crew to, ensured that this excitement was tempered.  After all this was just a little too perfect.

    “What’s really going on here?”  The second man asked, as he gripped his auto shotgun.

    “What, nothing!?” Elizabeth laughed as she spoke.  “I am just bored and wanted someone to play with.” 

    Both men looked at each other and neither was buying it.  This was just a little too suspicious and the first guard leveled his shotgun towards Elizabeth.

    “Hands up!” commanded the first guard.

    Elizabeth jumped back startled and put her hands up and started to plead.  “Guys, this really isn’t…”

    The second guard lunged for her, and grabbed her by the wrist.  “Stand still!” he ordered.  He pointed back to the first guard.  “Better call this in.”

    The first guard nodded, reached for the com-link in his belt and suddenly flew forward as he was struck from behind by a small figure.  He tumbled into a stack of crates, his face smashing into a latch and he slumped to the floor unconscious.  The second guard jumped back in surprise, and turned to face what had slammed his companion, stopping in shock as he caught sight of their attacker. 

    Standing where his associate had just been was a little girl, with a tiny blonde ponytail, wearing an odd small suit of armor that closely resembled the pictures he had seen of Samus Aran’s suit.  It wrapped tightly around her torso, covered her feet with small but still oversized boots, covered her shoulders and arms, and left her abdomen and legs covered only by the loose blue latex like fabric he had seen Samus wear under her suit before.  The little figure turned to face him, and leveled an oversized green arm blaster at his face.  Then he realized that this was no imposter, but actually the same little girl that he had seen Elizabeth pull out of the egg earlier that day.  This was Samus after all.

“Damn…”  He muttered.

The little girl smiled with childish pride.  “Bet yew did not know that I can tuwn on pawts of my sewt, and adjust theiw size too?” She asked with a pronounced lisp of a young child

Before he could answer, Elizabeth shoved him away from her; the little blonde girl leapt forward and smashed him square in the face with a boot.  Everything went dark.


Samus slammed the canister closed and locked the panel from the outside.  Both guards were unconscious and bound so they would not be getting out soon.  Elizabeth looked at her from the small portal window of the canister and Samus smiled at her.  She hoped that her command to have her stay in the canister and keep the guards quiet would also keep her safe.  The next part of the plan would be risky and if she messed it up she could end up wearing diapers, sleeping in a womb, or going back so far that she would become nothing but an unfertilized egg.  Her childish mind ran a little rampant and she imagined her body growing backwards into that of a baby, then a fetus, and finally her Zero Suit floating loose and empty in an egg filled with nothing but amniotic fluid.  A horrible and humiliating ending, causing her to turn red with embarrassment.

She shook that thought from her head, and turned to face the other four canisters.  Each one was sealed, containing a mature Chronotroid, which continued to growl and shuffle about as they inspected their prison for an escape route.  She climbed atop a stack of crates to a position where she would be hidden and armed her missile attachment.  She locked on to each of the metallic restraints, set her missiles to high heat and fired.  With a terrific series of explosions she was sure the crew would hear each lock was smashed open as the missiles released a wave of thermal energy, causing the metal to become molten.  Each restraint slowly melted, dripping onto the floor and several voices raised in alarm began to draw closer.  With a pound, and then a creak of metal the closest canister door swung outward, revealing a hulking Chronotroid which stalked forward like a lion.  The others soon followed and turned to face the hanger access as the voices of mercenaries could be heard on the other side. 

Seeing and hearing this, Samus ducked out of sight, just as a female mercenary charged into the hanger, was pounced upon before she could stop, was striped by lashing tendrils, and swallowed like an anemone swallows a fish, screaming the whole time.  The other Chronotroids lunged forward and an eruption of staccato roars and gunfire filled the hanger.  Samus turned, accessed the main system and began unlocking doors towards the bridge.  If this was going to work she was going to have to make sure that these things went where she needed them too.  Following the retreating mercenaries, who were suddenly and surprisingly locked in by the ships systems, the Chronotroids barreled down the corridors.  As they went they continued pouncing and swallowing “prey” as if starved to the point of madness.  All they left in their wake was piles of discarded weapons, uniforms, underwear, and green egg sacs filled with adults who were on their way back to being teens or younger.  


    A loud chime woke Alpha from a deep sleep, causing her to roll her naked body over sharply, as she smashed the intercom button over her bunk.

    “This had better be important or someone is going to die.”  She growled as she sat up.

“Boss we got a problem!”  Came her executive officer’s voice. “Someone just melted the restraining bolts on the Chronotroid canisters, and several of the bastards are loose on deck four!”

Without a word Alpha leapt to her feet, grabbing her rifle and her underwear, her curvy and toned body jiggling in the motion.  She was seeing red and someone was going to die for this screw up.  Alpha was going to kill them personally.  Pulling her panties up and her tank top over her tanned skin, she rushed out her bunk door.   When she arrived at the bridge, her Executive officer was screaming orders over the com-link and arguing with a frantic voice on the other end.  As she reached the Ex-O she could hear the voice at the other end cut off by gunfire and a motor like roar.  The officer turned to face her with a shocked look on his face.  She slammed her fist into his jaw and then roared to the bridge crew.

“Seal off the bridge!  Decompress the rest of the ship!  Blow these bastards out into space” 

Her Ex-O stood, wiping blood from his face.  “We would kill all the crew if we did that!” he yelled.

She pointed the rifle in his face. “Them, or you Tyler.” She growled.

Before either could react, a young black woman, the science officer interrupted.  “Ma’am we can’t!  Someone is overriding main control of the ships systems!”

‘Then override it manually!”  She barked looking own to the officer.

“If we do that we have to shut down all systems for at least five minutes, we’ll be helpless…” argued the Ex-O, just before Alpha blew his skull out through the back of his head.  His body slumped to the floor, and she pointed the rifle to the science officer. 

“Do it!”  She ordered.  The science officer did as she was told and with the pull of several heavy levers beneath the console, initiated the manual override.  With a dull hum, the ships systems shut down in a cascade, leaving the bridge in silence; only red emergency lights flickering overhead.  In the distance the only sound that could be heard was that of gunfire, alien roars, and the muffled screams of Alpha’s crew. 

Alpha seethed.  It had to be that little bounty hunter brat.  She cursed herself for not killing her sooner.  “Form a battle line at the seal!  No one or thing gets in here!”  Her crew responded, grabbing rifles and forming a line aimed outward at the bridge seal.  Alpha stepped back, and reloaded her weapon with a cruel grin.  If that blonde brat thought this would be that simple, she was wrong.


From the air vent overhead Samus heard Alpha issue the order to form a battle line.  The Mercenary was tough and she thought like a soldier.  Samus however was a hunter and she thought like a predator.  Alpha had fallen for the bait and now was time for Samus to finish this.  Using her uplink she activated her ship, which the mercenaries had stored it in the same hanger as the Chronotroids.  Brining its systems online, she ordered it to enter stand-by mode.  She then used the link to open the canister that Elizabeth was in.  As it opened, Elizabeth acted as she had been ordered, and rushed up the side of her waiting patrol ship and slid inside.

“Gotta make this look good.” Samus thought.  Using the auto pilot, she had the ship exit the Hanger by blasting through the main bay door and rush out before the emergency seal closed to prevent decompression.  Alphas ship bucked softly as the yellow craft blasted its way through and she could hear Alpha demand to know what that was. This was it, show time. 

The ship began to buck again and again from impacts as Samus’ patrol craft flew the length and breadth of the ship, using its cluster missiles to destroy the vessels armament.  Then with a loud hard bang the ship pitched to the side.  Samus had just ordered her vessel to disable the thruster assembly aft of the ship, thus preventing any maneuvering or escape.  The hard pitch caused Alpha and her soldiers to fall to the right, slamming into walls and bulkheads, as several were knocked unconscious or worse. Alpha herself was thrown over a railing and now held on with sheer will, as her rifle clattered away.   

Acting as her instincts directed Samus kicked down and dove into the bridge, landing atop several of the crew as they attempted to right themselves.  The crew collapsed again into a heap and Samus released the static build up from the suits core, releasing a bolt of electricity into the heap.  Alpha’s crew screamed and wailed as the electricity rendered them unconscious.  Samus leapt forward towards the command platform as Alpha righted herself and looked in disbelief at the pint sized bounty hunter now aiming an Arm Blaster at her.

“Give it up wady!”  Samus ordered “O I wiww stun you too!”

For an instant Alpha looked genuinely surprised, before she started laughing out loud.  Samus grit her teeth. And her nose wrinkled as she felt intense anger and humiliation rise within her.

“Shut up!” Samus yelled in a petulant tone. 

Alpha slowed her laughter and opened a palm towards Samus, a few tears in her eyes.  “Sorry short stuff, but you have to admit… you really aren’t too impressive right now.”  Samus gripped her hand around the firing mechanism as she felt herself losing her cool.  “Oh, I am sorry little sprout.”  Alpha continued, “I could get you a juice box if it will help you calm down?”  Alpha slapped her hands down on her hips “Or maybe you need a nap?”  With lightening reflexes, Alpha pulled the pistol from her side and fired point blank at Samus, emptying the clip as fast as she could.  Samus saw it coming and activated her high jump boots, shooting to the celling out of the fire, where she shot back at Alpha.  Alpha dodged to the side, and landed behind the communications console where she reloaded her pistol, and laughed again.

“Oh I am sorry; I did not mean to insult your little ass!”  Alpha rose and fired another volley towards Samus as she landed, several shots ricocheting off her shoulder plates.  “Perhaps you need a bottle, or your diaper changed?” 

With that Samus launched a missile at the console, Alpha diving away as the missile turned the console into a twisted wreck of metal.  Alpha scrambled on all fours towards the nearest bulkhead and hurled a black object at Samus.  “Here, have a time out kid!”  Alpha mocked.  Realizing it was a grenade; Samus fired her grappling beam at it and with great force swung it back at Alpha.  It exploded before it got there, sending Hunter and Soldier alike diving away.  Alpha laughed again as she landed near her rifle, snatching it up and turning back to Samus.  Samus saw this and dove behind the command chair as a hail of magnetized bullets showered around her. 

Over the roar Alpha laughed mockingly and advanced feeling she had the advantage.  “You know, maybe I won’t kill you!  Maybe I will stuff your little ass back into one of those monsters, and then tape you going all the way back to whatever happens when you stay in there too long!”  She continued advancing.  “Then I can watch it on fast forward again, and again.  Watch the mighty Samus Aran be killed in the most pathetic and humiliating way possible!  HOW DOES THAT SOUND YOU LITTLE BITCH!” 

With that Alpha charged into the chair, smashing it aside and aiming her rifle to where Samus had been.  However Samus was not there.  Instead a glowing orb remained that was starting to blink very fast and a strange orange ball which rolled away at high speed.  “SHIT!” screamed Alpha as the bomb exploded, her weapon taking the brunt of the blast, as she and it were blown back.  She landed hard and struggled to catch her breath.  Her vision caught movement as the little orb was coming back towards her, with an orange glow trailing behind it.  Instincts telling her to get up as fast as she could, Alpha leapt up, her ears ringing and her head spinning.  A blast landed between her legs, causing her to stop dead in her tracks.  Samus was at almost point blank range, aiming her arm blaster at Alpha’s stomach.

“I sed… give it up wady… ow ewse I wiww shoot you ded!”  Samus growled. 

Alpha started to raise her hands over her head, but suddenly her eye emitted a blast of white light.  Samus’s visor caught it in time to keep her from being blinded, but her vision was blurred.  Alpha slammed into the little hunter, her knee landing in Samus’ unprotected stomach.  Samus lurched back, and ducked under Alpha’s high kick.  Alpha tried again but Samus suddenly dropped down, rolling with an orange flash into the same orange Spherical form, which bounced up into Alpha’s chest like a kick itself.  With a yelp, Alpha fell back, but as Samus unrolled from the Power ball she could see Alpha pulling a pin from another grenade.  With a huff of anger Alpha threw the Grenade past her towards the unconscious crew. 

In an instant Samus rerolled herself into the power ball, bounced up into Alpha’s side sending her sprawling and rushed towards the grenade.   Alpha recovered from the hit by rolling towards the seal, past her fallen soldier and into the depths of the ship.  Samus reached the grenade and rolled atop it, putting herself between the unconscious crew.  With a blast that resounded through the hall, the grenade went up and Samus felt the pressure pass through her little body.  However her suit had been designed to deploy explosives in the form and easily withstood the blast, protecting the crew at the same time.  Samus deactivated the Power ball, just as the power flicked back on, and the ship came back online.  She ran to the console and sealed the door to the bridge, before bringing the ship back under her control.  Looking at the security system she could see Alpha moving towards the hanger. 

“Good…”  Samus thought to herself.


As Alpha neared the hanger, her body was slick with sweat and adrenaline filled her body.  She was almost there! Once she reached the hanger she could escape and blow the ship apart.  However she rounded the corner and found the hatch sealed, a decompression warning flashing on the console.

“Damn it!” she screamed.  She ran to the starboard corridor, to reach the armory, passing egg sacs filled with regressing members of her crew.  She reached the armory and began to retrieve a large caliber anti-tank cannon from the lock box inside the armory.  A low vibrating click droned from her right side and the violent mercenary slowed down to a crawl. 

With a strange sort of shock, she turned almost in slow motion, and faced the sound.  The very same Chronotroid which had swallowed Samus earlier stared with a predatory gleam at Alpha’s now seemingly tiny, almost naked form.  It loomed over her and she slowly dropped the weapon, understanding there was no way she could raise it to fire before it pounced. 

“A11… stay back…”  She whispered, fear consuming her voice.

The tentacles descended from the great maw of the creature, slid across her skin, stripped her garments from her and she was swallowed naked with a hard chugging motion that lasted only three or four seconds.  Though no one was there to see it, the last anyone saw of the ruthless mercenary was her naked bottom and legs kicking in the air before she slid like a sweaty and toned noodle into the mouth of a much more dangerous predator.  Though she did not know this now or even later, the next sensation she would feel would come from the Federation decontamination team that would find her egg and remove her from it.  As a newborn she would squeal and scream, as the medic team wiped her body clean, diapered her and placed a warm nutrient feed into her mouth.  She would have no memory of this humiliating defeat, and start a new life adopted by a much more caring family, who would do their best to set her on a right path.


Samus sat in the bridge, sighing impatiently and reading her suit’s HUD.

Neutralization of toxin… 90% complete.

She hissed, wishing her suits healing abilities would work faster.  She had been able to program the system to repair the damage done by the Chronotroids as she waited for her body to return to normal.  Less than an hour into her wait a Federation Strike team had arrived and boarded the ship.  Now they moved around the bridge of Alpha’s ship, repairing what they could and taking Alpha’s soldiers into custody.  She had provided them with recordings, files and security date, bringing them up to date with all that had happened.  She had also provided them with the unfortunate news that all of the Chronotroids had been blown out into space by Alpha.  She had done this herself, but she figured blaming the newborn mercenary would be a believable story.

The commanding officer was amazed at her courage and strength, but furious that she knew about the now failed project.  A few of the Federation soldiers had snickered upon seeing her, but none of them snickered when she presented her “bill” and what a bill it was.  It was nearly ten times what she had made on the Mazar mission.  This was unacceptable to the officer.  He had been sent to recover the Chronotroids and now an outsider, a dangerous one at that knew of their existence.  The beasts were gone and he was presented with an outrageous bill.  He had his orders to at least keep this a secret and was not about to disobey.  The commanding officer had been about to issue orders to have Samus detained, when her suit suddenly chimed.

Neutralization of Toxin Complete…

Samus suddenly grew to full height, her body shrouded in the enfolding and shifting plates of her armor.  Now she towered over him a figure of power and metal, causing his soldiers to back away.

“Do we have a deal?  Or do I have to get rough with you too?”  Samus said dryly.  “Because when I am done squishing you, I can send this data out over the net for the whooole galaxy to see.”

After a long and terribly uncomfortable silence, the officer paid the bill…


As Samus flew away in her patrol craft she smiled to herself, glancing back at the sleeping form behind her.  Elizabeth was out cold, ordered by Samus to sleep for now.  She was not sure what to do, but she knew she had to keep the woman hidden.  At least until Samus tracked down her employer and made the bastard pay.

She set course for the Galactic Federation’s capital.  It was such a busy world she could easily hide Elizabeth there and most likely find someone who could undo the conditioning inflicted upon her.  Elizabeth had been a victim just like her, suffering at the hands of the space pirates.  However unlike Samus Elizabeth had lost her child.  Samus had first lost her family, then she lost in a sense her own child.  She had lost the little baby Metroid, which had followed her like she was its mother.  She had seen it twisted by Mother Brain and then killed after saving her life from the cruel pirate leader.  She understood Elizabeth’s pain and would see the woman given some peace.  She stood up and walked over to Elizabeth, pulling something she had made for herself recently from an alcove near her bed. 

She lifted Elizabeth’s arm and placed the item in her hands.  Elizabeth smiled softly and squeezed the small plush Metroid Samus had sown for her own comfort after losing the baby.  Elizabeth was smiling now, squeezing the stuffed toy tightly. 

“It’s a tough universe.”  She said quietly.  “If you can just stay strong, you’ll get through it.”

The End



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A Samus Aran Story

Historians Note:  This story takes place following the events in Super Metroid but preceding those in Metroid Fusion)

Samus jumped down from her modified Police Corvette and her suit clanged loudly on the Hanger floor. As she rose to her full height, which in her suit was above seven feet, she easily towered over the Federation Lieutenant and his aid.  He saluted and stood erect, while his small assistant of barely 4 foot six, stepped back behind him.  Samus realized she must have looked like hell, or perhaps her bounty was more intimidating than she had thought. After her most recent bounty hunt, she had gotten pretty banged up and had to beat her prey to a pulp to get him to submit.  Her power suit was scored with blast marks, and several plates had been pried off by her last quarry.  Her visor was cracked; the internal heads up display flickered and twisted, hiding the information it normally displayed behind a snow globe like field of static.  Behind her back Mazar, a Timuran smuggler who was infamous for killing Galactic Federation operatives, struggled against his bonds.  She had tracked him through six different ports and had been jumped by him and several other Timuran criminals when she went to bring him in.  As criminals go he was stupid, but powerful and cunning.  A large bear like being with six arms, three eyes atop a long horse like snout, Mazar was intimidating to say the least.  Now it seemed the entire hanger had come to a halt and at least a dozen people now stared at Samus.  She ignored them and faced the saluting officer.

“Back early Hunter Aran, as usual.”  He said with a smirk

He flicked a data pad through a series of pictures, until he arrived at Mazar’s photo and description of his crimes.  He glanced at Mazar, who growled low towards him, and signed the document.

“Looks in order…” he sighed.  “Let the record show that Samus Aran has succeeded in arresting the wanted criminal code 21344-F named Mazar, and with your signature here…” he trailed off as he placed the data pad under Samus’s hand.  Her glove receded, allowing her to press her thumb against the pad, which then chirped.  He continued as soon as she pressed the pad, and tucked it under his arm “…that Hunter Aran has transferred him to the Galactic authorities to stand trial, and that an “alive” bounty of twenty five thousand credits has been transferred to her account.”  With that he smiled at her and she nodded, dragging Mazar forward and allowing him to fall to the deck under his own massive weight.  The officer stood his ground, but his blonde mousey assistant jumped back, inhaling sharply. 

“Thank again Hunter Aran.”  He turned his face towards a troop of armored Federal troopers, and jerked his thumb towards Mazar.  With a great deal of heaving and yelling from the troopers and a series of growling alien curses, the troopers drug Mazar from the Hanger.  The officer turned back to face Samus and glancing at her armor, he smiled invitingly.

“Perhaps you would like to avail yourself of our facilities to repair your armor and refit your vehicle?  Maybe get some good food…”

Suddenly the mousey aide seemed surprised by his suggestion and stepped next to him.

“Sir?  W-we are overstaffed at the moment.  With the marines and troopers aboard we barely have any…”

He politely cut her off “Nonsense Libby.  We can just have a few of the troopers double up in one bunk.”

The aide seemed flustered and Samus was surprised when she pressed the issue. “But Sir!?  We really don’t have enough supplies here to warrant…”

“Enough!”  He barked harshly.  A short glare and the mousey aide retreated back behind him looking red and again to Samus’ surprise a little angry.  She had spent a great deal of time around the Federation and that sort of argument she had only ever seen a handful of times, but never from an aide towards an officer.

“Will you be staying then?”  he said smiling, as he faced Samus.

After a moment’s consideration she nodded. “Thank you lieutenant.  I would appreciate that.” She spoke softly, her voice sounded garbled through her damaged suit.

With that he saluted again, turned to his aid and ordered her to make the accommodations.  The aide nodded, her face looking redder than before and the Lieutenant strode after the troopers.  The aide turned back to Samus, again surprising her with a cautious expression.

“Hunter Aran is it?”  She asked quietly.  Samus nodded.  “I can lodge you in Hab-block D, room 344.  We are working on several operations across the station, so please limit your activities to this hanger and bloc D if you please.  Do we have an understanding?”  Her tone almost had an air of suspicion and Samus realized that all of the other people in the hanger were staring at her.  At least they were trying not to look like they were staring.  She quickly glanced around, and it occurred to her that while all of the people were dressed like dock workers, something was off.  Some had scars, others tattoos and some looked more like soldiers.  Something was definitely happening here, but it could have just been more Federation operations, or some political decision to place soldiers in disguise on a refueling station.  Whatever it was, Samus did not feel threatened, but careful none the less. 

“I said, do we have an understanding?”  The aide’s voice had an almost sharp tone to it.

Samus leaned in quickly, bringing her helmet close to the aide’s face.  The aide shrieked softly and jumped back.

“Yes. We do.”  Samus answered in a low tone. 

The aide’s red face was now slightly pale and with a moment of flustered surprise she stepped back.  She seemed to look for something to say and then with a huff walked sharply backwards from the hanger.  Samus stood to full height and glanced around to make sure everyone had seen that.  They all must have, because now they all seemed to be pretending to not have noticed her.  Samus walked from the Hanger, her suit thumping the deck with each step.

As she passed through the Hab Bloc A, she had barely gone a hundred steps when her suit rang out with a high tone.  She checked her HUD display and saw a warning from her passive scanner, reading an anomaly in the sealed compartments of the Station to her left.  This complex Chozo scanner was capable of picking up a variety of information, including radio, radiation, radar, spectrum analysis and many other important data types.  It however was one of the pieces of her suit that often annoyed her as it sometimes gave too much information, or went off at ill moments.  She stopped and pulled up the warning, then focused on the surprising contents of the report.  A flashing warning continued to flare in front of her eyes, and it troubled her as it made little sense.


“Gravity Flux?” she muttered to herself.  That warning only ever came up when her ship passed close to black holes, and had to be a mistake.  She ran a repair sequence and the device seemed to clear up a bit.

“Computer.”  She commanded “Reanalyze the previous sensor entry.”  She commanded, hoping the system would be able to make more sense of the data.  After a moment the computer flashed a new message.


That made even less sense. “Source?” she asked.


The reading was still indicating a black hole, but now was focused on the natural bending of time that originates at the focal point of a black hole.  Time itself was literally bent at that point allowing for time travel, or manipulation at least in theory.  However before Samus could focus in on the reading, it vanished.  She made several more inquiries to the computer but each time it reported the same message.


She stood for a moment, considering if the reading could be real, until she noticed that the aide was standing at the hallways end, watching her intently.  Something WAS going on here, but for now Samus realized she better play it cool, and keep her eyes open… 


It was extremely early morning when Samus woke from her sleep, roused by a slight vibration in the station.  A low drone caused the very spartan bunk room to tremble ever so slightly.  Samus shook her hair from her eyes and sat up in the dim light.  The vibration was clearly from some kind of bulk transport uncoupling from the station, its maneuvering thrusters creating pressure wave along the hull of the station.  The station lights were dimmed to maintain a nighttime feeling during what would be those hours on Earth and Samus could hear the quiet of the Station at this late hour.  The pressure waves rumbled again and Samus realized she mildly had to pee.  Donning her blue Zero Suit, she stepped out into the quiet corridor and checked for anyone watching her.  No-one was there and apparently her observers had gone to bed too.  She had been followed across the station by several of the “scientists” who were obviously soldiers who were meant to keep an eye on her while she went about her business during the evening.  Now they were gone and the corridors took on a new, almost eerie appearance.  Eerie to anyone but Samus, as she had face nightmares, whose very visage would turn grown men into mewling babies.  She smirked at the thought; however she could not know that in a few minutes, she would come to regret using that analogy.

As she approached the commons area where the rest room was, she stopped at a strange sound.  A long metallic droning sound, like someone dragging a metal crate through the corridor resounded through the passage.  It was fast and had a jerking intonation, as if it was being forced violently.  Cautiously she advanced forward and peered round the corridor.  A large metal access hatch was opened at the entrance to the Hab A bloc and the sounds of dragging were coming from within.  She would have normally believed that the sound was crewmen, working to load materials, but the sound seemed frantic or aggressive and her instincts told her to be careful.  She slowly leaned around the corner, looking into the Hab entrance.  A series of large metal crates laid spilled over in the corridor, next to a crashed loader lift, looking like it had lost its balance and may have fallen.  A sense of urgency rose in her.  Someone may be trapped in that mess.  She jumped as a woman’s voice whimpered as if struggled under a heavy weight.  Someone was stuck under that mess.  She bolted into the opening, moving towards the sound, approaching its origin at the front of the loader.  As she rounded to where the sound had come from, she saw what was causing it, and slid to a halt in front of the Loader, her boots skidding on the floor.

A scene from a horror movie awaited her, as she saw the legs and abdomen of a young woman, who looked like one of the soldiers disguised as a worker earlier, struggling to free herself from a horrible plight.  However the woman was not trapped waist up under a pile of crates, but instead was sticking out of the maw of a horrible creature, which even as Samus saw the thing was trying to slurp its victim up.  It had a round thick shell like body, like the back of a turtle, and was as large as the loader lift it had obviously knocked over.  Sixteen eyes ringed the creatures shell like body giving it perfect 360 degree vision and thick mucus like slime coated its body, dripping to the floor.  It had four long, insect like legs and a series of thick long tentacles that surrounded a large mouth like opening in its front.  The woman struggled in that very mouth, the tendrils squirming under her jumpsuit as if to remove it the way that an animal might pull a muscle from its shell.  The creature turned to face Samus, a staccato clicking sound like an empty machine gun firing, rumbled out of its full maw.  Samus was shocked, but her instincts still read that this was a predator, every detail of its body obviously evolved to hunt. 

Like lightning, the creature slurped hard and sucked the struggling woman into its belly, pulling her right out of her jumpsuit which tumbled empty to the floor.  Its tendrils swirled like branches in the wind, and it lunged for Samus faster than she had expected.  She dropped beneath the lunge and rolled away from the creature which crashed into the pile of crates.  However as it passed, one of the tendrils slashed past her, slicing her arm and leaving some of the mucus behind across the wound.  She felt a rush of pain, and a strange light headed feeling creep over her.

“Damn!” she thought.  It must have been some kind of poison.  She had to get up quick.  As she rose to her feet, she looked at the struggling creature as it attempted to right itself, only to discover a new horror.  The bottom of the creatures turtle like body was a clear, blob like structure that dangled down like a cow’s udder.  That clear structure was now stretched with the struggling naked form of the woman, as a thick flow of slime now filled the membranous sack.  She activated her suit, expecting to feel it appear, wrapping around her body and giving her the ability to defend herself.  Nothing happened. 

The suit would not appear, and Samus felt a flush of panic rise within her.  In times of emotional stress, the suit would sometimes fail to activate or deactivate on its own, like when she had faced the Space Pirate Ridley, the monster who had killed her family.  However this was different.  Something was blocking her connection with her power suit.  It had to be the slime she thought to herself, as the creature reached its feet and roared, sounding like a combustion engine revving.  She had to get out the airlock now, and seal it with the decompression system before this thing got out.  With an agility born of experience and training, Samus leapt past the thing, long tendrils snapping at her and she bolted to the door.  Even as she reached it, she could hear more metal banging coming from the other crates, as what appeared to be more of these things struggled to escape.

The bastards were studying them here in secret, just like the Federation had with the Metroids.  Samus was stunned by the short sightedness of this action, but did not have time to ponder it, as the thing turned and charged towards her.  She rounded the open seal and slammed her fist into the decompression seal, designed to seal the room in case of an atmospheric failure, and a klaxon sounded loudly.  The door made a whooshing sound and slammed shut just as the creature slammed into it.  Behind the seal she could hear it slamming into the seal, and roaring, unable to pursue its prey.  

Catching her breath, Samus struggled to activate her suit, but again nothing happened.  She had to get to the medical bay and get this toxin neutralized, before it did any permanent damage.  A loud groan rumbled through the station, and from the corridor window she could see an explosion in another Hab corridor across from her, followed by the flash of gunfire.  However the gunfire was answered by more gunfire.  A firefight was going on in the wing of that Hab bloc.  Someone was attacking the station, most likely looking for whatever these creatures were.  Were they breeding them here, just as they had the Metroids on other installations?  Then who was trying to grab them?  With the Space Pirates scattered and leaderless, it could not be them, so who?  A new Sense of Urgency rising Samus charged down the corridor.  She would treat this toxin first and then find out what the hell was happening.


As Samus approached the med-lab she saw movement within, and heard a single low caliber gun shot.  She came in slowly, wielding a metal pry-bar she had found in the corridor and glanced around the corner.  Several Federation officers lay dead on the floor; their wounds were precision, close range kills.  They had been shot without warning before they could react, and lying against the back wall was the very Lieutenant she had seen before, his brains blown out behind him.  A rustling sound caused her to twist to the right, and she suddenly saw someone hiding behind a medical table.  It was the suspicious aide from earlier; she was hiding behind the table trembling with tears in her eyes, and blood on her shirt.  When she saw Samus she erupted into wails and began to stumble towards her.  She began to whimper and grabbed Samus by her arms. 

“Th-thank God you’re here…” She paused as she choked “They shot them!  They shot them all!”  She pointed to the dead men, and let out a painful wail of emotion.  “They are… are going for the hanger through the mess area!  Y-you have to stop them before they…” She trailed off into tears and hung her head into Samus’ arms.  Something was wrong with this, and Samus knew what it was.  With a snap of her right arm, Samus twisted the aide’s arm behind her back, and threw her to the floor.  The aide cried out in shock and pain, which suddenly made her previous wailings look rather insincere.  A gun clattered from the aide’s belt, and Samus pressed her boot hard into the aids upper back. 

“What the hell are you doing!?” the aide squealed, reaching in vain for the gun, before Samus grabbed a fistful of her hair.

“Who are you really?”  Samus demanded.

“What?”  The aide cried out.  “I work here! My name is Libby Gilmore.  What the hell is wrong with you!  I demand…”  A blow to the woman’s head silenced the protest, and Samus heaved the smaller woman to her feet.  With a growl of frustration Samus slammed the woman against the wall and the tall blonde easily lifted the shocked aide from the floor.

“WHO?”  Samus demanded loudly.  The woman gasped and closed her eyes waiting for another blow.

“I told you…”  The aide hissed out.

Samus turned sharply and slid the woman across a table towards the door to the med-lab, letting her fall to the floor atop debris from the table.  Before the aide could react, Samus was atop her, lifting her and slamming her into the door frame.  The woman looked scared, terrified, but still managed to look angry.

“Talk now!” demanded Samus again.  The aide flinched.  ”I know you are working for whoever attacked this station.  Those bloodstains on your shirt match a small arms spatter at close range, exactly like the wounds on those officers.” Samus pointed to the dead men for effect. “You shot those men, and they never saw it coming.  You’re some kind of pro and you’re here for whatever they’ve been breeding here aren’t you?” The barrage of questions seemed to shock the woman further, but before she could respond, a revving like growl echoed up the corridor from a distant animal.  The woman’s face went white and she began to squirm in Samus’ grasp.

Samus pressed her back harder.  “You know what those things are don’t you?!  That’s why you’re here and I bet those “workers” in the hanger work for you, don’t they?”  The woman struggled, but Samus knew she was getting close.  “You know…” Samus’ voice was low “I saw what they can do to a person and either you talk now, or I will leave you tied up here in the corridor for them to eat!”

That seemed to do it. “My name is Elizabeth Gilmore, but I work for Delta Bio-laboratories.” The woman blurted desperately, while trying to keep quiet so the “things” would not hear her.

“Delta?” Samus pressed.

The woman nodded desperately “Yes Delta.  We learned the Federation was testing a bio-weapon and we thought it was Metroids. The big wigs wanted to get a DNA sample, but we were wrong!”

“Then what were they working on?”

The woman shook her head.  “Something new; something they found outside the core systems, and were working on to counter the Metroid threat.  They called them “Chronotroids”, and they were breeding them here for the last two years.”

“And you were sent to recover them right?”

“First to spy on them…”  Elizabeth pleaded.  “…To see what they were and when the big wigs found out, they wanted to get their hands on them.  They sent the mercenaries before I knew what was happening and I tried to talk them out of it!”

“Which mercenary group?” Samus asked

Elizabeth seemed to hesitate and then responded “Alpha’s raiders.”

That was bad.  Samus had heard of Alphas raiders, a mercenary group led by Diana Alpha.  She was an ex-soldier with a penchant for cruelty and ruthless efficiency.  She would be in a prison, had she not been protected by friends within the Galactic Federation hierarchy.

“You said you tried to talk them out of it?”  Samus asked.

The woman nodded frantically.  “Yes!  These things are dangerous like Metroids, but in a different way!!!  It would be stupid as hell to let these things loose anywhere!”

“Worse?” Having faced Metroids before, that concept startled Samus.  “Worse, how?”

The woman seemed to collect herself, as tears and snot trailed down her face.  “They are smart.  Like, really damn smart!”  She looked over her shoulder as another growl came from up the corridor.  Turning back to Samus, she continued.  “They figured out how to open doors, solve problems and worse, they’re trainable.  You can teach them to attack, hide, sneak and hunt.  They were perfect to beat the Metroids because they can be controlled.  Also they breed really fast and don’t need to be exposed to radiation like the Metroids do.”

This was bad, but there was another issue Samus was concerned about.  “Metroids can drain active energy from anything, causing the drained object or creature to become inert matter which collapses.” Samus spoke low.  “What could these things possibly have that could rival that as a weapon?”

The woman seemed to struggle to explain it, “They can… focus temporal and quantum energies on a creature once they have it within their…”  She struggled to explain it.  “It’s like their stomach but it’s more like an egg sac, and through some… some kind of fusion they can alter their prey and convert their released energy into fuel for their bodies.”

Samus realized immediately that her earlier anomalous readings had been from these creatures and she had been detecting one of them in the act of feeding.  The damn things could create controlled and miniaturized quantum singularities.  Black holes in their bodies no less!  If these things were converted into weapons, their potential devastation could rival even the Metroids power.  “Then what?” she prodded.

The woman swallowed hard.  “The target undergoes “temporal regression” and is cocooned for later consumption.”

“What?”  That made little sense.

The Elizabeth hung her head a moment, and then looked Samus in the eyes.  “They regress you in age and wrap you into a cocoon.”  She must have seen the look of disbelief on Samus’ face because she continued without being asked.  “It’s true!  One of them grabbed a scientist who was feeding them alone one night and swallowed him whole!  When they found him in the morning, he was trapped in a-a-a slimy cocoon.  He had been in there for 24 hours, and when they opened it up, he had become a baby, only a few hours old.”

Samus was still having a hard time with this.  “They regress and cocoon you?  How potent is this?”

She shook her head.  “We don’t know.  All we know is that the longer you spend in the cocoon, the younger you become, and if you…” 

Elizabeth suddenly screamed in terror as a huge writhing green tendril slapped hard against Samus and ripped her out through the door.  Elizabeth fell to the floor and scurried away like a terrified mouse; as Samus struggled against the powerful muscular tendril.   Samus felt another wash of sensation, as more toxins flooded her body.  Looking up at the open maw, she felt a pang of panic hit her.  Desperately she tried to activate her suit, but nothing happened.  Only a sickening feeling of dread rushed to meet her as the hideous mouth opened wide to swallow its new prey.  Samus let out a cry, as her legs slid into the maw and a warm wet feeling spread up to her waist.  The creature’s slime coated her legs like some kind of lubricant making it impossible to gain any purchase.  She slid further, her left arm gripped by the tendrils and pulled in as her ponytail was also snagged by another lashing tendril.    

“Was this it?”  She wondered.  After all of her struggles and narrow escapes; after all of her dangerous enemies, was this to be her fate?  Swallowed like a piece of meat and wrapped into an egg, only to age backwards until she was a helpless infant or even further?

“A11! HOLD!”  A voice commanded and the thing stopped pulling inward.  Surprised Samus struggled still, but with only her head and one arm free, all she could do is turn to face the voice.  Standing amid a group of mercenaries was a tall, muscular woman with long black hair braided into a ponytail, with the side of her head shaved.  Her left eye was an artificial cybernetic one and her face was a roadmap of scars.  She had a rough beauty to her and would have been considered attractive by anyone’s terms, but her expression was absolutely uninviting and hostile.

“Alpha…” Samus grunted.

“I would have expected better from you Aran.”  Came the mercenary’s emotionless barb.  “Still… hell of a way to go out.  Eaten like this…”  The Mercenary suddenly raised her Quantum carbine and pointed it right at Samus’ head.  “Better to make sure this one is dead before she gets eaten, right boys and girls?”  A ripple of grunting laughter came out of the group, causing Samus to grit her teeth, as a cold smile crept over Alphas’ face.  “Sorry babe.  You’re just a little too dangerous to let you live.  So I am going to put you down now!” 

To everyone’s surprise the Chronotroid that held Samus began to click in a low threatening tone and raised its forward leg in front of Samus.  The Mercenary frowned and lowered the carbine slightly.  “A11! Lower your leg NOW!”  Alpha commanded.  A whir came from the creature’s belly, shaking Samus slightly in what was an obvious rejection of Alpha’s order.  Alpha cursed and turned to grab Elizabeth by the collar, dragging her between herself and the creature.  “You said this batch was trained!  Or did we put down the wrong batch!  What the hell is it doing!?”

Elizabeth squirmed, grabbing Alpha’s arm.  “It-its obviously defending what it sees as a meal.  I guess it cannot absorb the energy from a corpse.”  She tried to explain, but Alpha was not really interested.

Alpha let her drop to the deck with a painful thunk and kicked her in the hip hard.  “I don’t give a damn!  It better do what it’s told or else…”

Risking a reprisal Elizabeth interrupted. “You Bitch, even a dog will bite you if you try to grab its bone.  They can be trained but only so much.  Just let it finish her off!”  Elizabeth looked towards Samus, meeting her gaze.  “Just let it do her in.  You might even be able to hold the baby hostage, or get her suit if she is too little to get away.”

Alpha glared at her, while Samus felt the creature tremble in impatience. Finally Alpha looked back to Samus, and the creature.  “A11… continue.”

With a horrible tug, the creature pulled Samus into its throat and then deposited her into an amniotic sac in its belly.  Samus felt herself struggle to catch her breath, as she fought against the strange pliable skin, which resisted like steel.  If she could only get her suit to activate, she could fight her way free, but it was as if she had no suit.  No way to get out. 

As she kicked against the wall of the sac, she realized that her blue Zero Suit was looser than it was supposed to be.  Normally skin-tight, it now had wrinkles spreading through it, which became most pronounced around her groin and chest where the fabric seemed to loosen the most.  She could feel the thick slime filling up the sac and looked up as a shadow passed over the transparent wall of the chamber.  She could see Elizabeth looking at her and could make out the sounds of her being barked at by Alpha.  Elizabeth leaned in close and her facial expression was visible through the thick wall.  First it seemed one of satisfaction at what she had done to Samus, but after a second it turned to one of concern, almost regret for what had happened.  Elizabeth stepped back, as several mercenaries came in and began to force the creature into a crate for transport.  Elizabeth turned, and with a final glance over her shoulder, left Samus to be transformed by the powerful creature.

Samus was then acutely aware that the slime was now being pumped into the cavity with such force and volume; it was now filling up her suit as well.  She glanced down to see her suit expanding, the belly, butt and chest blowing up like a balloon.  With the suit stretched out, Samus was able to get a good look at her body by slipping into the suit; treading water within her own clothes and could see she was changing, quickly getting smaller.  Instead of the attractive and toned body of a beautiful woman in the prime of her life, her body now looked like that of a scrawny teenager, barely sixteen.  Her round breasts were slowly flattening into her chest.  Her curvy hips were becoming strait, revealing skinny hip bones and the ample cushion that was her heart shaped butt was quickly becoming flatter and boyish. 

By the time she finished examining her body she had passed fifteen and was barely twelve years old with no hair with the exception that on her head.  Her girlish head popped back out of her suit, emerging with a gentle sprinkle of light freckles and the short tomboyish hair she had hated so much when she was younger.  She struggled to both hold her breath, and stay conscious, but this was beginning to become very difficult.  Soon the cavity began to contract forcing Samus to roll her already reduced body into a tight ball.  She felt it closing in, even as she was slipping past eight years.  Feeling her head swim, and her body being forced tightly together, she rolled into a fetal position, and accepted her fate.  As her face pressed into her childish legs, she felt a warm and surprisingly comforting sensation of peace creeping into her.  As she lost consciousness she wondered if she would remember anything once she was a newborn…or if they would even stop her from aging back right out of existence…


When Samus realized she was awake, she heard a muffled voice speaking to her, and felt her body shake.  She was trapped within the thick filmy substance she had been wrapped in and now someone was patting that wrapping forcefully.  A playful voice, which sounded like Elizabeth’s invited her to come out of hiding and she began to squirm against her tight bonds.  Still wrapped in the fetal position, Samus groaned, not sure if she had become a baby or not.  She seemed to still be mentally present, but the toxin she was now submerged in made her head feel heavy. 

Finally the patting sound, like someone slapping the outside of a plastic storage bin filled with jelly, became too much.  She began to push her legs out and force her arms away from her.  She stretched, slipping upon the slick surface of the amniotic sack, unable to gain purchase.  The voice outside began to encourage her, and she pushed harder, struggled faster, her mind waking from the sluggish stupor that still weighed at her consciousness.  Finally she got her feet stretched down and her arms out.  She pressed against the sack as hard as she could and after pushing as hard as her weakened body would allow, exploded with a wet pop out of her slimy prison.  A loud splash of fluid spattered around her and she flopped though the floor, buried under something thick and sticky, which she realized was her oversized suit.

“There you are!” came Elizabeth’s excited voice from above her, followed by a playful squeal.  “O-M-G you are so ADORABLE like this!”

Ignoring her, Samus managed to get to all fours and looked down at her hands.  She could not see them, instead seeing only two tiny moving mounds, buried under very long and empty blue sleeves.  She whimpered and jumped back so she could sit on her bottom, to look at herself.  She looked down and saw that her tight fitting Zero suit, now draped empty and pathetically over the body of a very little girl.  She looked up into a nearby chrome colored bin, and finally could see her full transformation.  She was four maybe five, her body regressed to a tiny and nearly harmless size.  Her chest and butt were flat, the outlines of her legs were short and stubby, while her body was short and slightly round with the fat of early childhood.  However the worst part was her head.  Sticking out of her very bunched up collar, like a little turtle neck, was her now regressed face and it was shocking for the powerful bounty hunter to see. 

Her face was round, slightly freckled, with mildly pudgy cheeks, and a tiny little nose.  Her blonde hair was now shorter, with ever so slightly curled tips and a puny little tuft of hair poking out of the top of her now way too big hair band.  Big, light blue colored eyes stared back at her and as she absorbed her transformation, she saw those little eyes start to ripple with water as her cheeks reddened.  She wanted to cry, but bit her tongue choosing instead to sniffle repeatedly as slime and tears ran down her cheeks.  She covered herself up, but then was lifted skyward by two strong hands around her waist.  It was Elizabeth, who picked her up and whipped her into the air in front of herself.  Elizabeth was smiling wide, but not in a mean mocking way, but rather with a genuinely happy expression.  Unable to really struggle, Samus merely hung in Elizabeth’s arms, letting her long sleeves and pant legs dangle like a rubber washing flaps in a vehicle washer.

“Are you O.K. sweetheart?”  Elisabeth looked concerned, as if Samus were her little girl and she stared in confusion while continuing to wake from her daze.  “You are such a mess!”  Let’s get you out of here, and cleaned up alright?”

Samus struggle to speak, but was able to get the words out.  “Whew aw we?”  She said, suddenly horrified by the almost infantile tone of her lisping voice.  “Ith that, my voith!?”  she squeaked with growing horror.  Elizabeth just smiled.

“We are safe sweetie.”  She said soothingly.  “We are in the hatching chamber aboard our ship.”  You have just been reborn in a way and you are so cute my little bounty hunter!” 

Samus looked around and could see chrome metal platforms, each one holding a Chronotroid egg and inside each egg was a squirming form of a tiny person.  Her face must have looked shocked, because Elizabeth held her close, under her breasts and walked towards an egg.  Inside the egg was a little girl, no more than a few months old wiggled and squirmed in the fetal position.

“That was the mercenary you saw before.  Remember the one who got swallowed over by the loader?”  Samus felt shock return and her little body quivered at how the adult soldier was now only a few months out of the womb.  Samus looked at the other eggs.  She could see the clothing of several scientist wrapped around babies and little children.  Mercenary uniforms being sloshed around pre-teens.  They were all in a state of regression, getting more helpless by the minute.  She looked up at Elizabeth’s glowing face.

“Aw yew gonna wet them die?” she whimpered, with adorable big eyes looking up at Elizabeth.  Elizabeth blushed at how cute Samus was, and shook her head vigorously. 

“No, little Samus, we are not going to let them die.”  She then pointed over to several other mercenaries in the process of cracking open some of the eggs.  “We are collecting the scientists for ransom and study, but the mercenaries… kind of pissed off Alpha, so she is going to drop them at an orphanage of Reticulum 9.”  Samus looked up at her with confusion and concern, to which Elizabeth shrugged.  “Price of failure and all…”  She smiled again.  “Come on the, let’s get you cleaned up shall we little girl?”  With that she tucked her arms under Samus’ little bottom, squealing softly at how cute it had become, and cradled Samus as they left the hatching chamber.

“Wha aw you doin with me?”  Samus managed to squeak.

“I plan to keep you my little hunter.”  Elizabeth said with a grin.  “I plan to keep you!”

To Be Continued...

Dark Project Part 1
A Metroid Age Regression Story
Metroid owned by Nintendo, and all rights belong to them.

This is my 7th commission by anonymous.  The commissioner wanted a darker grittier Samus story with some horror vore elements.  This is nothing new as the Metroids themselves "devour" their enemies so don't expect anything too graphic. 

This is purely a fan story. I DO NOT take requests so please do not ask.  The answer will be a polite but firm no.  Trades I am cool with, but that's on a case by case basis.

Mature Content

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Published By Inspector General of Union Internal Security

Contract Reads as follows:

Bounty Reports on the Following individuals


Bounty 1

Rachel Foster – 1 million credits

Wanted Dead

Crimes:  Treason. Sedition.  Sabotage.   Murder. 


Subject is highly trained and considered dangerous.

Terminate on sight.


Bounty 2

Meghan Holt – 1 Million Credits

Wanted Alive

Crimes:  Espionage.  Dissemination of Classified information


Bounty 3

Marshall Steiner – bounty 15,000 Credits

Wanted Alive for questioning

Crimes:  Suspected Espionage and Sedition


Bounty 4

Unidentified Woman, known by Aliases: 

Lady of Restoration.  Luminous One

2 Million Credits

Wanted:  Dead or Alive

Crimes:  Sedition.  Murder.  Acts of Terrorism

For visual references, see attached files RT-0021

All Bounties can be collected upon confirmation of Bounty identity at Union Security Stations


Part 1

Bozun III

Friday, August 4th, 2627 C.E.

Malcapita, the largest city on Bozun III was busy at all hours of the day.  Personal transports rushed through the packed streets, while swarms of accountants, engineers, and office workers crowded the walkways.  It would have resembled New York City on Earth, were it not for the strange atmosphere.  The nitrogen mix on this world was slightly higher than Earth, and it combined with the deep blue star of the Bozun system to give the world a strange green glow.  The skies over Bozun III were always gloomy, and covered by thick grayish green clouds, with rain falling almost every day.  Erratic thunderstorms raged overhead so often that those born and raised here had trouble sleeping when it was silent.

Marshall Steiner growled as he covered his head with a display data-slate, to shield himself from the rain.  In moving from the small eatery to the street corner he had been soaked by the down pour.  Now as he waited for a transport cab, he snarled at the constant dampness.  By any standard, Marshal Steiner once had lived a posh life, enviable by the kings and queens of ancient Earth.  As the Dean of the Tetrinar Capital University, and Science Advisor to the Administration of President Akkan, Marshal was not only well paid, but well favored.  Money, women, influence and power came easy during that time. 

However it had not been enough for him, and somehow it made him resentful of the institutions that had employed and supported him during his rise to power.  Then that woman had come to him with her offer.  Alice Star… her name was sour on his tongue, and he grit his teeth at the thought of her.  She had promised him that if he supported her Sedition, that he would be put into a position of power when the new order was formed.  He had given her everything, every resource she had needed, without question.  Now he had lost almost all of it.  He was branded a criminal when she leaked files to the authorities implicating him as a head member of the Sedition three years ago. 

Now he was on the run, but so was she, and the Sedition was far from dead.  He had built a network of contacts capable of hiding him and keeping him funded as he hid from the authorities in the frontier worlds.  Through these contacts, he had ensured that Star and her allies were accused of every terrible crime possible and though the Union listed her as deceased, his underground contacts had ensured that a healthy bounty was still on her head.  He had hidden here successfully for six months now, and with his contacts help, Marshall Steiner would endure.

Finally the cab transport arrived and Marshall sighed in relief.  He flagged it down with the data-slate and the hovering vehicle began to slow and pull to the curb.  As he was waving, he caught a glimpse of a shadow in the plastic surface of the data-slate he held from behind him and his instincts warned of a threat.  Inconspicuously lowering the data-slate, Marshall used the polished surface to look behind him.  A woman wearing an olive green suit, with a hood over her face and an armored left sleeve, was standing under the doorway to a nearby repair store.  She was dark skinned and strong looking, giving Marshal every reason to believe she was some kind of private security or mercenary thug.

The cab pulled up, and Marshall calmly but quickly ducked into the back seat.  The young lady driving the vehicle spoke softly, “Sorry for the delay.  Where are you heading?”

Marshall slammed the door and looked out the tinted window at the woman.  She stepped out of the doorway and with a cool sensual stride began to approach the cab.  Marshall swallowed hard and looked to the white haired driver.  “Star port!  Time is a factor so let’s move.” 

His voice was terse, but it did not seem to faze the driver.  “Sure thing Mister.”  She said with a soft agitated sigh.

The cab moved forward just as the woman was reaching the door and Marshal was able to get a good look at her.  Her skin was brown, she had green eyes, and a Hindu Bindi on her forehead.  She had several scars and a mean professional look to her, while still looking exotic and beautiful.  As the cab pulled away, she stopped and put her hand on her hip with a smirk stretching across her face.  However soon he was speeding away from her into the busy traffic, and sighed in relief.

He leaned back in the seat and began to wipe the water from his face and hair.  The driver leaned sideways and looked at him over her shoulder.  “You know the lady sir?”

He shook his head, and pointed ahead.  “Just drive.  I have to catch a flight off world.”

The driver smiled again, and looked forward.  “Don’t worry Mr. Steiner.  I will get you where you’re going.”

Marshall was irritated at the driver’s insistence on being talkative and dismissed the comment.  Until he realized that she had used his name.  He looked back to her as she removed the hat from her head, her hair falling down into a short bob cut, and a truly sinister smile spread over her face.  She looked like a young teen and Marshall was stunned that he had not noticed how out of place she looked.   Reaching to unlock the door, Marshall felt something shove forcefully into his crotch, and gasped in mild pain.

It was the barrel of a high spread plasma thrower, and at this range it would not miss, even with one of the girl’s hands on the wheel.  She laughed and took a turn down towards the massive warehouse district near the star-port.  “Marshall Steiner…  I’ve been looking for you for a few years now.”

He stiffened, but regained his composure that made him so professional.  “I suppose you want my bounty, is that it?”  He laughed at the pathetic little mercenary.  “I can triple what you will get from the Union.  I am sure we can reach an agreement.”

“Hmmm… nope.”  She said with a happy tone.

“You’re a little young for a mercenary.  Run away from home little girl?”   She began to hiss softly at that comment, and Marshall felt confident he could talk her out of this.  “Why don’t we just talk this out, so we both win?  Or I can make sure you and your whole family has a bounty on their head so large, you’ll be dead in a week.”  Still no answer but now her eye was twitching slightly.  “Shall we cut the bullshit, and reach an agreement already?”

The cab came to a stop, and the teen turned back around to face him.  Her face was dark and twisted suddenly and Marshall was taken aback by how this young girl could suddenly look so sadistic.  “First dickhead, I don’t have a family so go fuck yourself.”  She jammed the barrel hard against his testicles, and Marshall felt pain flood his abdomen.  He groaned softly and leaned forward.  She punched him in the face, and he gasped.  Blood ran from his nose and she suddenly pressed the thrower into his crotch again.  “Not to mention that you already have a bounty on all of my friend’s heads, so that threat doesn’t mean much.” 

She jabbed him in the stomach, and he felt like throwing up.  “Stop!”  He gasped.  “Who the hell are you?”  He hissed through the pain.

She turned back to the wheel, and began driving again, with the weapon still conveniently tucked against his dick.  “My name?  You wouldn’t know it, you cock-sucker.”  She took a hard turn, and let his head slam against the door.  He growled again, and glared up at his tiny attacker.  She laughed at his pain in genuine amusement and grinned wider.  “However my commanding officer Commander Rachel Foster and your friend Alice want a word with you in private.  So shut up or I pull your dick out through your butt.  Understood?”

Marshall felt his blood freeze at the sound of those names, and knew he was in more trouble than he could ever hope to buy himself out of.


Aropos Orbital Shipyards

Friday, August 4th, 2627 C.E.

Jas-Dek Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering INC. had constructed the Aropos Orbital facility in 2498 C.E., intending on using it a as resupply depot for ships heading out to the frontier worlds.  It was perched high over the planet Aropos, and had resembled an elegant pale crescent moon when first constructed.  Starships, freighters and security forces would dock in the open center, and resupply in what was essentially a man-made bay in space.  However over seven decades the frontier worlds moved farther and farther from the facilities as the Union grew at an astonishing rate, rendering the facility useless to most deep space ventures.

In 2579 C.E. the Jas-Dek company decided cut their losses and sell the station to the highest bidder.  Fortunately for them, the War of Tallanar Ascension began that year, when the magistrate of Tallanar seized control of a large portion of the Union’s territory in the north eastern spiral arm of the galaxy.  Desperate for vessels to combat the threat, the Union purchased any station capable of being converted into a shipyard, and Aropos was perfect.  The station was enlarged at breakneck speed, until it looked more like a huge skeletal hand stretching out over the planet below.  Soon it was the third largest active shipyard in the Union, manufacturing Mongol class attack corvettes, and Leo class destroyers with quality and efficiency.

However twenty year old Lieutenant Maggi Williams, a computer specialist who helped initiate and calibrate combat systems for warships, hated the station.  Today like every day, she was programming a Gorgon field actuator and grumbling to herself about the tedium of the work.  She had been brought here as an orphan back in 2613 C.E., when she was six, after having spent time as an orphan on Metriar IV.  She had no living family and no memory of life before she was four years old, making her feel helpless and somewhat a prisoner.  As a ward of the state she was to be educated in a trade that would be commonly used and allowed to choose where she wanted to go at age eighteen.  She had wanted to go anywhere but Aropos growing up, but everything changed by the time she was allowed the choice.

By the time she was eighteen, few programmers for ships with integrated combat systems were needed outside of the military, and the few open postings outside of Aropos were all backwater or dangerous.  However the largest factor in her decision to stay was her best friend and recent lover, Lieutenant Vivian Anders.  Anders was a communications engineer and though she could find work on literally any facility, she enjoyed the efficient but reasonable pace and environment of the station.   Whenever they were together and Maggi wanted to address the possibility of leaving, Williams would get playful and Maggi would lose focus in enjoying her friends company.  Vivian had a soft, almost lazy calm nature that made Maggi always fear upsetting her, while Maggi was fiercely protective of her companion.  Though they had been best friends growing up, they now often found themselves slipping in bed together, and Maggi realized that she did in fact love Vivian.

Both were orphans on Metriar IV, had no memories of family, had been brought here at the same time, and had been inseparable ever since.  Together they were a striking pair, and were always with each other when not on duty.  Of African descent, Maggi was tall, had an hourglass shape, short curly hair, and a strong toned figure which made her very intimidating.  Vivian however was like a porn-star, long blonde hair, blue eyes, huge breasts, milky peach colored skin, and a perfect heart shaped ass.  Both were beautiful, and many other dock workers and fellow soldiers fawned over them.  They were almost a famous couple amongst their peers and made every man and almost every woman jealous on the station.

Maggi was thinking about Vivian as she worked, and was mildly lost in the thoughts, as Vivian entered the lab unnoticed.  Maggi was distracted imagining Vivian wearing a very small string swimsuit she had seen in a magazine and how incredibly revealing it would look on her.  A lustful grin crept over her face as she imagined Vivian’s milky voluptuous skin popping out of the small swim-wear, and she bit her bottom lip at the thought of Vivian blushing naked on a beach.

“So… what am I wearing, or rather what am I not wearing in your pervy little daydream?”   Vivian whispered softly into Maggi’s ear.

Maggi swallowed hard and tried to suppress her goofy excited grin, always preferring to act professional.  She went back to the programming, and tried to ignore the question.  Vivian just stared at her with an expectant smile.  Maggi stopped for a moment, and glanced quickly over her shoulder to Vivian.  “String bikini…”  She gruffly answered, before turning back to her work.   Vivian grinned widely, but said nothing.  After a moment of silence Maggi sighed and added, “It just fell off.  You are… naked on a beach somewhere.”  She then went back to finishing the field connections.

“Oh…  That does sound nice.”  Vivian gave her a soft kiss on her cheek and Maggi blushed in spite of herself.  Vivian rose and took a seat nearby.  “What are you wearing in this hypothetical?”

Maggi snorted in amusement.  “It’s the beach.  It is the same thing I wear whenever we get shore leave and go to the beach.”  The beaches on Aropos were actually one of their favorite places to go to when they had the chance.

Vivian chuckled.  “So nothing then?”

“Nothing.”  Maggi laughed.

Vivian put both of her hands on her knees and giggled softly.    “Then I like this daydream too.”

Maggi closed the console and wiped her hands of the dust from the resin connections she had just re-forged.  “What are you doing down here?  I thought you were busy in Operations?”

Vivian leaned back and her bust bounced with the motion.  “Break time.  Thought I would go have a smoke.  How about you?”

Maggi shook her head.  “Not a chance, and you aren’t either!”  She scolded.

Vivian frowned, and tried to look innocent.  “Aw, come on…  I deserve a hit every now and then.”

Maggi gave her an exasperated sigh.  “Vivian… you are going to get in trouble one day.  Show up to a shift high, and Captain Monroe will bust your ass back down to ensign.  Do you really want to go backwards?”

“I dunno.”  She said grinning.  “You like that dream I have once in a while where I get turned into a baby and it makes me suck my thumb in real life don’t you?”

Maggi shook her head.  “I like how cute you look yes, but that’s a dream, and Monroe already thinks you’re lazy.”  She held her hand out for the weed, and waited.  “Come on.  No getting high till tonight.”

Vivian made a purposely pouty face, reached into her belt pouch, and handed the weed to Maggi.  “You are like a rock my dear Maggi.  I just can’t get you to have fun at all.”

Maggi smiled, and put the weed into her own tool kit.  “Hey.  I am looking out for you here.  You know how much I~” the intercom abruptly interrupted their conversation.

Lieutenant Williams.  Please Contact Operations.

It was Chief Chen Liu, quartermaster for the station. Maggi pressed the com button on her sleeve.  “Williams here.”

Liu’s voice was calm, but had an air of concern to it, “We are reading a security alert on a door lock on J-deck of your axis.  Section 4, hanger D.  It looks like it’s been forced from here.  However we have no security feed or communications in that corridor” 

“Yes, that section was built with minimal systems.  Do you think it’s a malfunction?”  Maggi asked.

“Unknown.  Without the data feed I can’t be sure.  Captain Monroe wants you to look into it.  She says to take Anders with you, since she wants to waste time.”

Maggi looked to Vivian who just sighed, before answering.  “Affirmative sir.  We are on our way now.”  She then shut off the com, and gestured towards the door.  “Orders are orders.”

Vivian stood up slowly, and allowed her chest to purposely bump into Maggi’s arm.  “Just keep that bikini in mind okay?”

Maggi gave her a gentle shove.  “I will.  Just get moving so I can watch your back as you walk.”


As soon as Maggi saw the door to the hanger, she knew something was wrong.  The door panel was loose, and had been re-wired in a deliberate clunky manner.  Now the large hanger door was open, the lights inside deactivated by whoever had re-wired the door.  She pointed, and Vivian nodded in acknowledgement.  Both drew their side arms and approached the hanger door.  Vivian checked her communicator and saw no signal.  This was a side effect of the massive generators that were located nearby to power the automatic construction equipment.  The Synth-generators had a side effect of generating a small subspace bubble around them that blocked communication.  Because they were used only for storage the construction teams had felt it was a waste of resources to insulate these particular corridors from this phenomenon.

Vivian looked back to Maggi and shook her head.  Maggi steadied her nerves, and reminded herself that this could just be a maintenance staff error, or a misunderstanding regarding a repair.  She gave Vivian a look, and Vivian leaned into the open door.  The hanger was dark, but Vivian could make out a large shape in the center of the open space.  As her eyes adjusted, she realized it was a vessel, probably some kind of patrol frigate, but it looked less advanced than the modern vessels used by the Union.  There was light being cast by some form of lamp at the far end of the hanger, but she could not see anyone. 

She gestured for Maggi to follow her, and both moved slowly around the side of the white and black painted vessel.  When they were close, Maggi could see the name of the vessel painted on the side, despite heavy pitting and scouring to its hull.  U.M.V. Dervish.  Something about the name of the vessel felt familiar, and then Maggi remembered that the vessel had been brought in the same day they had been first brought to the shipyards.  She remembered hearing that it was evidence in a court martial and it had been stored for further reference and examination if needed.  However it had now sat inactive for sixteen years, and it seemed odd that someone would be stealing an outdated machine that was part of a case that had to have been adjudicated by now.  However there was something else about this ship that felt familiar or friendly, but Maggi could not tell why.

A soft clank came from the ramp up into the ship, and Maggi realized that in the darkened hanger, the ramp was in fact down.  Moving with Vivian she stole towards the ramp, and glanced up into the ship.  The internal hanger was dark, and only a soft yellow glow was emanating down from a hanging lamp she had noticed earlier.  She moved up the ramp, with Vivian covering her from behind, and made her way into the main corridor which was lit by emergency lights.  If she was right, the corridor would lead to the bridge and there was a good chance that the intruders were in there.  Carefully and slowly she made her way up through the ship, passing personnel quarters and a medical bay.

As she was nearing the bridge she heard a gasp from Vivian and looked over her shoulder.  Vivian was looking at the name plate on one of the doors, her eyes wide, and then she looked to Maggi her mouth agape.  “Maggi…  it’s you!”

“What?”  Maggi hissed, and looked to the door.  It read “Executive Officer, Commander Margaret L. Williams.”  Maggi blinked at the sight.  Her full name was in fact Margaret Lily Williams, and she felt her spine stiffen at the sight.  She was turning to look at Vivian when a sharp voice rang out behind them. “Hey!”

They both whirled around to point their weapons at the voice, but a blue burst of electrostatic fire knocked them both flat.  It must have been an Ion caster, and it locked both of their bodies up in numb gripping jolts.  As they lay on the floor, finally the jerking stopped and Vivian was unconscious while Maggi still struggled to get back up.  Now a face, illuminated by a small lamp, hovered over her own face.  It was a young girl, no more than twelve, holding the Ion weapon.  She had long strawberry blonde hair, soft freckles and was wearing a doctor’s field kit over her shoulder.

The young girl seemed familiar, but as soon as she looked into Maggi’s face she gasped and jumped back.  Footsteps could be heard running towards them, and she called over her shoulder.   “Meghan!”  Just then two new figures appeared in the light over Maggi’s head.  One was a tall teen, maybe fifteen, with short brown hair and a fit build.  Next to her was a young woman, with toned muscles, short blonde hair and a scar across her face.  Both were wearing commercial worker jumpsuits, but the brown haired teen was also wearing an oversized and dusty leather jacket.  All three were so strangely familiar that Maggi froze, looking into their faces.

“Holy crap!”  The teen said.  “Williams?  Is that you?”

The blonde woman frowned with a look of disgust and as Maggi tried to stand up she pointed a Jas-Dek assault rifle in her face.  “What the hell are you doing here?!”  She growled.  She looked to the girl, and asked.  “Doctor?  Is this really...”

The little blonde girl looked confused but nodded.  “They must have kept them here along with the Dervish.  That is the only way they could have both been here.”

“Who the hell are you three?”  Maggi grunted, as she looked to all three of their faces.  “You are intruders in secure Union facility!  You will surrender at once, explain who you are and how you know me, and this…”  She pointed towards the name on the door.

The blonde woman pushed the rifle into her face.  “Or else what bitch?!” she had a lot of venom in her voice for a stranger.

Maggi was not impressed though.  “Or else we’ll have no choice but to shoot you and blow your body out an airlock skank.”

That made the blonde woman spit, and she started to curse at Maggi, when the teen pushed between them.  “Knock it off Hurwitz!  Shit!  It is like you two saw each other last week or something!”

”I don’t know any of you thieving bastards!”  Maggi yelled.

The teen crossed her arms and looked to the little girl.  “Doc?  How is it possible that she doesn’t remember us?”

“Doctor?”  Maggi snorted.  “You are barely out of diapers!”

The little girl pursed her lips at the snarky comment.  “It is nice to see you too Maggi, and I hope the irony of what you just said is not lost on you someday.”  She looked back to the teen, as Maggi seethed in growing frustration.  “It’s possible that the regression was complete on the others because they actually hit newborn state.  That’s most likely why she doesn’t remember us, as the regression undid neuron development.  That almost happened to me if you recall.”

“Remember you?  Saw me?!  I have never met you before in my life!”  Maggi declared.

The teen turned to face her, and frowned.  “Don’t be so sure XO.  This is a little stranger than you could know.  I don’t know whether to tell you the details or not, but we’ve met before.”

Maggi grit her teeth, and was about curse when the little blonde girl looked to the teen, and shrugged.  “We are running out of time!  We have to go before the algorithm runs out, and the Shuttle is detected!”

The teen looked to Maggi, then to Vivian.  “They come with us.  Let’s go now before this whole thing is blown!”

The blonde woman and the teen ran back towards the bridge while the little blonde girl reloaded the Ion weapon, and grinned.  One of her front teeth was missing, and she giggled mildly.  “Sorry Williams.  Nap time!”  With that she discharged the weapon, and Maggi lost consciousness.

As the world went black, she could hear the blonde woman say “I hope that hurts you bitch.”


“Sub-commander, that’s enough!”  Rachel yelled as she entered the parking garage, followed closely by Alice.  As they had been approaching the garage, both could hear the sound of angry cursing, screams, giving both cause to be concern.  After rushing into the garage, they found that Fiona had used her enhanced strength to hang Marshall Steiner from a beam, upside down with wire.  Now she was pointing a plasma weapon at his face and occasionally striking him with it.  When Rachel yelled, Fiona had stopped, and now looked mildly disappointed. 

She gave him another jab in the face “Sorry Commander… he has quite a mouth on him.”

Marshall spit angrily.  “Mouth on me?!”  He struggled, causing himself to swing back and forth vigorously.  “I’ve never heard a person combine so many disgusting swear words!  What kind of military officer hires a sick street urchin like this?”  As his swinging began to die down, he was able to get a look at Rachel for the first time, and felt a rush of surprise. 

Marshall had been under the impression that Rachel Foster was a mature military officer and had feared her greatly as a member of the elite Cataphract marines.  However now as she stood before him, he saw only a teenage girl, no older than fifteen.  She had beautiful blonde hair up in a ponytail and was tall for a girl of her age, with a maturing build that hinted at the beauty she would one day possess.  However as soon as the pale haired girl who followed her stepped into the light, he understood what was going on.  She had short platinum hair, a petite build, and big purple eyes that were unmistakable.  He began to laugh as he saw her.

“Alice Star…  now this all makes sense…”  he looked to Rachel.  “Just like those little Marines who Alice stole, the three of you met with some unfortunate alien business hmm?”  He laughed louder causing him to swing back and forth.  ‘No wonder the bounty hunters couldn’t find you… they were looking for adults.  Not tottering infants.”  He said with a low malevolent tone.

“It is nice to see you again Marshall.”  Alice said with a neutral tone.  “Having fun hiding from the authorities?”

He sneered.  “Are you?  I hope you have the guts to just kill me.  If you don’t after this I’ll make sure you suffer from daring to come after me.”  He then looked to Fiona.  “Especially that one.”

Fiona raised her fist, and Marshall flinched.  She laughed brusquely and lowered her fist.  “Pussy.”  She snorted.

Rachel stepped in close to him, and sighed.  “I have an offer for you. A trade.  Your life in exchange for names.”  He leaned his head to the side as if listening.  “Tell us the other members of the sedition you recruited in Alice’s absence, and we let you go.”

He spit a little blood from his lip at her feet, and then licked his lips.  “Very generous offer.  However I’m not worried.  My friends will find us, and kill all of you.”  He then grinned widely.  “Or maybe they won’t kill you.  You are at the perfect age to be made into slaves and all.  Maybe spend the rest of your lives on your knees and backs respectively?”

“Friends?”  Fiona almost laughed.  “You mean that that super-hot, but not so subtle bounty hunter lady back at the eatery where I picked you up?”  Fiona laughed again, and Marshall felt a twinge of concern at remembering how close she had been able to get to him.  Fiona grabbed a fistful of his hair, and he growled from the pain.  “Yeah she looked real friendly.  Maybe we could go find her?  Set you up on a date?  After all she was hot enough to melt…”

“Fiona!”  Rachel snapped. 

Fiona released him and gave Rachel a predatory smile.  “What?  She was hot!  Hell even hotter than Olga, and that’s saying something.”

Marshall grunted, still feeling the stinging sensation in his scalp.  “Olga?  Olga Hurwitz you mean!”  He started to laugh again.  “I see!   You are working with Meghan Holt and her crew!  This is all making so much sense now.”  He looked to Alice “Your new friends are resourceful and clever.  Color me impressed.”

Alice stepped forward.  “That is right.  As we speak Meghan is recovering her ship from the Union impound at Aropos.  This is the very same ship that has all the records of the events that took place on OR-21-23.  The proof that we need to vindicate ourselves and damn you to prison.  However we would rather get the names of the Sedition members you recruited in secret, and let you go.  Marshall, from one old friend to another, please help us to end this.”

Marshal was stern and a cold expression came over him.  “I… am not afraid of death. You… are all dead or worse!  I will not help you!”

Rachel was unmoved.  “Sub commander… multi-tool.”  She said dryly. 

Marshall grimaced as he saw Fiona retrieve a small tool from her side.  Rachel stepped forward.  “I believe you.  Like most people who are convicted in their cause, you will gladly face death.  The problem for that is pain.”  She looked to Fiona as Fiona activated the muti-tool, and a small saw began to whir loudly.  “Pain is an entirely different matter than just death.  I’ve seen grown men who were braver than I scream for their mothers when their body is shredded by gunfire.”  Fiona then sliced a duranium pipe into two with almost no effort, the broken piece clattering loudly on the floor.  “You can talk and tell us what I want to know, or Alice and I can leave alone with Fiona for a few hours and see what information she can get from you.”

Marshall considered this, and as a scientist he knew how much pain a person could take without dying.  In his mind he doubted that Alice had the stones to hurt someone like that, given her high moral beliefs.  However in the eyes of the teenage Rachel Foster he saw conviction as intense as his, and a cold detachment that made her the soldier she was famous as.  Glancing to Fiona, he saw a glint of excitement in her eyes at getting to hurt someone.  In that instant he shuddered in genuine fear of that young sadistic girl.   He growled in anger and looked to the floor for a moment, simply seething.  Finally he looked back to Alice.  “Very well…  If I have your guarantee Alice, then I will tell you what I know.  I will not be a prisoner!”

Alice nodded.  “You have my word Marshall.  After we have confirmed your data, we’ll let you go.”

Marshall stared for a moment and started to speak, when the sound of rushing footsteps grabbed all their attention.  Rachel twisted back to see a figure in an olive green environmental suit slicing through the gloom towards her and slam something into her chest.  It was a charge pod, used to disable electronics and persons without destroying or killing them.  Rachel screamed in agony, as lighting exploded into her armor and body, causing her to tense and fall backwards.  Alice screamed and leapt back as Rachel fell, before the figure landed a careful blow against her temple that knocked her out cold. 

Fiona roared and fired the plasma weapon towards the swift figure who ducked under it, and rushed towards her.  The figure then leapt towards Fiona who raised the multi-tool to cut at the attacker.  However the figure was faster, and as an adult also outranged Fiona with her limbs.  Fiona felt the kick land right into her belly, and gargled in pain.  Fiona fell backwards onto her butt, before rolling sideways and vomiting from the hit.  Just as she finished puking, she felt a blast of electricity course through her as a charge battery was planted onto her back.  After an intense undulating scream, Fiona fell silent, smoke rising from her limp form.

The figure rose silently and looked to the struggling form of Marshall Steiner.  He gasped as he realized it was the woman from outside the eatery and she smiled back softly.   She was beautiful, with long dark hair, full lips, green eyes, and one of the biggest busts he had seen on a woman.  “Hello Mr. Steiner.”  Her voice was smooth and cool, with a hint of a Mumbai accent.  “Thank you very much.” 

He still tried to squirm free.  “For what Mercenary?”  His bitter tone had returned.

The woman laughed softly and looked him in the eye.  “Before I turn you into the authorities, I will turn these three into your friends and get four times the bounty.”  She patted his cheek.  “That was all thanks to you being such a wonderful person, as to put such massive bounties on all of your enemies, but have your friends pay them out instead of you.’

He snarled.  “When my friends find out what you did they will…”

“They will have already paid.  Then I will bring them in too for being members of the Sedition, which I will be able to prove thanks to you and these girls.”  She stood and pulled out a communicator.  “This will be very profitable for me and my partner.”

She stood and pressed some buttons on the communicator.  Marshall struggled and became desperate.  “Whoever your partner is, I can pay double!  Triple!  Please don’t do this!”

The woman ignored him, as the communicator chimed, and a voice with a rich European accent came over the line.  “Yes Radha my dear.  How can I help you?”

Something in that voice was frighteningly familiar.  He tried to place the accent.  Was it Danish, or French?  He could not tell, until this Radha mentioned the name.  “My dear Saskia I have a present for you here on Bozun III. “

Marshall Steiner froze as the recognition of that name hit home.  “You work for Saskia Janssen?!  He squeaked.  The beautiful woman just smiled and nodded with her eyes closed.

“OH!  I love presents!  I especially love them when they are from you Radha!”  Came the charming voice; however Marshall could hear the tone of a predator in that voice.

“I have a few bounties here for us to collect.  Marshall Steiner was ”detained” by Rachel Foster and her allies.  I believe a good old fashioned double deal is in order here if you are willing.”

Saskia’s voice came back, now recognizable to Steiner as a Dutch accent.  “That is wonderful news Radha!  You are as dangerous as you are sultry!”

Radha grinned at the compliment.  “Thank you!  I’m sending you my coordinates now.”

Marshall tried to get free one last time, and Radha just grinned and hit him in the back of the head, knocking him unconscious.  She then went to disabling Rachel and Fiona’s armor, before tying all three of the fugitives up.  Once they were bound, she cut Marshall down, and waited for a few minutes.  Slowly a rumble began to fill the air, and a light shine in from outside the garage.  A huge grey and green destroyer sized warship that resembled the head and body of a lobster was slowly taking position over the garage.  Radha smiled.  Saskia Janssen, the most famous mercenary captain in the Union outer territories and her partner was here, and they were both about to make a great deal of money.

To be continued...

Restoration Chapter 1
This is the part 1 of the final part of my Scifi trilogy!  This will be updated a bit slower than other stories because it is much bigger and only 70% complete!  I hope you enjoy it and stay tuned.

If you don’t like Age Regression, then don’t read it!



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December 2nd, 2621

The sky of the third moon of Illendri was a burnt yellow, as Illendri loomed high overhead.  Illendri was not unlike Jupiter in that it was a massive gas giant, and it was covered with huge storms that raged across its surface.  Illendri was so massive it was almost always in visible in the skies over the moon, filling the sky with its titanic form.   The third moon had a large colony the colonists had come to call Jacob’s World in honor of its founder Jacob Trent.  Once there had been over two million colonists there, eager to make money in the last mineral boom.  However when the mines had dried up, all but ten thousand left, and the colony fell into disrepair.  For almost three decades it had barely functioned as trading hub and star-port, where crime became the currency of the day and dreams were dashed by reality.

Today though, things were no different.  On the outer edge of her family’s claim, Tiffany Logan was packing.  Her transport loader was almost overflowing with family items, furniture, important mining equipment, several small personal transport bikes, and a small fortune in minerals and metals.  It was time to get off Jacob’s World and Tiffany was in a rush.  A young woman in her early thirties, she was blonde with extremely curly hair, a freckled face and chest, and a large round bust that bounced and heaved as she loaded items.  She was attractive and curvy, but had a rugged real-world look to her.  She was used to having dirt and sweat on her, and this work was no harder than her normal daily labor.  Her overalls were also stained with dirt and oil, and she regretted forgetting to wear anything else but s shirt beneath it, including underwear.

She was strong, and independent, having been made so by her life here.  Her husband of ten years was gone, taken by a dust storm that ripped him to pieces.  Her oldest child was her ten year old son Brandon and her daughter Clara, the spitting image of herself at that age, was seven. Both kids were sitting in the cab of the transport, ready to make the twenty hour drive to the space-port, and then to wherever.  With the claim producing almost nothing, Tiffany had decided that the family should depart to some more prosperous and stable world.  She was planning perhaps an inner core world, closer to Earth, or Tetrinar the Union capital where her mineral and metal wealth could buy her family a decent home.  This was not an easy decision for Tiffany though.  Having been born on the world as a second generation colonist, everything she knew was here on Jacob’s World.

“Mama, I want to get moving.”  Whined Clara.  It’s hot out here, and I wanna wait in the house!”

Tiffany loaded another box, and ignored what was the third such comment in five minutes.

“Momma?!”  She whined louder.

Tiffany set the final box in the bed of the transport, and snapped angrily at her daughter.  “Clara, you better stop complaining!”  Her boots crunched the dirt as she walked forward to the last batch of their things.  “Besides, we don’t own the house no-more.  Sold it to old mister Ishiro.”

This made Brandon scoff.  “Don’t know why…  He’ll just use it to store stuff.”

“You do too know why!”  She snapped.  “The mines are all shut down, and no one is willing to work in the claim anymore.  We are leaving for the inner worlds and that’s the end of it.”  She handed a satchel of food and water to Brandon, and he sighed as he took it.  “Your daddy wouldn’t want you growing up in a barren rust bucket, digging nickel or silver outta the ground for barely an honest wage.”

Brandon sighed again, and tried to shield the sun out of his eyes.  Soon it would be setting behind Illendri, and would not be returning for sixty seven hours.  As he shielded his eyes, he realized that someone was approaching from the north.  A silhouette was casting a long shadow towards them, as it approached. Brandon knew what everyone on Jacob’s World knew and the only people who came from the North were the Iridium miners, who were there illegally.  When they showed up, they took what they needed, and often killed anyone who saw them.

“Mamma!”  Brandon yelled.  “Somebodies coming outta the north!”

Tiffany dropped the hydrator she was carrying, and rushed to look around the cab.  Sure enough a shadow was getting closer, though it was approaching slowly.  Tiffany did not wait a second longer.  Rushing back to the cab, she pulled both of her children’s heads down, and reached for the Particle jezail behind them.  The weapon had a long barrel, and though handmade was durable and deadly at long range.  She took up a position behind the cab door, and knelt.  She aimed the jezail towards the approaching figure.  Whoever this person was, they could not be friendly.  No one would be wandering out here on the flats unless they were a raider or worse.

“That’s close enough!”  She yelled.  “I got a bead on you, and I promise you “jezebel” here will blow your head right off your shoulders if you come any closer!”

The figure slowed, but did not stop.

Tiffany cocked the weapon.  “Not one more step or you’re dead!”

The figure finally came to a stop, and stood facing her.  It was wearing a long billowing robe that covered it from head to toe, and its face was covered by a mask, but was indiscernible at this distance.  It said nothing, but just stood looking towards her.

“Head back where you came from.  We’ll be gone in just a bit, and you can do whatever you want to the place then.”  There was no answer and Tiffany clenched her jaw.  “Now piss off!”

A soft but eerie voice seemed to waft in with the breeze that blew down from the north.  Do you fear me little creature?”

“I don’t fear shooting you if that is what you mean!  Now stop right there!”  She yelled back

A low whisper like a hiss suddenly came from behind her.    Do you fear me?”

Tiffany whirled back, and saw to her horror another figure dressed like the first was behind her.  Her instincts took over, and she swung the jezail through the air towards it.  However as if it had never been there, the figure was gone and the jezail only hit air.  “What the hell?!”  Tiffany stumbled back, and looked for the figure.  It was now standing next to the cab of the transport behind her, and Tiffany could see more details.  Its robes were a deep orange and covered with an intricate pattern of bronze thread.  Its head was covered by a masked hood that had an awkward rise in the center, just a bit too high for a person.  The mask was bronze as well, crisscrossed with lines that gave it a strange angry expression, and only a single slit allowed the person to see out.

Clara screamed when she saw the figure so close, and Tiffany fired without hesitating.  A crack of light burst from the jezail, but the figure was gone before the shot had even left the barrel.   Whirling right, she saw it peering at her from atop the transport.  Snapping in another round, she fired again, but the figure was gone instantly.  Tiffany cursed and reloaded the charge, fumbling with the battery cartridge.  She felt a hand touch her shoulder, and froze.  Are you afraid little creature?”

Tiffany looked over her shoulder and saw the mask only inches from her face.  She wanted to bring her jezail around but something was stopping her.  Some terrible fear began to rise within her, and she started to tremble.  The figure gazed down into her eyes, and tilted its head to the right mildly.

“Momma!”  Brandon cried, as he tried exit the cab,

Tiffany raised her hand, and gestured for him to stop.  “Brandon no!”  She hissed.  “Just… stay back.”

Unable to move, Tiffany was unable to resist as the figure turned her to face itself, and looked into her eyes.  Will you not answer?”

Tiffany was trembling as the figure pulled the jezail from her hands, and dropped it into the dirt.  “I… I’m not afraid of you…”  She managed to stammer.

The figure was thin, thinner than a human should have been and taller than Tiffany by a foot.  She lowered her face near Tiffany’s, and her hands began to remove the mask from its face.  Tiffany’s eyes widened at the sight as the mask moved away and she saw its face clearly.  Its skin was black as gun metal; it had no nose, small black eyes, and a thin mouth.  It was feminine in shape, but it was clearly not human.  Still, are you not scared?”

“What are you…”  Tiffany gasped.

The woman looked into the sky above their heads, and sighed softly.  My kind watched as you’re kind climbed from the seas.  My kind controlled the flow of time and space before your race could even reason.”  Her voice was soft, but cold and unfriendly.  We slept while you began to reason, garb yourselves, and play at war…  The woman looked back into Tiffany’s eyes, “Now we are back, and I have come here for you from across the stars.  Across thousands of Human worlds I found you,  and you will serve my purpose and needs.”

“Me?  Why Me?”  Tiffany managed to ask, as the woman pulled her in close.

You contain a word of light within yourself, which will allow me to use you to facilitate our return.  Do you understand?” Tiffany could not answer, and the woman smiled at her.  Very well then… I will take what I came here for.”

Without warning the woman pressed her lips against Tiffany’s and began to kiss her passionately.  Tiffany gave a muffled whimper and squirmed to escape the grasp of the thing.  The woman was like iron, and her dark eyes burned into her own.

Tiffany squirmed as the alien woman continued to press her lips and tongue against her own.  However as the moment went on, Tiffany began to feel her urge to fight diminish.  She felt strangely woozy, and the kiss became far more enjoyable.  Feeling far more tired than she had thought, Tiffany began to lean into the woman’s embrace, until she stopped resisting and just continued to exchange the deep kiss.  Tiffany was awash with a dulling sensation that made fighting back impossible.  Something was happening in that kiss.  Something was forming between them, like some kind of connection that made her feel a part of the woman.

Finally with a dry hiss, the woman pulled back and stepped away from Tiffany.  Tiffany stood trembling, aroused and confused by the cool feeling that now coursed through her.  The woman now dropped her robes to the ground, revealing her body.  She was as thin as a post, and had no shape to her, no bosom or hips.  She was completely alien in her shape, wrapped only lightly in strips of gauze and black fabric.  Tiffany began to feel her body tingle, and stumbled towards the woman.

Now.  Give me your vitality and your age.  I will use them to bring your primitive race to order, and you will be remembered for our restoration.”  Her voice was stronger now, and Clara hugged close to Brandon as they watched the startling transformation of their mother.

A soft white light began to emanate from the woman’s mouth, and soon from Tiffany’s as well.  A stream of mist, like a snake began to weave out of Tiffany’s mouth and flow into the Alien woman’s.  Tiffany began to change instantly.  Tiffany was growing backwards slowly as the pale mist drained from her body.  She began to feel herself lowering towards the ground and did not realize that in fact she was starting to get shorter.  Blonde curls began to grow inward, freckles began to fade, and full lips deflated slowly from her face.  Her chest began to retract inwards, while her hips began to lose their round shape.  She wiggled in discomfort as the changes started slowly, but after an instant she was starting to feel something was happening faster.

As Tiffany began to get smaller and lose her feminine bloom, the Alien woman began to change as well.  Her chest began to heave slowly, then bursting forward into two round shapes that quickly became human breasts.  She pressed her knees together as if in ecstasy and then ran her hands up from them to her sides as her hips began to round outward.  The woman’s body was filling out, becoming voluptuous and full.  Prismatic hair began to stream down from the woman’s scalp, a nose was now taking shape on her face, and thick lips pressed outward on her face.  A pale flash began to spread across her black skin, as the pigment was changing too and splashes of blue began to form in the woman’s eyes.

.Tiffany was still struggling to regain her senses when she realized that her overalls felt very heavy around her knees and ankles.  Looking down she saw that her overalls and shirt were hanging down to her groin.  A crooked smile spread over her face, as a strange realization hit her that she was a teen, and still getting smaller.  She felt her breasts as they continued to shrink, becoming small mounds, and then flat sensitive skin.  Her butt pressed upwards in the perky bloom of youth before it began to soften and lose its curve letting her overalls droop even lower.  Hair across her regressing frame began to disappear, and she was becoming smooth again.  She began to feel intense concern, as her senses were returning to her, and she tried to resist.

She covered her mouth to stop the strange mist from leaving her, but it seeped through her fingers and she waved her arms trying to catch it.  Nothing helped, and as her eyes followed the swirling energy to the woman she was stunned by the sight.  The black skinned alien was gone, and now a vision of beauty stood before her.  The woman had perfect smooth pink skin, long flowing hair that shimmered like a rainbow, and eyes that were as brilliant as sapphires.  Her lips were red and full, her breasts as big and bouncy as Tiffany’s had been, and her hips gave her a perfect hourglass shape.  The woman was stealing her attributes and enhancing them beyond what she had ever been.

Looking down to herself, her overalls slipped off, leaving her in only a t-shirt.  She was around the age of Clara now, and she looked towards her daughter, who bore a strange expression of interest.  She was still shrinking and her body was losing any definition or tone, only to be replaced with the awkward shape of a little girl.  She began to sniffle and cry as the light kept flowing from her mouth into the woman’s.  “Sthppoit!”  She wailed, but it did not stop for another minute.  When it had finished, Tiffany was around two years old and barely able to stand.  Her legs were thick and her arms matched them in their youthful pudgy shape.  Her hair was a short curly mop, she had rosy cheeks and an adorable little button nose.  She tottered in place for a minute before gently sitting down, and putting her thumb into her mouth.  She started to suck on it and felt better as the comforting action took her complete focus.

The woman let a loud gasp to escape from her lips, as she shook her head and allowed her hair to flow free.  She looked down to her body, and gave a gentle laugh.  Her voice was like honey, gentle and deep, with a melodic tone.

“I am reborn…”  She whispered, looking down to the little toddler.  “…so are you my little primitive.”  She then looked up to the cowering children, and a big smile spread over her face.  “Do not fear.”  She spoke as she approached them.  “I will not hurt you.  In fact, I need you.”

Brandon glanced down at his mother as she sucked her thumb and played with her tiny feet, then back to the woman.  “W-what do you need with us?”

The woman leaned in, putting her face close to his.  “You and your sister will be the first of my followers.  I will give you power to do as I ask, and you will facilitate the return of my people.”  She cradled them both in her arms, and both children felt their fear melt away.  It was almost as if the woman was there mother.  “I will make you masters over the others in your race.  They will serve you, and you will serve me and my kind in exchange.”

“How will we do that?”  Asked Clara, as she wiped the tears from her eyes.   The fear was now completely gone, replaced with genuine interest, and curiosity.

“I will make you powerful, and you will use your power to convert others to my cause.”  She brushed Clara’s head softly.  “Can you do that for me?”  Clara nodded slowly, all thoughts of her mother gone, and Brandon soon was nodding too.

“Good.  Good.”  The woman whispered to them.  “Then let us begin…”


Restoration Prologue
This is the Prologue of the final part of my Scifi trilogy!  This will be updated a bit slower than other stories because it is much bigger and only 70% complete!  I hope you enjoy it and stay tuned.

If you don’t like Age Regression, then don’t read it!



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Pamela acted without thinking.  She ran over and scooped her baby grandmother up, setting her down atop her bunched and empty clothes between the two altars.  As soon as she had removed the baby the process slowed down on Eric and he began to move, once again trying to pull free.  Above her she could hear the two women still fighting, yelling and slamming into one another.  She hoped she had enough time to get this fixed.  At any moment one of the Amazons could return crown in hand, or worse, Mubo could return with her allies.  She rushed over and began to pull Eric free, slipping the thick rope from his thin arms.  She felt horror when she began to lift him up, realizing how light he had become.

“I got you!   Just hold on!” She pleaded.

He smiled weakly.  “I… knew you… would come for us… Pammy.”  He wheezed.

“Yeah?”  She asked as she hefted him across the floor, past her bawling infant grandmother and up onto the life altar. 

“Yeah.  Never doubted it.”  He said with a warm smile.

Pamela smiled too, pleased to have rewarded his faith in her.  “Come on!  Let’s get you up on the altar!”

He was so light, but still heavy enough she had to drape him over her body and climb up onto the altar to lift him.  As she climbed up onto the white stone she felt a rush of electricity when she touched the altar and actually began to grow younger.  It seemed to take forever to get hi up and onto the altar as her strength began to fade.  She felt her chest begin to slowly tingle before her shirt began to wrinkle and her breasts grow inwards.  Her shorts began to slip around her waist and she felt her panties begin to bunch up, first over her groin and then between her legs.  She could feel her pubic hair winding and moving against her clothes as it un-grew and panic rose in her mind.  Her height began to disappear too, making it harder and harder to heft Eric up.  She was losing her age as she laid him down and she knew she had to get him up before she was too young. 

However as she lost age, so too did Eric, allowing some of his strength to return.  Soon he pulled himself up onto the altar.  He pushed her off of him.  “Put… the Professor up… I’ll be ok!”  He then laughed as his face was slowly regaining some color and fullness.  “Besides… You look like a dorky high school kid!”

Pamela gasped realizing she was barely fourteen, her body having lost much of her maturity.  Her breasts had become small sensitive mounds and she winced as she touched them.  She reached down and pulled out her baggy shorts, her panties coming along as well and she blushed as her body hair was little more than fuzz.  Even as she watched her fuzz vanish she could feel her legs thinning and her body still growing younger.  She was becoming a little kid, barely eleven and she blinked at Eric in shock.

“Eric!  I’m a little girl!”  She squeaked.

“Hurry and get off!”  He barked as she reached nine years old.

“Yeah!  Good idea!”  She squeaked in a high childish tone.

She jumped down, landing on wobbly feet thanks to her oversized shoes and socks.  She cursed and began to clomp towards her grandmother awkwardly holding up her shorts as she moved. With a final hiss of frustration she kicked off her shoes, still wearing her baggy socks and hoped forward.  She knelt and scooped up her Grandmother, who had relieved herself on her clothing.  “Aww!  Grandma!  You got pee on me!”  She growled in a bratty voice.  Heather just blew bubbles from her lips and sniffled.  Pamela scowled and set the baby down on the altar atop her wet clothing. 

Instantly the process began to reverse and the pair returned their vitality to each other.  Eric’s muscles bloomed and strengthened.  His limbs thickened as his chest grew out and his face lost the gaunt sunken appearance.  He gasped as air filled his lungs and he felt is strength returning.  His hair began to run brown again, his muscled arms flexing and clenching as they were becoming young and athletic.  She looked and saw that her Grandmother was already a short girl of eight with curly blonde hair and growing fast.  In wonder and amazement she grew longer, her body gaining a graceful thin appearance.  Her legs and hips began to fatten up and Pamela blushed as Heather’s breasts began to swell out into their round shape.  Blonde pubic hair burst out over her groin and her hair flowed down her head like a waterfall of gold.  Her face was young and sculpted now, stunning Pamela with how beautiful she was as a woman.  Heather gasped with renewed vitality as she reached eighteen years old. 

“Grandma!”  Pamela squeaked.  “You’re hot!”

Heather looked at herself and blushed.  “I had forgotten… I used to have a great body.”  She said softly, modesty getting the better of her.  She looked down and saw little Pamela, just as she had looked as a young girl and gasped. 

“Pammy is that you?”  She asked, stunned at the sight of the little girl.

Pamela wiped tears from her eyes and nodded.  “Yuh-huh!  It’s me!” She looked relieved.

Heather smiled.  “You saved us!” She chuckled, as she realized Eric’s faith in her granddaughter was justified.

Heather was still aging forward, moving into her twenties, but she suddenly had a thought.  She realized she could use this to her benefit.  Naked and stunning she jumped down and lifted little Pamela under her armpits, losing Pamela’s oversized shorts and panties as she did.

Pamela frowned and kicked her little legs.  “HEY!  Gramma!  What are you doing!”  She protested, swishing her arms in her shirt.

Eric felt the process slow and looked to Heather in concern.  He was still in his late forties, but the altar was still making him younger.  “Professor?  What are you…” He started, but the Professor cut him off.

 “Fixing you both, and keeping my youth too! Trust me!”  Heather laughed. 

She looked to Eric who was still aging back, only slower as she had left the altar.  She held up Pamela as she squirmed and wiggled in her arms, watching for Eric to reach his thirties.  As soon as he reached what Heather thought was the right age she put little Pamela down on the altar and looked to them both.

“Jump off when I say for you to! Alright?!” She ordered her voice sultry and deep.

The both nodded as their bodies returned to normal.  Eric became his young strong self, his body full and firm.  His muscles were taught and his face was chiseled again, his eyes blue and sharp.  He rolled over as this happened and blushed at Pamela as she too returned to normal.  Hair regrew in all the right places, breast ballooned outward from flat skin, hips rounded out and long milky legs slipped down from under Pamela’s shirt.  Pamela blushed and covered herself by pulling down her shirt, before realizing that Eric was actually looking.  He was noticing her!  When this dawned on her, she uncovered herself and let her legs and groin appear for a moment before letting out a fake gasp and pretending to be embarrassed.

“Eric…”  She moaned in fake shock.  “You… you saw didn’t you?”

Eric turned bright red and looked away.  “I-I didn’t… I mean I…”

“SCORE!”  Pamela thought.

“Cool it you two!”  Heather growled at them.  “Jump off now!  Or else it will be too late!”  Above them they could hear the sound of the battling Amazons getting closer.  She had a suspicion whichever of them won; they would be less than kind to her and her students.

Pamela and Eric leapt down, almost jumping into each other before they blushed and looked away.  The tingling faded and they all looked to each other.  Thanks to Pamela’s time on the life altar, not only were Eric and Pamela restored to normal, but now Heather was a sexy and strong looking twenty five year old as well.  She laughed as she caught Eric staring at her chest and groin.

“You gonna take a picture?”  She said her voice rich and melodious. 

Eric looked away awkwardly before removing his shirt and handing it to Heather.  “Here Professor… You kinda pissed in yours.”

The Professor took the large shirt and pulled it over her head, her big breasts pressing it upwards, before hugging them both.  “Great work!  I owe you two for everything!”  She gave Eric a smile and winked.  “Maybe I actually will send you a naked picture!  Or is it called a selfie these days?”

“Grandma!  Cut it out!”  Pamela barked.  “This is your fault in the first place!”

Heather grinned, her red lips sparkling.  “Yeah I guess so…”  Then she leaned in close to Pamela.  “But I was right, wasn’t I?” 

For a moment Pamela said nothing, frowning at her stubborn mentor and grandmother, before she just started to laugh and hugged her grandmother.  “Yes… you were right damn it!” 

“Let me grab my gear, and we can get out of here!” Heather ran to gather up her things, leaving the two of them standing in front of each other, exchanging awkward glances.  For a long moment they said nothing before Eric finally smiled at Pamela.

“Uh… let me get your pants.”  Eric said, handing Pamela her clothes.

Pamela smiled.  “Thanks.”  She took them and fidgeted.  “So… you did see right?”

Before Eric could answer a shrill scream filled the room.  “Fool!  I’ll rip out your heart!”  Veera roared from above.

“Oh yeah?  I’ll put you on the life altar until you don’t exist anymore!”  Tabani yelled back.

Above them they heard a wail as the two battling Amazons came tumbling back into the room, still struggling to pin or throw the other.  They were both backing up in their struggle, stumbling, kicking, stomping as their rivalry drove all concerns for their surroundings from their minds.  Pamela suddenly saw that they were both stepping over the rope the queen had used to pull the cover from the hall’s high opening, putting themselves between the edge of the galleries and the rope. 

“Eric!  Help me!”  Pamela said, running and grabbing the rope, which still dangled down where she had used it before. 

Eric ran next to her, gripping the edge of the rope in his palms, nodding to her.  Together they ran pulling hard and giving the rope a forceful tug, causing it to snap and pull outwards towards the gallery.  The thick rope caught Tabani from behind, slapping into the back of her knees and throwing her forward into Veera.  They connected like a pair of linebackers and wailed as they were thrown down from the galleries, tumbling through the air.  They came crashing down onto the white stone of the life altar, knocking up dirt and dust as they landed.

Tabani made a loud groan and Veera hissed through her teeth as they both lay atop the altar in a heap.  Tabani looked up, her teeth grit and knees sore.  She realized her mouth was touching something very soft and she stopped as she saw where she was.  She was laying on Veera, her legs around the queen’s, her own stomach against Veera’s warm abdomen and her face buried within the soft round mounds that were Veera’s breasts.  Veera looked down at her, rubbing her own head and froze as well when she saw her enemy atop her.  Even as their bodies began to tingle from the effect of the altar, their rage and hatred for one another returned and they leapt up.  As they rose, they faced off against each other not seeming to notice as their bodies began to grow warmer, each one beginning to transform.  Eric, Pamela and Heather watched in amazement as the two looked like they would pick up their fight right atop the altar.  Pamela considered they must have truly hated one another.

“HOW DARE YOU!!!  How dare you lay your mouth upon my bosom!”  Veera boomed.  “You’ve always wanted my body!  Haven’t you?”

Tabani spit at the ground.  “Yuck!  I’d rather kiss Mubo!”  Tabani grinned then.  “She at least has softer skin.”

Veera wailed, rushing towards Tabani and the two grappled one another, trying to force the other down.  They screamed and growled as they battled, both of them starting to grow younger as the altar did its work.  Their transformation was subtle at first but soon it began to show more clearly.

Tabani showed signs of youth first as her toned muscles in her calves, stomach and arms began to soften, becoming smooth and making her athletic build less pronounced.  Her hair shifted in the small tie that held it up, her ponytail becoming shorter by the minute.  Then Veera’s own muscles seemed to be diminishing, which happened faster as Tabani was in better shape than her.  Veera’s long shiny black hair, which normally fell down towards her upper calves began to creep upwards and her waist actually began to thicken ever so slightly as her muscular tone vanished.  This allowed her voluptuous shape to become more prominent and she almost looked like one of those busty Victorian paintings of a busty woman lounging, except that her skin was still mocha brown.  After only a minute the amazons looked like a pair of mud-wrestlers, each one trying to throw other, but suddenly finding it more difficult as they lost their athletic strength.

Tabani shoved Veera, causing the queen’s huge breasts to bounces as she struggled to maintain her balance.  “What’s wrong Veera” Tabani barked.  “You look a little chubby around the midsection!”

Veera slapped her hand out, smacking Tabani in the face, before rushing in to shove her.  “You seem too thin Tabani!  Where did your muscles go?” 

Tabani and Veera rushed into one another each throwing a straight punch like a boxer.   Each attacker dodged the other’s attack; however this threw them off balance and had another effect.  Veera tumbled, spun around as she tried to catch herself and her breasts came around to smack Tabani in the face.  Tabani in turn fell back from this and she slapped out, striking Veera in her right nipple.  Both women gasped, Tabani wrapping her arms around Veera’s waist, while Veera tried to force her down.

Now they were actually getting smaller, losing height as they looked more like eighteen year old centerfolds than amazon warriors.  Both of them appeared to be growing thinner, losing their accentuated curves.  Pamela could see Veera’s butt begin to reduce in volume, her small grass skirt beginning to sag.  Tabani’s upper thighs and knees were also getting thinner and Pamela guessed though she could not see it, that Tabani’s butt was also losing its fullness.  Veera’s full and heaving breasts suddenly began to slip back towards her chest, losing their roundness and hanging lower but still firm.  Tabani seemed to notice this as Veera’s breasts had been bouncing on her head.

“Ha!  I think someone *oof* is losing her boobies!  Some queen you are!”  Tabani laughed.

However Tabani’s own chest, pressed firmly against Veera’s upper thighs was also receding, looking more like a curvy teen’s than a busty adult’s.

Veera sniggered as she wrestled Tabani.  “Don’t think I can’t feel those little mangos of yours getting smaller!  You’re barely half as big as I am now!”

Tabani reached up and slammed her smaller fist into Veera’s dwindling chest, causing the queen to wail as her sensitive “un-developing” chest protested with a stinging flare.  Tears appeared in the corners of Veera’s eyes and she hissed in anger.  She kneed Tabani in her own sensitive chest, causing her to whimper loudly and gasp.  Tabani remembered that sensation and how it had been so overwhelming when she had first grown into a woman.  Tabani withdrew instinctively and was finally forced from Veera’s waist.  They got to their feet and the two faced off again, pacing around each other like wolves. 

Pamela could not help but still be amazed at this.  Even as she watched they grew younger, now looking like scrawny fifteen year olds, their bodies brown and reedy.  Their faces were both becoming skinnier and Veera’s full lips vanished swiftly.  Tabani’s round cheeks began to puff up slightly and her jaw line lost its sharp edge.  Tabani was skinny and her breasts were now little more than fist sized mounds, her top falling loose from her.  Veera still had long hair, down to her upper thighs but she too was growing skinnier.  In a strange twist, her breasts had been larger than Tabani’s but was now shrinking faster.  Apparently Veera had bloomed quickly as her hips, butt, thighs and breasts now shrank swiftly.  In seconds they were both skinny thirteen year old girls, their already skimpy clothing barely hanging on their bodies, which now had little hope of filling the material.

Tabani tried to look tough holding her bikini up with her hands.  “Ready to surrender yet?”  She asked her voice high and petulant.

Veera laughed a haughty laugh, but it sounded like a child mimicking an older relative.  “The queen of Zikran never surrenders!”  She was holding her slipping grass skirt up over her chest and groin like a bath towel, having long ago abandoned her flimsy top.  As she laughed her long hair still reached down to her butt and it seemed to move in time with the motion of the grass skirt.

Tabani shook her head.  “You don’t look like a queen!  Maybe more like a princess… a scrawny ugly princess.”

Veera hissed again, thrusting her free hand down in a balled fist.  “Sh-shut up!  You’re skinnier than me!  You look like a bunch of hanging vines, and-and…”  She struggled to think of an insult.  “…and… and your face looks like a Tapir’s butt!”

Tabani, motivated by her youthful emotions went red at that.  “That’s not true!  You’re the butt!  You’re a… a snake butt!”

“That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard, you rotten fruit brained sloth poop!”  Veera retorted, still shrinking.

“Inbred tom-boy!”  Tabani snarled back.

“I’m not inbred!”  Veera wailed, waving her palm as if to wave away the insult.

Tabani nodded, her body still growing smaller.  “Yeah-huh!  Your uncle and your grandma were your real parents so that makes you an inbred royal turd!”

This was untrue, but it still hurt Veera’s feelings.  She exploded into a barrage of swear words, childish insults and vicious name-calling, which Tabani was all too ready to give back.  Tabani ran forward and began to pull on Veera’s hair.  Veera shrieked and started pulling on Tabani’s ponytail which was now only five inches long and barely held together by the tie.  Round and round they spun as they pulled the others hair, each one rapidly moving back into their childhood. 

Pamela could not believe the scene before her.  Her would be captors were now turning into ten year old children and too busy fighting to save themselves from this humiliating fate.  Veera was getting short now and any sign that she was a woman was gone, save her long hair which was finally starting to creep up her lower back.  She had big feet for a young girl and her features were geeky looking, which was surprising considering her adult beauty.  Tabani was still adorable at this age, but losing height fast.  As she passed ten years old, she was actually almost six inches shorter than Veera who began to point down at her as they exchanged insults.

“Puny little bird girl!”  Veera snorted.

Tabani huffed at this and began to swing at Veera.  However Veera held out a palm and pressed her back, able to keep just outside her swinging fists by pressing her smaller adversary back.  Tabani grabbed Veera’s hand and bit her thumb, causing Veera to squeal and jump back.  Both of their bodies were skinnier than Pamela would have guessed and soon both could be no older than seven or eight years old.  After a moment of hair pulling and shrieking both girls backed away from the other and glared at each other, breathing heavily.

Tabani started making faces at Veera.  “Sloth girl!  You’re stupid!”

Veera pointed angrily, her cheeks puffing out in anger.  “Condor brain!  You smell like rotten flowers and animal droppings”

Tabani took an aggressive step, her tiny feet padding on the altar.  “Take that back you stupid butt!”

“Make me, melon head!”  Veera said, pointing to Tabani’s round cheeks and laughing.

Tabani began to growl in childish rage, looking like she was about to throw a tantrum.  She ran at Veera and both girls started slapping at each other, losing what little garments remained as they fought.  Tabani kicked Veera’s shin as Veera became a six year old girl, her hair finally reaching her shoulders.  Veera slapped Tabani’s belly as she became five years old, her stomach turning red as it began to stick out ever so slightly.  Tabani ran around and slapped Veera on her butt, making the little girl cry and cover her bare fanny with her palms.  Veera spit at Tabani as she herself became a four year old girl with a cute face and small flat butt.  Tabani made a retching sound as she waved the spit away, her own legs beginning to shift awkwardly as she became a three year old.  Tabani grabbed Veera’s arm and bit her with small baby teeth, causing the two year old baby queen to burst into tears and fall on her butt.

“Sthop biting!  Thath not fair!”  Veera lisped as her teeth began to vanish

As both girls were only two now, they still glared at each other through tears and runny noses.  “Big dummy…”  Tabani muttered.

“Sthupid… sthupid head!”  Veera said as she continued to get smaller and chubbier.

“Yoo an ugwy bab-ah!”  Tabani snarled as she became a year old baby girl, her hair curling around her face and her body growing cute and round.

Veera shook her now pudgy cheeks, pointing with tiny sausage like finger.  “no… ooo ug-weee.”  She said with little enthusiasm and growing confusion.

Tabani began to speak again but only gibberish escaped her lips.  “Bwa- dwab… gylurb bluh!”  She announced, kicking her little feet as she rolled onto her back. 

Veera was sobbing loudly and wailing as she did.  “Wuaaaaaah!  Hic!  Wuaaaaaah!”  She fell onto her belly and released her tiny bladder as she became a small baby herself.

Both of them were little infants, only a few months old now, unable to fight, or even coordinate their bodies to escape.  Pamela smiled in relief at the sight of them, once dangerous and powerful, now helpless and pathetic.  However they were still getting smaller as they lay on the altar.

“That’s enough of that!”  Heather announced as she scooped up baby Tabani, Eric taking Veera.  Both babies sniffled and hugged in close to the person carrying them for comfort.  Heather grinned.  “Can’t have the proof of my great discovery getting so young they disappear!  I have a scientific world to shake up!”

Eric and Pamela laughed at this, before Pamela considered this.  “Yeah… I guess you’re going to be famous!  That’s amazing Grandma!”

Eric smiled and bounced baby Veera in his arms, who whimpered and started to suck her thumb.  “Congratulations Professor!”

Heather laughed.  “Ha!  Congratulations to you too!”  She gestured to them both.  “I would be dead if it weren’t for you.  You’re going to share in the credit of the find.  I owe you that much.”  She then looked to Pamela who was examining Tabani’s now empty jaguar skin bikini with ill-disguised interest.  “I have to admit Pamela, you really impressed me!”  Pamela looked to her in surprise.  ”That was good thinking.  Tricking the animals into leaving and tripping the pair onto the altar was very clever.  You’d make a great field archeologist.”

Pamela hid the bikini behind her back and shook her head.  “After this mess!?”  She snorted loudly.  She shook her head widely.  “NO WAY!  If shit like this happens then count me out!” She spit on the altar.  “I’m never leaving the fucking lab again after all of this!”    

“Oh don’t be a baby!”  Heather said, laughing in her rich voice.  “We already have two of those.”  With that she twirled baby Tabani’s hair, causing the baby girl to stare at her in surprise.   Heather then twisted her lips, considering something.  “Of course I will have to convince the world that I am Heather Grant… I mean, I don’t look like her anymore.”  She said running a hand down her hips, causing bay Tabani to giggle for some reason.

“No… you don’t.”  Eric said blushing.

“Still want that naked picture?”  Heather said with a grunt of laughter.

Eric did not know how to reply to this, but he saw Pamela glaring at him, waiting for his answer.  “Uh… I better not…”  Pamela huffed and turned away, smiling to herself as she did.  What she didn’t see was that Eric nodded slowly to Heather, making her laugh and wink at him.

Hearing their laughter Pamela huffed, wishing Eric would stare at her for a while.  She did just save his life after all, and now perhaps she had a new weapon to use... 

However something was bothering her.  It was something she couldn’t think of, just like she had considered back at the camp earlier when she realized Tabani had set them up.  It dawned on her that with the crown on the ground and un-used, the other animals had probably run off into the forest.  However Mubo was a primate and a social animal.  She realized that Mubo would probably come back when she didn’t find her…

 She was about to speak up when she heard a huff of air and all three looked behind and above them.  Mubo was standing above them in the empty galleries, her eyes burning with anger.  In her right hand she had a small silver object that was sparking and crumpled.  It occurred to Pamela that Mubo was holding the crushed remains of her laptop like a smashed beer can.  Slowly Mubo held out the broken computer, and dropped it like a performer dropping a mike on stage to make a point.  It clattered to the ground loudly, causing both babies to cry and wail.  Upon hearing this Mubo seethed and bared her teeth at the trio for daring to attack her family.

“Oh… fuck me!”  Pamela said, realizing that Mubo was looking right at her.

“Run!”  Heather screamed.

Mubo Dove down, her fists raised to pound the three foreigners into mush and all three ran forward.  Mubo crashed down behind them with a roar, her fists landing in between the two altars as the trio scrambled towards a small hallway leading outside.  Mubo began to scream and snarl, slamming her fist again and again into the walls and floor.  Stones exploded from pillars as she struck them, chunks of the walls and ceiling came crashing down and the entire hall began to shake violently.

“Shit!”  Eric yelled over the bawling of baby Veera and the course roars of Mubo.  “She’s gonna bring the whole place down on us!”

Pamela guided the group to the tunnel she had entered from.  “In here quick!”

Behind them Mubo continued to pound and smash the walls and floors as they hurried away.  Both babies were wailing driving Mubo into a frenzy of furious power.  With a rage fueled roar Mubo brought her hands down on either side of her, and smashed the twin altars to pieces.  Brilliant light exploded outward and a keening screech filled the air.  Mubo seemed engulfed in the explosion and the hall began to collapse around them, the whole temple seeming to give way.  Dust engulfed them as they ran from the darkness, smashing and crushing sounds reporting behind them.  After what seemed like an eternity they were still running and Pamela began to doubt they would survive as the roar grew in her ears!  Just then Pamela ran out into the open air as she reached the mouth of the tunnel, the dust flowing around her like a breaking wave and dove into the thick brush.  Eric and Heather were right behind her, tumbling down beside her while holding the babies defensively.  

Behind they could hear a terrible crumbling sound, along with the sounds of huge stones smashing apart and bouncing off of each other.  They all looked up and could see from every window or point of entry into the hall great plumes of dust were shooting out like jets, sending rockss and debris scattering out.  The walls shuddered before suddenly falling inward and causing an incredible cracking sound as they smashed down on each other.  Dust soon flowed out from the building, obscuring the pyramid like temple below.  As the dust rolled over them it reminded Pamela of footage from when the World Trade Center had come down.  The rumbling continued for a few minutes as the cloud bathed them in dark light.  Finally after a few more loud snaps and popping sounds the rumbling died down, causing an unearthly silence to descend upon the rain forest around them.

For almost a half hour they sat in the dust and dirt, unable to see or move, waiting for the cloud to clear.  Slowly, like waking from a heavy sleep the dust began to blow out and the sounds of the animals began to return to the night air.  When it was clear, the trio stood as one and gazed up at the temple.  The pyramid was intact, but the hall above it was gone.  Dust still rose up like smoke from the center and in the moonlight the entire temple seemed to have become a dark husk.  For a while even the babies were silent until Eric laughed softly.

“So much for zero site trauma…”  He said dryly.

Heather laughed but Pamela cocked her head.  “What?”

He and Heather both sighed before Heather shook her head.  “You know?  ZST?  Zero site trauma is when you DON”T damage or move an archeological site!  I taught you this first year!”

Pamela snorted.  “Yeah…  I guess we kinda blew that one.”  Heather smirked and shook her head.  Pamela looked out at the rest of the abandoned city.  “Still… you still have the rest of the city.”

Heather and Eric exchanged a smile, and then Heather chuckled.  “Yeah I guess we do.”  She stretched her now sensual body and laughed.  “It would have taken me decades to properly study this place, but it looks like I just earned a few more.”  She laughed and slapped her bare ass with her hand, wincing from the slap.  “Ha!  My ass looks better than yours Pammy.”

“Grandma!  That’s so nasty!”  Pamela gagged.  “Stop being gross ok!”

Heather chuckled before she flushed a bit red.  “Wow… hell of a night huh?”  The others nodded.  “It’s not every day you turn into a baby, then made back into a sexy twenty year old and find the most important archeological discovery of the past hundred years is it?”

Eric shook his head.  “No, that’s not a normal Thursday night for me.”

Pamela shook her head in agreement.  “Nope.  Me neither.”

“Is it Thursday?”  Heather asked, gently scratching underneath one of her now restored double D breasts.  “Oh, then we better get moving before everyone in the States goes home for the weekend tonight!”

“So what now?”  Eric asked, surprised by her sudden urgency.

Heather looked around for a moment and gestured towards a small hut like structure in a nearby tree.  “Well, that’s where queenie was staying.  I got a look when they grabbed me.  Looked pretty comfortable.”  She gave Baby Tabani to Eric, causing the baby to grumble slightly and glare at Veera.  “How about you take the babies up there and put them into her bed.  They should be safe from ants and spiders, while Pamela and I go get my sat-phone from my cache near the camp.  We should be back in a bit ok?”

“What, you and me?”  Pamela said, wanting to stay as she was bone tired.

“Yes you and me!  Now let’s go!  The sooner we get the phone, the sooner we can get a ride out!”  Heather barked.

Pamela felt so tired she just wanted to sit.  However all she really wanted to do was jump on top of Eric and make out, remembering his gaze upon her earlier.  She sighed.

Eric put a hand on her shoulder and winked.  “Later ok?”  He said, seeming to imply he understood.

Pamela blushed and looked away.  “Oh-uh alright.”  She said, and she began to follow after Heather who was already heading back up towards the campsite.  Eric smiled, before heading up to the tree hut to put the new baby girls to bed.  Pamela watched him over her shoulder before sighing again loudly.  When she reached the foliage again, Heather suddenly whirled around and stopped.  Pamela almost plowed into her.

“Why are you following me?”  She asked.  “Are you dense?”

“What?  You told me to!” Pamela barked.  “Also, I’m not the sixty year old who’s acting like a slut ok!?”

“Fifty-nine!”  Heather growled, before she shook her head and pointed towards the tree hut.  “Pammy!  Get back there and get him!”  Heather said suddenly.  Pamela blinked, as if surprised by her grandmother’s sudden advice.  Heather smiled broadly.  “Oh, like I couldn’t tell!  It’s obvious you like him!”

Pamela blushed.  “Yeah I do… but I don’t think he…”

“Then make him!”  Heather said, reaching into Pamela’s pocket and pulling out the object she had snagged earlier.  “Use this and I promise you, he will be yours!”

Pamela looked at what Heather was holding before smiling and hugging her now much younger grandmother.  “Thank’s Grandma!” 

Heather smiled warmly at her student and granddaughter.  “I love ya kiddo!  Now go get im!”

“I will!”  Pamela said before she ran back towards the tree hut, removing her shirt as she ran. 

Heather grinned, satisfied that she had finally managed to hook those two up after years of trying.  “Took long enough…”  She muttered.  She was about to leave when she heard a crunching in the brush and saw a shape peek out at her.  She blinked in surprise as she realized it was a chimp sized ape and it was staring at her with a frightened expression on its face.  After a moment more she realized it was Mubo, reduced down to being a small baby Gigantopithecus.   Somehow the explosion of the altars had affected her, turning her age back just as it had the Amazon’s.  She wondered how she had escaped; contemplating that maybe the altars exploding blew her out one of the high windows.  She was just a baby, but was almost as big as a small man, her face looking concerned as she made a soft hooting sound.  Heather realized that she looked so young and scared, that her heart melted towards the adorable giant baby.

“Hey cutie!  Come here.”  Heather said.  She gestured with her hand out and squatted down to look less intimidating.  Slowly at first Mubo made some small grunts before she began to lope out towards her.  She sniffed Heather’s hand and then with a toothy smile jumped up and hugged Heather.  Heather groaned from the strength of the baby, but then laughed. 

“Ok!  Ok!  I’ll take care of you.”  She said softly stroking Mubo’s head.  Mubo grunted in satisfaction and then grabbed Heather’s hand as if to follow her lead.  Heather stood and started walking towards her camp site, big ape in tow. 

She smiled, suddenly realizing she was about to be more even famous.  Not only had she found the city of Zikran, but she had also found possibly the last Gigantopithecus in the world!   She was about to celebrate when she looked down and saw the little ape looking at her, very innocently.  She realized that Mubo was a person, not a specimen.  She had cared for the queen and even after the crown was lost she had been angered by seeing her master’s defeat.  If Heather revealed her to the world some bureaucrat or scientist would take her away and do experiments on her.  She considered this a moment before making up her mind.

“Ok Mubo!  If anyone asks, you’re a big chimp ok?”  She said.

Mubo tilted her head, uncomprehending before she just made a happy snorting noise.

“Good!  I won’t tell if you don’t!”  With that the pair walked down towards the camp.


Both babies were asleep almost as quick it took to lay them down on the small cot in the tree hut.  The cot was arm and filled with soft stuffing to make it more mattress like and the entire hut had an air of civilization to it.  It was a nice space, covered with jaguar pelts, strange ornaments, trophies and wooden furniture.  The room was filled with jewels and ornamental garments, which Veera seemed to have collected and cared for with expert skill.  Her dwelling was well furnished, at least for an Amazon woman and he expected she had dwelt here for some time.  He left the babies alone in the cot and plopped down on a thick tapir skin rug that was lying on the floor.  He pulled his sweat and dirt covered shirt off and tossed it aside, laying back to relax.  He was exhausted and almost ready to fall asleep in that instant.

He heard a step outside on the walkway of the tree hut and looked up.  “Did you forget some…” he stopped mid-sentence and stared in amazement at the sight before him.  

Pamela was standing in the doorway wearing not her usual clothing, but rather she was wearing the tight and form accentuating jaguar skin bikini that had once covered Tabani.  In the moonlight her body was amazing, her muscles still toned as a runner, her shape curvy and sensual.  Her wide hips were barely covered by the thin flap of jaguar skin that hung down over her groin.  Her round breasts while not as big as Tabani’s were still amazing, allowing the fabric to just barely cling to them.  Her skin looked smooth and healthy and her long legs stretched down to her perfect feet.  Her hair was down and her face looked warm and predatory in the jungle air and he wondered if she had put on lipstick as her lips seemed more red than normal. 

“P-P-Pamela…?”  He stammered, using her real name for the first time since they were kids.

She strode towards him, doing her best to sway her hips as Tabani had done, and as she reached him she climbed down onto all fours and began to crawl over him.  Crawling on all fours her bikini hung down, revealing the undersides of her hanging breasts and he realized to his incredible amazement that she was wearing no underwear!  He began to sweat and his face turned red as she climbed up and over him, allowing her soft body to press against his legs and chest.

“I saw you looking at me earlier… were you interested, or did I make a mistake?”  She asked softly, trying to imitate the way Tabani spoke earlier.

He blinked in utter amazement, her face right next to his and her lips hovering just over his own.  She smelled amazing, even in spite of having trampled through the brush and having sweat through all of the day’s problems. 

“I… I was already interested before today…”  He admitted, causing Pamela to flush red with relief and joy.  “After seeing this… you bet I’m more than interested!”  Hh managed to gasp, turning bright red as he did. 

She blushed so hard; she could feel her head getting hot.  “Since when were you interested?”  She asked, leaning down towards his lips.

“Since we met, as kids.”  He said, a serious expression on his face.

Pamela leaned in and kissed him, letting her body rest down as she straddled him.  For a long moment they exchanged a long kiss, before slowly leaning back and catching their breath.  Pamela turned even redder when she realized he was not wearing a shirt.  She sat back, her breath coming in deep heavy puffs and pulled the jaguar bikini top off, tossing it aside as her round breasts hung forward.  They bounced for just a moment before they hung back towards him, nipples erect and sharp in the moonlight.

“Wow!”  Was all Eric could manage before she dove into him and they were making out furiously!  For a passionate moment they continued to kiss each other on the lips and neck as they struggled to undress one another.  Years of desire and attraction coming free as they clung to each other enraptured by their mutual lust.  As they were naked and both preparing to consummate their love, Pamela leaned back her breath ragged and excited.

“I think I need to do field work more often!”  She huffed.

“See… I told you!”  He smiled.

With that… well, you get the idea!



Rivals in the Jungle Part 4

My 6th commission, paid for by anonymous

This is a follow up story in the same fantasy setting as Be Careful Who you Curse

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So I am still having trouble with DA 403-ing me every time I try to do anything (even had to do this three times before it stuck).  However I have a second computer available to me to upload some stuff.  So I will be uploading some new material very soon.  I have a new Amazon AR story commissioned recently, along with another commission of a darker more gritty Samus AR story.  So I will try to have those up by Friday.

Now for fans of my Sci-Fi story I will begin to post parts of it at a slower pace.  I Have seven parts of what I am planning to be a ten/eleven part story ready so I will at least make them available with some reworking here an there soon.  PLEASE NOTE I am very busy with school, commissions and my commitment to help one of my favorite artists with a project, so it might be a while before the story is finished, but it will happen.

SO, stay tuned for:

Rivals in the Jungle (Commission)

Dark Project (Samus commission)

The Restoration (the conclusion to my sci-fi trilogy)

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